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Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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Welsh Corgis - One of the Most Exquisite and Royal Animals

Welsh corgi dogs often referred to as Pembroke Welsh corgi dogs are one of the smallest breeds of dogs. The name Pembroke Welsh corgi is actually derived from the Welsh word "Pembroke", which literally translates to the dwarf. By now you'd have gotten the clue that Pembroke Welsh corgi dogs or just welsh Corgis are a peculiarly dwarf breed of dogs. They are creatures that have a vast history and royal status. This breed of dog is like the queen among the commoners. 

The Welsh Corgi Dog

Another popular breed of corgis is cardigan Welsh corgi dogs. Both these breeds of dogs are dwarf and share a common ancestry. According to researchers, both these breeds are descendants of Northern spitz types of dogs. Welsh corgi dogs are one of the rarest breeds of dogs. Well, if this hasn't intrigued you enough already, the further parts of the article will! Today we shall discuss and learn more about this tiny little breed of dogs "The welsh corgi dogs". We shall dwell into every little aspect about welsh Corgi dogs and understand it in detail. Shall we? 

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A Welsh Corgi dog

The Welsh Corgi's Relation with the British Royals

Well, if you think that only humans have a historical and glorious past, then you're mistaken! It's not just the humans but even dogs that can have a glorious and celebrated history. As we discussed earlier, Pembroke Welsh corgi dogs are a trademark of royalty. This is not only because of the grand looks of it but has a history behind it. This history dates back to the era of Queen Elizabeth ii. The queen of London, Queen Elizabeth II had a peculiar obsession with these corgi dogs. An obsession to an extent that she went on to own almost 30 Corgis. She treated these Corgis as a part of the royal family and was immensely attached to each of them. They were all treated with due respect and care, just like any other member of the royal family. They were handled with utmost care and given the best in class treats. After the death of each of these corgis, they were buried like any other royal and their last rights were conducted with immense grandeur. Hence, corgis were then viewed as a trademark of royalty. In fact, even now owning a corgi dog is seen as a symbol of royalty, richness, and grandeur. 

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Queen Elizabeth ii with few of her welsh Corgi dogs.

The Popularity of the Welsh Corgi Dog

During the era of Queen Elizabeth ii, Corgis were highly popular in Britain. Not only the royalty but also the British elites owned these Corgis. However, as the royalty and its rule faded, the popularity of corgis slowly started diminishing. The corgis were never looked upon as a royal or popular breed in the US but gained quick popularity! Well, they were rarely found in countries like and hence are highly popular in Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada. However, in Europe, corgis had an altogether different status. All over Europe, corgis remained popular. In fact, even now they remain popular in countries like Spain, Portugal, Britain, Wales, Poland, Slovenia. Even today, owning a corgi dog is viewed as the trademark of the rich. In India, they are one of the most loved breeds. This however has nothing to do with history. They are likeable due to their small stature and furry skin. The American Kennel Club, the premier body that lists every quality of every breed and ranks them by their popularity. On this website, corgi dogs are listed as the 13th most popular breed in the United States of America. 

The Origin of a Welsh Corgi Dog

As we've seen earlier, corgi dogs have been popular in Europe for a few centuries now and continue to remain popular. The name "Welsh Corgi dog" is in itself a giveaway that reveals the origin of the breed. The breed was originally found in cold countries such as Wales, Ireland, Poland, and other western European countries. Hence, since then and even now the native of welsh Corgi dogs and the Pembroke Welsh corgi dogs remains the western European countries! To dive deeper into this, the name cardigan Welsh corgis come from Cardiganshire. These dogs are known to be brought to Cardiganshire by the Celts in 1200 BC. Originally the cardigan Welsh corgi dogs were known as bronant. Coming to Pembroke Welsh corgi history, the name is derived from Pembrokeshire. The dogs were brought to Wales by Finnish merchants and later on went on to become a popular breed of dogs in Wales.  Before gaining exposure due to the obsession of the British royals, the corgis were just cattle dogs and were used in farms. 

Physical Properties of Welsh Corgi Dog

Pembroke Welsh corgi dogs have a peculiar look to them. Their ears are pretty special, as they have a pointy structure and are shaped like an equilateral triangle. The ears of a healthy welsh Corgi dog must be slightly tapered and the top and round pointed in the sides. The head of corgi dogs is another feature that demarcates it from other breeds of dogs. The head draws similarities from that of a fox and hence is described as "fox-like". The corgis are approximately 10 to 12 inches tall( that is about 25 to 30 cms tall).

They are one of the smallest breeds and hence have very lightweight. The weight of healthy corgi dogs ranges between 28-38 pounds(i.e. 10-17 kgs). The life expectancy of a healthy welsh Corgi is approximately 12-15 years. Which is pretty average taking all the breeds of dogs into consideration. Their build is pretty different from generic dogs. Corgis have short but highly muscular legs, they have strong thighs and a hard chest making them strong herd dogs.

