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Last updated date: 20th Apr 2024
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What is a Hound?

Dogs were the first animals that were domesticated by hunters more than 15000 years ago. They live for around 10-13 years. Their height generally varies between 15 to 110 cm. A hound is a hunting dog used by hunters to chase prey and for killing bovine that roamed in their wild herds. Wild animals that existed years ago in deserted areas, most of them are not found now. Man has always taken the advantage of dogs to prey as they have a high sense of smell and can run faster than humans. When the prey was killed the man could distinguish which parts to be eaten and the rest was given to the dog. So the first non-nomadic people settled in communities kept dogs in their houses which evolved from hunting dogs. Wolves could easily predate humans., so keeping a tame dog at home could prevent any attack. From Afghan hounds to beagles, hound dogs have always won the hearts of humans.

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History of Hounds

Let's take a deep dive into the world of hound breeds. These dogs were first found in 5000 BC.

Early Hounds of South Mediterranean Region

 In the South Mediterranean region, the villager's domesticated sacred animals which helped them in hunting in around 5000 BC. It was the early form of Gazehounds. It was also known as Greyhound which was used for hunting antelopes in the deserted region of the Saharan desert. Though the name is Greyhound, it was quite different from today's modern Greyhounds.

Scented Hounds

Scent Hounds were also known as Leash hounds as they usually hunted on leash. The first breed which was created during 1100 AD for hunting wild animals was called Saint Hubert Hounds. The name was given because the French monks of the Abbey of Saint Hubert the Ardennes developed it. These dogs were about 2 feet at the shoulder. It was not only fast and powerful but had an excellent scene smell. Scent hounds could hunt for hours; their direct descendent was BloodHounds. Their scenting abilities had an amazing impact on many development impacts on many other breeds. It is also known as a hunting hound.

Sight Hounds 

Louis IX introduced Gazehounds as he hunted with them for hours in the Holy Land. These hounds were then known as sighthounds. As people enjoyed the speed of their dogs, they started domesticating Sight Hounds. This coursing ability was first found in this canine.In1570 Dr. Johannes in his book which was later translated from French to English named A Fleming. This kind of dog prey through eyes so the name sighthound is given. They do not prey through their sense of smell like Scent hounds. These dogs were usually found in the Northern part of England.

Types of Hounds

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound is among the most ancient breeds. Its whole appearance is of dignity and aloofness. They have intelligent and independent minds. Afghan hound carries a lot of charismatic and lively personalities. Afghan Hounds are athletes as they have immense speed. They are very famous for their elegant beauty. The name is given Afghan hound, due to its origin in Afghanistan. The male, Afghan Hound usually weighs somewhere between 26 to 34kg. While the female Afghan Hounds weigh about 32kg. Its height varies from68 to 72 cm. They are Dolichocephalic which means they have long faces and floppy ears. They have a long length of coat. Their colour of coat generally varies somewhere in between brown to black, sometimes it also can be red or white. True to its roots, hunter breed, Afghan hounds are strong-willed. Though they are fiercely brave, sometimes they are lazy and clownish. 


Astonishingly, a beagle is also a hound dog. Their average lifespan is between 12 to 15 years. Male beagle dogs are 10 to 11 kg while female beagles weigh somewhere between 20 to 23 kg. They usually are short-haired. Beagles have a hard coat of medium length. Their coat colour generally is tricolour, they have a base of white in combination with black and tan or brown. Beagles are excellent family dogs as they are very compatible, super friendly, and lovable. Beagles are very curious, energetic, and clever dogs. They require plenty of playtime. Among American pet owners, Beagle has been the most popular hound dog. Beagle requires high quality of food whether home-cooked or commercial pet foods. Their diet should be taken care of according to their age as they have a high tendency for obesity. Treats can be an important part of a pet's training but too many treats can cause obesity in them. Beagles have smooth, doubly coated, and dense coats. They shed during the spring season as their coats become heavier during winter.

High Living Cost of Afghan Hounds - Why?

The Afghan Hounds have high living maintenance. Though they are highly intelligent, Afghan Hounds are very difficult to train due to their stubbornness. They are highly sensitive when corrected, so most of the time they refuse to obey their trainers. Afghan hounds have long thick coats so they need to be bathed and brushed regularly to prevent dead hairs and tangling. Grooming regularly is the key to their coat maintenance. Adult Afghans shed their hair twice, once in spring and another in fall. Sometimes during illness and skin disorders, they shed a lot. Afghan Hounds are very thin. They have a heavy coating which makes them appear thick. They feed very little in comparison to animals of the same weight. They are often fed high-quality vegetables and supplements in their diet which help them to keep their skin and coat healthy. Afghan Hounds should not be left unsupervised, as they are predatory they can often prey on neighborhood pets. Afghan Hounds are compatible with both children and pets. Afghan Hounds require a minimum walk of two or one miles every day.

