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NEET 2016 Previous Year Question Paper and Answer Key - Phase-II Code-ZZ

Last updated date: 18th Jun 2024
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Download NEET 2016 Question Paper With Solution - Phase-II Code- ZZ Free PDF

The NEET Question Paper 2016 (Phase-II Code ZZ) with Answers is provided here in PDF format. Academic professionals at Vedantu with years of experience in their respective fields discussed the NEET  Question Paper 2016 (Phase-II Code ZZ)  in detail along with solutions. Here, solutions to each NEET question are covered, and question paper patterns, and the weightage of different chapters, are discussed. Apart from this, we have also discussed NEET 2016 overall paper analysis and subject-wise question paper analysis. NEET 2022 candidates can grab this opportunity to check how authorities have designed the NEET 2016 question paper and its difficulty level. You can download the PDF through the link below.

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About NEET 2016 (Phase-II Code ZZ) Question Paper with Solutions

Solving previous year’s question papers is the key element in preparing for NEET exams. Luckily Vedantu’s team has curated all the study material and the previous year’s question papers required to study for the examination. It is an extremely critical time and therefore students should study without any distraction. Therefore Vedantu has created  NEET 2016 Previous Year Question Paper And Answer Key- Phase-II Code-ZZ in PDF format. The PDF can be downloaded easily and students can study that PDF without any Internet distractions.

NEET 2016 question paper with solutions help you get an idea about the types of questions that will be asked in the exam. The answer keys are provided with the question papers so that students can keep their progress in check and can use it as a reference guide. 

Students are advised to practice the previous year’s question papers on a daily basis so that they can be ahead of other students and they also stand a better chance of getting a good score in the needed examination. NEET 2016 question paper with answers of phase 2 code ZZ is an important question paper with critical thinking type questions. Students are advised to solve each and every question asked in the paper as there is a small chance that a question or two can be repeated in NEET 2022 exam.

Let’s now understand the NEET 2016 subject-wise difficulty level of the question paper, overall paper analysis, and weightage of each chapter.

NEET 2016 (Phase II): Key Highlights

NEET 2016 question paper covered 45 questions each from Physics and Chemistry, and 90 questions from Biology which consists of Zoology and Botany subjects (180 questions in total). The NEET 2016 paper pattern was the same as that of AIPMT 2015. The paper had 180 multiple choice questions each worth 4 marks. All questions were objective type with a single correct option. 

NEET (Phase II) 2016 Subject Wise Difficulty Level of Questions Paper

Physics Section

  • The difficulty level of the Physics section was tough. The section was calculative. Concepts were tough and calculations were lengthy.  22 questions were asked from the class 11th syllabus and 23 questions were asked from the Class 12 syllabus. The question paper. All concepts were not of NCERT level.

Chemistry Section

  • The difficulty level of the Chemistry section was easy. 

  • Out of 45 questions, 10 questions were asked with a high difficulty level, 15  questions were moderate, and the rest 21 questions were from the 12th class level and easy to solve. 51% of the paper was syllabus and 49% was from the 11th class syllabus

Biology Section

  • The difficulty level of the Biology section was moderate.

  • Questions were equally covered from both the Class 11 and Class 12 syllabus.

  • The questions were a mix of simple, average and difficult types.

  • Some of the questions were out of the NCERT syllabus.

  • It was perceived that students who have studied well must have solved a maximum number of questions.

NEET 2016 (Phase II) Overall Difficulty Level of Analysis

The overall difficulty level of the NEET 2016 (Phase II) question paper was easy to moderate. Students who have studied and prepared well for NEET-2 using NCERT and other reference books were able to solve a maximum number of questions.

Chapter Wise Weightage for All Subjects: A Perfect Guide For 2022 Candidates

Physics Important Chapter List

Chemistry Important Chapters

Biology Important Chapters

Key Benefits of Solving Previous Year Question Paper

Following are some of the reasons to solve NEET previous year’s question paper:

  1. Previous years’ papers give an idea to the students of how exactly questions are asked in the examination, how they are framed, and hence how effectively they can solve these questions.

  2. Students get acquainted with the NEET exam pattern and the marking scheme for NEET.

  3. Solving previous year's papers help students to analyse their levels of preparation and identify strong and weak points. Then, working on improving them impacts the overall performance.

  4. Solving NEET previous years’ question papers more and more helps students to complete the paper within the stipulated time and manage time effectively in the examination hall.

  5. Students can analyse the recurring topics from past years’ papers and hence determine the important topics for NEET.


The NEET 2016 Question Paper with Answers by Vedantu is provided to boost a students' confidence for the upcoming NEET exam in terms of prior knowledge regarding exam pattern and question format. Students can use our question paper solutions to get an understanding of question paper patterns and marking schemes.

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FAQs on NEET 2016 Previous Year Question Paper and Answer Key - Phase-II Code-ZZ

1. Where can I find the NEET 2016 question paper with solutions of phase 2 code ZZ for free?

NEET 2016 question paper with a solution of phase II ZZ for free is available on Vedanta‘s website. The downloads are easily accessible and are available for free; you can download the PDF and use the material anywhere or in an offline mode. This helps aspirants to focus on their studies without getting distracted by unnecessary pop-ups on the internet. The study material and the previous year’s question papers are curated by Vedanta’s experts who have done extensive research to bring you the best experience ever. In order to get a good score in the NEET examination, students are advised to solve all the previous year’s question papers so that their speed to solve the problems is increased and also they get a hint of how the question paper will be formed.

2. What is the NEET exam pattern?

Following are the highlights of the NEET exam pattern

  • 180 multiple-choice questions

  • Each subject consists of 45 questions

  • Subjects- chemistry, physics, biology, (botany and zoology)

  • Marking scheme-  +4 for every correct answer and -1 for every wrong answer.

  • Mode of exam- offline mode (pen and paper only)

  • Duration – 3 hours

  • Total marks- 720

3. Is solving previous years’ papers sufficient to clear NEET 2022 with maximum scores?

If the candidate thoroughly solved at least 20 years’ question papers from past years, he/she can manage to get a decent score in NEET 2022 exam. However, if you are looking at achieving a maximum score, it is not enough. 

4. Do previous years’ questions repeat in NEET?

No, there is no hard and fast rule on the repetitive questions or their number. At times it has been observed that questions from the same concept are asked but framed differently. Hardly 1-2 questions can be repeated, but no surety for this.