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Learn All About German Shepherd Dog 

One of the most popular dog breeds in America and most of the other parts of the world would have to be the German Shepherd Dog. This particular breed of dogs has very high intelligence and is extremely capable of playing the role of working dogs. Also, the courage and devotion exhibited by this breed are unparalleled. Not to mention that these dogs are pretty amazing and versatile too. Another one of the names which are highly popular for German Shepherd Dog would be Alsatian. This name is mostly used in Great Britain. The status of the dog is generally purebred, however, the German Shepherd dogs are also found in several shelters and specific dog rescues for breeds. One of the most interesting German Shepherd Facts is that they can be trained to do anything. Most of the dogs do assistance work and guidance work as well. Apart from that, these dogs are very good handicapped people and military along with police services too. 


Some Important Details and German Shepherd Facts 

Some of the other very important roles for the German Shepherd dogs would have to be training, rescuing, drug detections, competitive obedience, and much more. Not to mention that these dogs are pretty faithful companions to the people. Hence, that makes this particular breed of dogs very popular amongst human beings. 


Another one of the important facts to know about German Shepherd Dogs is that they can almost stand up to a height of about 26 inches in total. There are graceful curves as well as smooth angles in the anatomy of the dog. The dogs have a natural gait and that is a pretty free-and-easy type trot. However, these dogs can actually gain some speed according to the situations as well. 


There are so many different reasons for the selection of these dogs when it comes to the exhibition of canine loyalty. However, the loyalty character in these dogs is one of the very primal reasons why these breeds are chosen in the first place. The German Shepherd dog has a lot of qualities and undeniable loyalty is definitely one of them. This is a breed that is mostly known for the friendship that it creates with the fellow human species. There are some more important facts that we are going to know about in this article.


The German shepherd is the perfect breed for people who need long companionship. However, while there are some people who might not be at home all the time, those might not be able to take care of a German Shepherd in the best way. They can exhibit some signs of anxiety when left alone and this might not be suitable for the dogs for sure. These dogs are extremely active and very intelligent as well. So, they need to be constantly learning and training or playing. Daily exercise along with physical pursuits is extremely important for the breed in the best way. 


For those who need to know about German Shepherd original breed, they can take a look at these notes and have discussions with their teachers in the class to have an idea about the breed in detail. 


History of the German Shepherd Dogs 

One of the most important questions that students and people might have is about the history of the dog breed. It is really important for people to know more about it if they need to learn all the details. Hence, here we are providing some very important details of the history of these dogs so that those who want to know can learn it from right here. Students can take references from these notes in order to get a clear idea about the breed of the dog in the best way. 


The breed of German Shepherd dogs is comparatively a new one which dates back to about 1899. These dogs exist due to the effort of a singular man and he is known as Captain Max Von Stephanitz. He was a career captain posted with the German Cavalry and his task was to create a particular German breed of dogs that would be unmatchable in herding. This was during the time when all the farmers situated in Germany used to rely on dogs for the protection and driving of their lands. Some of these dogs were pretty legendary and known for the skills that they had. However, the Captain made a note that there weren’t any dogs that were of a particular distinct breed. Hence, after his retirement in 1898, Captain Max von Stephanitz started experimenting with dog breeding and hence came to create a very superior breed of German dogs for herding. While he came across many dogs that were both intelligent and athletic, none of those has a superb combination of all the skills that he might be looking for. You can get more information with German Shepherd facts right here. 


However, in 1899, during his visit to a particular dog show, the Captain came face to face with a one-of-a-kind dog that had quite wolfish features. He purchased the dog and it was named Hector Lenksrhein. The dog has very amazing intelligence and quite powerful skills. His skills were so impressive that it led to the formation of a new society by Captain Max von Stephanitz for the founding of a parallel breed of the dog’s descendants. 


Although at first, the breed was meant to have herding skills, with the industrialization of Germany, it became kind of futile since the need for such dogs was fading after some time. But, the Captain has a determination of continuing the breeding of this particular type of dog, and hence he made the decision to recruit such dogs in military and police training. Making proper use of the military connections that he had, Captain Max von Stephanitz started using the dog breed for military purposes. Such was the popularity of the dog that it began to be used as a Red Cross dog in World War I. Some of the other roles occupied by the dog were as messengers, supply carriers, sentry, guards, rescuer, and much more. 