All You Need To Know Before Owning a Dachshund

Dachshunds fall under Scented hound breeds. They weigh somewhere between 7.5 to 14 kg. Dachshunds are extremely intelligent and independent but their stubbornness makes it hard to train them. Dachshunds have no body odor, they are moderate shedders and relatively clean. The dachshund has three coat types so this breed's grooming needs to vary with the type. Dachshunds with smooth coats require less attention as it is somewhat “wash and wear” which needs just a towel wipe. Long-haired dachshunds require more attention as it requires frequent brushing of the coat which moreover depends on the thickness of the coat. Dachshunds' nails should be trimmed every month, Dachshunds with wirehaired coats require occasional trimming of eyebrows and beard whereas their coat can be plucked or hand-stripped several times a year for best appearance. They require moderate exercise. Walking twice a day will not only make Dachshunds fit but also build their muscles strong and protect their back. One should never allow Daschunds to jump on or off furniture to avoid back injury. Dachshunds are family dogs, they are loyal companions and good watchdogs. 


As we know hounds are hunting dogs. From the centuries hounds have been domesticated by humans for hunting and many other purposes. A hound group is a diverse variety of dogs. Though the scenario has changed a lot now, hounds are not used for hunting. Hounds are aggressive as they have evolved from their hunting past. Tracking scents, chasing games, running is what they love. They share a deep bond with humans.

Hounds usually are scent hounds, sighthounds, or both sight and scent. Beagles, Afghan Hound, Basset Hound, Basenji, and Borzoi are some common breeds that humans love to keep as pets. There is a lot of variety in this group, some are very small while some of them are tall. Some of them have long hair while some have short hair. Hounds are generally energetic, trustworthy, and excellent animals. Hounds are independent, relatively quiet, and are very swift.

FAQs on Hound

1. Are Irish Wolfhounds Good Pets?

Ans: Irish Wolfhounds are dog breeds that were generally used in wars to drag soldiers off from horses and chariots. A male Irish Wolfhound stands nearly about three feet at its shoulder. They weigh up to 180 pounds. Though females might be a little smaller. Irish Wolfhounds have hard coats and have a large variety of colors including fawn, grey, white, brittle, red, and black. They are sighthounds so they are fiercely guarded dogs and their sight is enough to intrude on predators. Proper diet should be followed for Irish Wolfhounds, as they have higher chances of bloating, so exercise is not recommended for them before and after feeding time. Irish Wolfhounds are double-coated, the outer wiry harsh coat, and soft and smooth undercoat. As they are very destructive so they should not be left alone. Early socialization and puppy training classes should be given so that they can be compatible with kids and neighbors. It is a hound animal.

2. What is a Redbone Coonhound?

Ans: Redbone Coonhounds are hunting dogs of American breed. They have an average lifespan of about 11 to 12 years. The female Redbone Coonhounds weigh about 20 to 32 kg whereas the male weighs somewhere between 23 to 32kg. Their height generally is about 56 to 68 cm. The coat colours vary in between red to red and white. Redbone Coonhound requires high-quality food as they are very prone to getting overweight. So the owners should keep proper track of their calorie consumption. Clean and fresh water should be kept in front of them all the time. The coat of Redbone Coonhounds has a short, smooth, and protective coat so it requires minimum care. Redbone Coonhounds are extremely friendly and energetic canines and can make a wonderful comparison among bikers, active runners, or hikers. In an uncontrollable situation, they should never be unleashed. Due to their strong instinct, they can follow their nose and go far for prey.

3. Why are Basenji Called ‘Barkless Dogs”?

Ans: Basenjis are a breed of a hunting hound. They are hypoallergenic. Basenji have a lifespan of about 12 to 16 years. Female Basenji weigh about 9 1to 11 kg whereas males weigh more than females. Basenjis are graceful and small hounds. They have human-like emotions, a glistening short coat, curly tight tail, and wrinkled forehead. It has originated in Central Africa. Basenjis are energetic and very active. They require a lot of exercise and playtime just to overcome boredom. Destructive behaviour can be seen in these dogs due to boredom. They are healthy dogs. Basenjis do not have a doggy-like odour so they do not require being bathed often until they become messy. Brushing helps in distributing skin oils throughout the coat and keeps it healthy and lustrous. The larynx of the basenji is unusually shaped so it produces a yodel-like sound. For this reason, Basenjis are called “Barkless dogs”.Basenji is also known as Congo blush dog or Belgian dog.

4. What are the Most Common Diseases in Hounds?

Ans: Some of the most common diseases are found in hounds. Rabies is transmitted through bites from infected animals. The only rabies-free countries are Australia, Japan, Iceland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and parts of Scandinavia, etc. Rabies can be often fatal. Symptoms include seizures, lack of coordination, and paralysis. Distemper is another disease that is seen in hounds. Transmitted when it comes in contact with the infected nose of the dog. This can lead to the dog's death. Parvovirus is another virus transmitted by exposure to contaminated faces. They cause vomiting and diarrhoea. This occurs in the unvaccinated dog, younger dogs are likely to die. Giardia, caused by contaminated drinking water, can be treated through antibiotics.  Lyme disease is transmitted through ticks. They cause joint inflammation and fever. Treatment with antibiotics is usually successful. Parainfluenza is transmitted through nasal secretions. The usual symptoms are coughing and sneezing. Leptospirosis is caused by water contaminated by infected urine. The symptoms include liver and kidney disorders. This can be often fatal.