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Short height and pointed ears

How Can We Differentiate Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dogs and Cardigan Welsh Corgi Dogs?

The Pembroke Welsh corgi dog can be differentiated from the cardigan Welsh corgi dog is the difference in the body structure. The Cardigan Welsh corgi dogs are known to have smaller ears and are comparatively shorter in length as well. Moreover, the legs of Pembroke Welsh corgi dogs are slightly bent, however, the legs of cardigan Welsh corgi dogs are much straighter. Another difference is that the Pembroke Welsh corgi dogs have a fairy saddle. The Cardigan Welsh corgi is found to have a larger tail than its sister breed. The fur of cardigan Welsh corgi dogs is considerably medium-sized. The colour of the fur ranges from reddish-brown to tan black, sometimes some rare dogs even have a slate bluish colour. On the other hand, Pembroke Welsh corgi dogs have a fine-textured coat and a colour ranging from reddish-brown to slate grey. 

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A cardigan Welsh corgi dog and a Pembroke Welsh corgi

The Fur of Welsh Corgi Dogs

The Welsh corgi dogs are generally very loveable due to their small size and soft fur coating. Welsh corgis are double-coated, which means that they have two coatings of fur on them, one underneath the other. This is mainly because the origin of Welsh corgi dogs is western Europe. The countries here experience a pretty cold climate throughout the year. The double coating hence provides them protection against the harsh climate. However, the more is the fur, the more do the dogs shed. Resultantly,  Welsh corgi dogs shed a lot of fur throughout the year. The shedding peaks during autumn and spring, i.e. the corgi dogs shed a lot of fur during these seasons. However, with regular brushing and maintenance, it is pretty easy to maintain these dogs as pets. 

The Behaviour of Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh corgis are totally like family dogs, they enjoy being the centre of attraction among a group of people. They make themselves comfortable among people very quickly. They love to become a part of the family. They are an intelligent breed of dogs and are highly fond of pleasing their masters. They hence, train according to their master's liking. According to researchers, the Welsh corgi dog is the 11th most intelligent breed among all dogs. This makes them perfect not just for herding but also for being watchdogs. Their intelligence makes them a highly alert breed and gives them the sense of barking at the right time. Pembroke corgis enjoy the attention and are very well behaved around new people and children. The corgis are a social breed and socialize with dogs of their own breed and even other breeds right from a very young age. They even socialize a lot with humans and in general, are a very friendly breed. All dogs are known to be faithful to their masters. However, corgis are excessively faithful and are one of the most loyal breeds of their dogs. They are highly protective about their master and stay loyal to their master in every circumstance. Since they are herding dogs, they have a tendency to chase moving objects. Hence, it is recommended to keep them in fenced regions. Else, it could cause trouble to the owner as corgis are fast runners despite their leg's short size. They run fast behind any moving object, this could cause trouble for the master! If described in 3 words, corgis could be called smart, affectionate, and alert. 

Corgi Welsh Dogs as a Pet 

Corgi Welsh Dogs are excellent pets. They are loyal, intelligent, easy to train, affectionate, and gentle. This makes them a perfect addition to the family. Corgis are one of the most popular pet breeds due to their small size and likeable character. Corgis have a highly loveable personality and a small cute structure. This makes them a good choice to be a pet. Moreover, they are not difficult to train, due to their small size and lightweight they are fast movers. They are an intelligent breed and this makes it even easier to train them. They can also be watchdogs and keep an eye on homes during the night. They have the sense of barking and bark at the right time. They are a very alert breed and could be a useful addition to the family. 

FAQs on Pembroke Welsh Corgi

1. What Does the Diet of Welsh Corgi Dogs Primarily Consist of?

The Welsh corgi dogs have descended from western Europe. The countries there are few of the coldest in the world. This calls for healthy nutrition to keep themselves warm. Hence, welsh Loves to feed on nutritious dog food. The dog food provided to welsh corgis can either be bought from the market or prepared at home after taking the veterinarian's advice. Corgis are often prone to becoming overweight. Hence, it is important for them to remain active. They shouldn't be provided too many treats. Although treats are an important part of training, too many of them could be hazardous to the dog's health. The dog can feed on raw meat and sometimes consumes vegetables as well. 

2. How is the Corgi's Personality?

Corgis have a highly vibrant personality and are an extrovert kind of breed. They enjoy company and love being the center of attraction. Corgis are highly outgoing and social. They love being friendly with other dogs and humans. They try very hard to impress their masters and hence train very hard. They are gentle around children and love being treated like family. They are a highly loyal breed of dogs and believe in never breaking their master's trust! 

3. What is the Use of Welsh Corgi Dogs?

Before becoming popular in Europe. Corgi dogs were generally used as herd dogs. Herd dogs are basically the ones who herd cattle in absence of their master. Welsh corgis were used as herd dogs. However, later on, they were adopted by the British royals and gained a status of grandeur. They became the trademark of richness and nobility. After the era of Queen Elizabeth ii, they saw a downfall in popularity and at present, they are popular as pets and watchdogs.