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Last updated date: 27th Feb 2024
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Dogs have been the best friend of humans since the oldest times. They used to travel with their masters and considered humans in the tribe as their pack. Over the years, different types of breeds have emerged with new names and features that people like to keep as a pet in their homes. One such most popular breed you will find in the households and brand logos is the Bulldog. It shares the same scientific name with the other species ‘Canis lupus familiaris’.

Just like humans, there are excellent dog breeds that can be simply distinguished by considering the physical traits. Bulldogs are quite common in England and the USA. They have a distinct vigor when it comes to shoulder size and personality. In this article, we will learn what is a Bulldog comprehensively and find unknown facts. 

About Bulldog: A Short Introduction

Bulldog, commonly known as English Bulldog, is an exceptional breed that was developed centuries ago to fight chained bulls and bears. This cruel sport dates back to the early 13th Century. It was a public amusement sport where bulls were chained on their neck or one leg and the Bulldogs were unleashed. The dogs bit and maddened the bull. The bull was then butchered for a feast of the entire village. This cruel game ended in extreme damages for both sides.

The same sport was also played against the bears. Bulldogs are known for their resilience to pain and their extreme jaw force. This breed is considered to be one of the toughest when it comes to face-to-face fighting incidents. Gruesome stories demonstrate how ferociously these dogs used to fight. They would not let go of the bears or bulls even if they were mutilated. This game came to an end in 1835 and earmarked the beginning of a new era for this breed.

It is obvious that the breed lost its popularity and the number of Bulldogs across the world plummeted. Despite the fact, the ardent admirers of this breed continue to maintain the population by breeding and crossbreeding this species for more than a century until the English Bulldog gained popularity as a pet for the households. Over the years of colonization, this dog reached almost every corner of the world. As per popularity, this breed ranks 5 among 197 recorded pet dog breeds in the world.

Despite its terrifying history, bulldogs are extremely calm and listen to what their master commands. The breed’s distinctive physical traits are remarkable and quite admirable. It has a certain degree of masculinity due to its broad shoulders and buffed torsos. Due to its small snout, folded ears, and large head, it gets its grumpy look.

Different Breeds of Bulldogs

1. American Bulldogs

This breed of bulldogs is somewhat bigger than the English common Bulldog. They are also called ‘big lap’ dogs that like to cuddle and love to play with children. They are also very much fond of taking care of the small ones in the family. History suggests that bulldogs rescued family members from fires, accidents, and attackers.

2. French Bulldog

This is one of the popular Bulldog breeds that is smaller in size and has a distinct upright pair of ears. They are also termed as an entertainer as they always keep the family members on their toes by being playful.

3. English Bulldog

English bulldogs, on the other hand, are inferred to be dependable and predictable. They are so loving and loyal to their family members. They are also known for their level of affection for humans. They also want the same from the master or the human they prefer to be around all the time. They are also a great entertainer for kids.

4. Australian Bulldogs

This breed has a unique set of physical traits that defines vigor and masculinity perfectly. The best feature of this breed is that it can adjust exceptionally in a small apartment in the same way it does in a huge house with a big backyard. If it gets an exercise platform and receives ample playtime with exercises, it cannot be happier. This breed likes to consider the family its pack and always take care of everyone, especially the kids.

5. Olde English Bulldogge

It is not a pure-bred bulldog rather a cross between an American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Bulldog, and the Bullmastiff. They are more athletic than the original bulldog breeds. They have better stamina and flexibility than most of these breeds.

6. Victorian Bulldog

The breeders wanted a breed that would show better health signs and vitals. They crossed Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bulls, Bull Mastiffs, and English Bulldogs. Their snouts are better than purebred bulldogs and hence, suffer less from breathing issues. They have excellent personalities and like to adore everyone in the family. The energy level of this dog is much better than the traditional bulldogs.

7. Catahoula Bulldog

These breeds of Bulldogs are produced by crossbreeding Catahoula leopard dogs and the American bulldogs. Unlike the other species, they are extremely energetic and like to play almost all day. Their athletic build says it all. They like doing exercises, walking for hours, or even taking a hike to a new place with the master.

8. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

This breed has been bred to handle cattle and catch other animals in the southern part of the United States of America. By nature, this breed is very protective of its family. They are extremely devoted and are very playful. When properly trained, it socializes with almost anyone well and loves to seek attention by showing tricks and tantrums. They are also very loyal to kids. This breed is considered to be one of the best-trainable Bulldog dog breeds.

9. Ca De Bou

Back in the 1200s, this dog was a part of the Spanish coastal regions. They are considered to be one of the most playful breeds. Previously, they were used as watchdogs. They need proper socialization and behavioral training.

