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Class 12 Hindi NCERT Solutions - Free PDF Download

While preparing for Class 12 examinations, one thing that students need to keep track of is their time. There is always a shortage of time as the syllabus is vast and subjects are many. If the student desires to score high marks, the key point to remember is to do smart work. 

We all know that studying once would not suffice for an examination like that of Class 12 Boards. One needs to constantly revise. It is also evident that the entire textbook cannot be read at the time of revision. Having prepared notes and answers would save a lot of time and effort, directing it in the correct direction. 

Are you preparing for your Class 12 Hindi exams? Do you need some help with your homework in Hindi Class 12? Worry not because we have just the solution right here. With the help of the CBSE Class 12 Hindi Syllabus, available on Vedantu’s website for download, there is simply no doubt that students will definitely be able to get some high marks in the examinations. We are here to tell you that we are always going to provide you with all the study materials and assistance that you are going to need. So, why wouldn’t you want to download the Hindi Class 12 Syllabus, right? After all, it is going to help you score some high marks in the examinations in the best way.

With NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Hindi by Vedantu, students can easily understand the method of writing answers. The NCERT solutions 12 cover all the important points in a very simple manner. The answers are written and organized in a chapter-wise setup, making it easy for a quick revision or reference when in doubt. It is also noticed that the questions given behind the textbook chapters tend to repeat in the examination in different forms and sometimes even verbatim. 

Having prior preparations for these answers saves a lot of time in the examinations. Over time, students learn how to answer questions that are twisted by framing their own answers with the points mentioned in Vedantu’s NCERT solutions for Class 12 Hindi Aroh. These solutions also give a general idea about the character sketches, summaries, and central themes of various chapters. Having said this, students are advised to read the Class 12 Hindi book solution only after reading and understanding the chapters from the textbook.

Class 12 Hindi Syllabus

The Class 12 CBSE board Hindi syllabus is divided into 4 textbooks. The textbooks are Antra Bhag-2, Vitan Bhag-2, Aroh Bhag-2, and Antral Bhag-2. The syllabus is specifically designed to create a deeper understanding of different genres of Hindi literature. The syllabus consists of poems and prose. Mentioned below are all chapters of the textbooks of Class 12 Hindi according to the latest CBSE syllabus.

Chapters of Class 12 Hindi Antral Textbook

  • Chapter 1 - Surdas Ki Jhopri

  • Chapter 2 - Aarohan

  • Chapter 3 - Viskohar Ki Maati

  • Chapter 4 - Aapna Malwa- Khau Ujaru Sabhyata Me

Chapters of Class 12 Hindi Vitan Textbook

  • Chapter 1 - Silver Vending

  • Chapter 2 - Jujh

  • Chapter 3 - Ateet Me Dabe Panv

  • Chapter 4 - Diary Ke Panne

Chapters of Class 12 Hindi Antra

  • Chapter 1 Poem - Devsena ka geet - Kaneliya ka geet

  • Chapter 2 Poem - Geet gaane do mujhe - Saroj-smriti

  • Chapter 3 Poem - Ye deep akela - Maine dekha ek boond

  • Chapter 4 Poem - Banaras - Disha

  • Chapter 5 Poem - Satya - Ek kam

  • Chapter 6 Poem - Toro - Basant aya

  • Chapter 7 Poem - Bharat-Ram ka prem - Pad

  • Chapter 8 Poem - Barahamasa

  • Chapter 9 Poem - Pad

  • Chapter 10 Poem - Ramchandra Chandrika

  • Chapter 11 Poem - Kabinta/Sabeya

  • Chapter 12 - Premdhan ki Chayya Smriti

  • Chapter 13 - Sumirini ke man ke

  • Chapter 14 - Kacchachitta

  • Chapter 15 - Sambadiya

  • Chapter 16 - Gandhi, Nehru aur Yasser Arafat

  • Chapter 17 - Sher, Pehchan, Chaar haath, Sajha

  • Chapter 18 - Jaha koi wapsi nehi

  • Chapter 19 - Yathasmay Rochate Vishvam

  • Chapter 20 - Dusra Devdas

  • Chapter 21 - Kutaj

Chapters of Class 12 Hindi Aroh Textbook

  • Chapter 1 Poem - Aatmaparichay - Ek Geet

  • Chapter 2 Poem - Patang

  • Chapter 3 Poem - Kavita ke bahane - Baat sidhi thi par

  • Chapter 4 Poem - Camere me band apahij

  • Chapter 5 Poem - Saharsh swikara hai

  • Chapter 6 Poem - Usha

  • Chapter 7 Poem - Badal raag

  • Chapter 8 Poem - Kavitawali (Uttar kand se) - Laxman-murcha aur Ram ka bilap

  • Chapter 9 Poem - Ruwaiya - Gazal

  • Chapter 10 Poem - Chota mera khet - Bangulo ke pankh

  • Chapter 11 - Bhaktin

  • Chapter 12 - Bazar Darshan

  • Chapter 13 - Kaale megha paani de

  • Chapter 14 - Pahelwan ki dholak

  • Chapter 15 - Charlie Chaplin yani hum sab

  • Chapter 16 - Namak

  • Chapter 17 - Shiris ke phool

  • Chapter 18 - Shram bibhajan aur jati pratha - Meri kalpana ka adarsh samaj

The Hindi syllabus of Class 12 CBSE is designed to help students create a dynamic understanding of the vastness of Hindi literature. The syllabus contains poems, long stories, excerpts from novels, travelogues, etc. The stories are fairly distributed among the social commentary, revolutionary, classical, neo-contemporary and contemporary genres. Thoroughly going through the chapters of the textbooks can help students to perform well academically as well as develop creativity.  