German Shepherds gradually made their way into American right before the war. However, it was after the said war that they actually started gaining more popularity in the country. The bravery and the intelligence of the dogs were noticed by the U.S. Allied servicemen and hence some of these dogs went home with these soldiers as their pets. These details are really important for those who need to know more about german shepherd breed in the best way. 


A little bit more is told about the German shepherd history after they were popularized in America. While the abilities were for particular interest to the Allies, they weren’t very much keen on the German roots of these dogs. Hence, during the time of war, German things were stigmatized. It was in the year 1917 when the name of the dog breed was changed to Shepherd Dog in particular. It was in England where the name Alsatian Wolf Dog caught on for this particular breed. The breed was named after the German-French area of the border in Alsace-Lorraine. In the year 1977, the breed was officially changed to have the name German Shepherd Dog. 


When it comes to the German Shepherd origin, there is no doubt that it can all be attributed to the efforts of Captain Max von Stephanitz. There is much more information provided about the dog that people can easily find when they are looking out on the internet. We have a collection of notes which are going to be very helpful when people are looking for German Shepherd information that is reliable. 


Details about the Size and Personality of German Shepherds 

When it comes to the German Shepherd breed, the males often stand up to 26 inches in height. The female dogs of this particular breed have slightly less height compared to the males and they stand tall up to 24 inches. The weight of the dogs might range somewhere between 75 to 90 pounds in total. These dogs are of the heavier breed when compared to the other breeds of dogs that are found in the world. There are much more details provided about the personality of the German German Shepherd. We are here to offer you as much information as we can so that students can have a clear idea of the breed and that too in the best way without any trouble. 


This particular breed of the dog might not be particularly aggressive since they tend to be pretty aloof. However, they are not much reserved as well. Once they choose their friends, they are the most loyal to these people. As for their families, these dogs can be pretty approachable and easy-going in the best way. However, these dogs can also be pretty protective and hence often play the role of watchdogs for certain homes and other establishments. These highly trainable and intelligent animals thrive most when they are occupied with a particular job. One of the most amazing things about the German Shepherd dog is that it can be trained to perform an activity in the best possible way without any hassle at all. Proper attention must be paid to the training and it should be done properly so as to make sure that the jobs that they perform are done so in an efficient manner. 


It is also important to have early socialization with German Shepherds. They should also be exposed to many different scenarios, sights, people, experiences, and sounds so that they can get accustomed to them. With proper socialization, it can be ensured that the dog grows up to be well-rounded and not very difficult. Leaving the dogs alone for long periods of time can spell trouble for sure. Inactivity and boredom with the dogs can actually lead to certain behavioral problems in them such as barking, digging, and chewing as well. In order to keep the dog in proper shape, it must be ensured that the German Shepherd dog gets to exercise daily. Some of the exercises for agility and obedience can be practiced with the dog as it helps in building more muscle strength and also ensures that the dog is well-trained. There are some more German shepherd facts that people need to know about. 


Like most of the dogs of herding breeds, German Shepherds also tend to bark a lot. It might not necessarily be some kind of a problem but it might not be a suitable trait of the dog is basically bored all the time. It is important for the dogs to learn more about the “Quiet” command so that they can learn to obey it. 


These are some of the most important details that you might need to know about German Shepherd dogs in the best way. For those who need more information on what is a german shepherd, they can actually take a look at these notes to get an idea about the breed and its history in the best way for sure. 

FAQs on German-Shepherd

1. How Did the German Shepherd Get its Name?

After the recruitment of German Shepherds in the U.S. Allied Forces, their name was changed to Shepherd Dog. However, in the year 1977, the name was again changed to German Shepherd. 

2. How Did the German Shepherd Dogs Come into Existence?

According to the German Shepherd facts, it was due to the efforts of Captain Max von Shepherd that German Shepherd dogs came into existence. It was his efforts to create a superior breed of dogs for herding in Germany that led to the creation of this particular breed.

3. What are Some of the More Common Traits of German Shepherds?

One of the most common traits in the German Shepherds would be loyalty. This is a particular breed that is very loyal to the person it belongs to. Another one of the most common and yet important traits would have to be obedience. Also, these dogs can be trained in order to perform any activity which makes them really functional and efficient in the best way.