Physical Characteristics of Bulldogs

Popularly known as a British Bulldog, this dog has certain distinct features that help you identify this breed quite easily. These dogs can live up to 12 years. Let us check these features along with some other vital information.

  • Head and Snout

Bulldog dog breeds generally have heads larger than their body ratio. It is the prime characteristic that you can use to identify the breed. The ears are smaller yet folded. They have a bigger forehead and a very small snout. The eyes are wider and rounder. The dogs Bulldogs have their lower jaw protruding out to some extent. This is scientifically termed as mandibular prognathism.

The muzzle of this breed is smaller than dogs with bigger snouts. Thick folded skin can be seen hanging from the side of the jaws. This folded skin can also be seen originating from the nasal bridge and continuing to hang under the neck. The teeth in the lower jaw give an under-bite to the upper lip.

  • Coat and Fur

The coat color varies from one breed to the other. In most cases, the common patterns are red, white, fawn, piebald, and brindle. The fur is short and thick. The skin is thicker than most of the other dog breeds.

  • Tail

The tail is also an excellent feature to recognize the Bulldog breeds. You will find almost all the breeds have smaller tails with a distinct pattern such as short, screwed, thin, etc. There is no need to cut or dock the tails as done in other breeds.

  • Weight

The male weighs almost 25 kg whereas the female weighs 23 kg on average. This physical feature can be seen in the UK breeds. In general, the male weighs 23 kg whereas the female weighs around 18 kg. As you can see, the average weight of the dogs ranges from 23 kg to 25 kg.

Temperament of Bulldogs

Now that we have got a precise idea of what is a Bulldog, let us check the psychological aspects of this breed. As per the experts, the disposition of this breed is equable. It means that the dog is not disturbed by anything very quickly. It has a calm and kind nature. Despite the old history of bull-baiting, an English Bulldog is very calm, courageous, protective, and resolute.

This dog does not attack his family members unless he is being handled in the wrong way. It shows aggression only when it is threatened or provoked. This breed is extremely playful but has less energy to tag along with other dogs. Bulldogs are friendly but quite stubborn. It has also been noted that bulldogs are somewhat aggressive.

On the other hand, they are also considered nanny dogs. They take good care of children and are considered to be very loyal to their masters. They also form a very strong bond with the person who takes care of them, plays with them, etc such as masters, children, other pets, and dogs in the same family.

How is a Bulldog as a Pet?

As per the Bulldog information provided by the leading associations and regulatory authorities, here is a summary of the behavior of this species as a pet.

  • Adaptability

This dog is ideal for living in an apartment. Even if you do not have a garden or open space, the dog will adjust and will limit its tantrums considering the available space inside the enclosed homes. The new dog parents can easily adjust to this brand as it listens to what the parents say. The sensitivity level of this dog is also very high. It does not get irritated or agitated very quickly. Tolerating cold or hot weather is practically a tough job for this breed. It will need your assistance to master the climatic changes. The dog has a mediocre rating for its behavior when left alone.

  • Friendliness

This dog is extremely affectionate and attached to its pack or the family. This breed is known to love kids and take care of them as a nanny. They are also quite friendly towards new people within their territory. The only thing that bothers the dog’s parents is the presence of another dog within the range. They get quickly agitated when they sense the presence of another dog.

  • Grooming

It does not take much time to groom a bulldog. The short but thick fur defines what is a Bulldog. It loses less hair than other furry breeds and is considered to be a home-friendly dog. It drools a lot and can gain weight very fast. This is why these dogs must go through a regular exercise regime to stay healthy and in proper stout shape.

  • Trainability

Bulldogs are moderately difficult to train. It takes time to make them understand commands, unlike the fast-learning dogs. The intelligence level of this breed is below average. It does not reply or jump or try to show rudeness but it tends to howl or bark. The British Bulldog does not like to walk or roam around with the owners with inquisitiveness.

In a Nutshell

This is all about Bulldog in a nutshell. The characteristics of the breeds make them an exceptional dog to keep as a pet. They are friendly and are considered to be a family dog. 

FAQs on Bulldog

1. Why is Bulldog a Famous Dog Breed?

If you check the Bulldog information in this article, you will learn that this breed is extremely caring, as well as, has a history of ferocity. Over the years, this breed has become a common mascot and a pet for households.

2. Why Do Bulldogs Have Breathing Issues?

The blunt snout shape of this breed causes hindrances in normal breathing. This is why this breed is not as energetic as other popular breeds.

3. Why is this Breed Named ‘Bulldog’?

This breed was used in bull-baiting, a gruesome battle between a bull and a dog practiced in the 13th Century onwards. These dogs were bigger and more ferocious back then.