Detailed Version of Syllabus of Hindi Class 12

When we are talking about Class 12, it is definitely a turning point for the lives of the students. Not only do they get to go for higher studies after this point but they also have to decide the type of career that they want to choose. In order to do that in the best way, students need to perform well in the exams. Hence, the Class 12 Hindi syllabus will be a help to them for sure. Hindi is a very interesting and very common subject in schools these days. Students get to learn the grammatical rules, study prose and poetry in Hindi. It also helps in testing the linguistic skills of the students.

Not to mention that there are fiction and non-fiction writing in Hindi that enables the students to learn basic rules and concepts of the language. However, sometimes due to the core subjects, important language subjects often get ignored. Such should not be the case with Hindi, and we are here to prove that to you with the amazing Hindi syllabus for Class 12 CBSE. This syllabus is going to outline all the different sections of the course of Hindi for the Class 12 students. Apart from that, students are also going to get the best study plans and marking schemes too. So, this is the correct opportunity for the students to go ahead and download the Hindi syllabus for Class 12.
NCERT Class 12 Hindi syllabus contains four textbooks. These are Antral, Vitan, Antra, and Aroh. All these four books contain chapters- both prose and poetry which have been selected with care, keeping in mind the students who would be studying it. 

Antral has four chapters, Vitan has 4, Antra has 21 chapters, and Aroh has 18 chapters. These are all very important, and students are advised to not skip any of them.

Some of the chapters include Devsena ka geet – Kaneliya ka geet,  Barahamasa, Ramchandra Chandrika,  Sambadiya from Antra; Surdas ki Jhopri, Biskohar ki Maati from Antral; Patang, Kavita ke Bahane- Baat sidhi thi par, Shiris ke phool and Chota mera Khet- Bangulo ke pankh from Aroh and Ateet me Dabe Paon, Diary ke Panne, and Silver Wedding from Vitan.

Go Ahead Right Now To Download the Hindi Syllabus For Class 12

In the Class 12 ICSE Hindi Syllabus, students will get different chapters that contain various examples of prose, poetry, stories, and so much more. These sections not only help the students in scoring good marks but also assist in building the language skills of the students. Not to mention that there are some important questions after every single chapter. Practising these questions, again and again, will ensure that students get a deeper understanding of the chapters and are fully prepared to answer the questions that appear in the final examinations. So, go ahead and download the syllabus of Hindi Class 12.

Some Benefits that Students Get From Downloading Class 12 Hindi Syllabus

One might wonder what the benefits are that students get from learning the syllabus and all the details that come with it. We here at Vedantu are going to answer this question in the easiest way possible. There could be many different benefits that the students get.

One of the best things is that with the Class 12 CBSE Hindi Syllabus, students get the opportunity to understand different concepts of a new and interesting language. Hindi is the national language of the country and packs very certain importance in the course work.

With the help of the Class 12th Hindi Syllabus, students can also make sure that they have all the help that they need in the preparation for the exams. We all know how important it is for students to score good marks in their 12th finals. Hence, this is where the Hindi Syllabus for Class 12 comes in handy. With this syllabus, students can find out what chapters are the most important and hence put their primary focus on that.

The NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Hindi Aroh at Vedantu are accurate and are written by expert teachers and members of the Vedantu team. The answers are very crisp and specific to the questions. This way, students are not learning any extra materials that might be irrelevant to them. All the answers are verified, and students can trust them to be accurate. 

With the help of the NCERT solutions 12 provided by Vedantu, students will definitely have a better understanding of the subject and its contents. Many new words, references, proverbs and even rules of grammar would be understood better. This, in turn, will develop a greater interest in the language and the push to perform better. Our mind works with a reward system, and seeing better scores will instantly boost one’s confidence in the subject.

Vedantu’s Class 12 Hindi book solution can be downloaded in the form of a PDF file. This can be done by simply clicking on the top left corner button that says download PDF. Now, it can be used offline as well.

Also, another great thing about the syllabus is that it is completely free of cost. Vedantu provides different syllabuses for different classes without any money. Hence, anyone looking forward to having some help in doing their homework or preparing for examinations can actually take this syllabus from the official site.

All these benefits make Vedantu the best option for students to use as their supplement study material. With regular hard work and consistent efforts, students can be guaranteed that there will be a definite improvement in marks, and one would be able to get top scores even in Hindi. If you feel like you need some more study material and revision notes, take a look at the official website and be prepared to enjoy your studies. All the best!

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Books

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Hindi

1. Are the Chapters in the Syllabus for Class 12 Hindi CBSE Easy?

There are different types of chapters present in the syllabus of Hindi class 12. Some of these chapters might be easier to understand while there might be some other chapters that are a bit difficult. However, with thorough study, each chapter becomes easier to understand.

2. Will I be Able to Understand the CBSE Syllabus for Class 12 Hindi?

One of the best things about the CBSE Syllabus for class 12 Hindi is that it is definitely easy to understand. Every single chapter has a lot of details about the important topics that are covered. Hence you won’t have any trouble.

3. Can I Download CBSE Hindi Class 12 Syllabus for Free?

Absolutely, the Hindi Syllabus for Class 12 is available for download at the official site of Vedantu and it is definitely free of cost.

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