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CBSE Class 12 Results 2023 For Board Exam - Announced!

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Find out How to Check CBSE Class 12 Results 2023

The Central Board of Secondary Education announced the results for Class 12 on its official website, & on 12th May 2023. To check the result, students must provide their roll number and date of birth. The CBSE Class 12 results 2023 can also be accessed via SMS, IVRS, and Digi locker, in addition to the official CBSE website. The CBSE conducted the CBSE Class 12 board exams from February 15, 2023 till March 21, 2023.

Vedantu Shining Stars for CBSE Class 12 2023

Inspired Students, Inspired Results - Vedantu Success Story

Our student's scores speak for the hard work, efforts and dedication of Master teachers and Students in bringing out such inspiring results.

  • 121 students from Vedantu scored above 95%.

  • 423 students from Vedantu scored above 90%.

  • 688 students from Vedantu scored above 85%.

Overview of 2023 CBSE Class 12 Exam and Results 

Here is the anticipated schedule and date for the CBSE 12th result of the 2023 exams. Students should maintain track of the major events surrounding the CBSE Class 12th result by checking these dates.


Board Name

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Exam Name

Secondary School Examination (Class XII)

CBSE Class 12 Result Date

12 May 2023

CBSE 12 Result Access

CBSE official website 

Required Credentials

Roll number, admit card ID, school and centre number

CBSE 12th Compartment Exam Dates

July 2023

CBSE Compartment Result Date

August 2023

Procedure to Check CBSE 12th Result 2023 

Once the board exams for Class 12 have been completed, the results will be revealed. As previously stated, students can check their results on the CBSE's official website. The results for Class 12 will be released through SMS, phone call, IVRS, or Digilocker. The steps for verifying CBSE Class 12 results 2023 via any of these ways are explained below.


Procedure to Check Results via Online Method

Mentioned below are the steps to check the Class 12 CBSE board result (higher secondary result)  through the online portal. 

  1. Visit the official website of the CBSE examinations.

  2. In a separate window, the CBSE 12th result 2023 window will open.

  3. Fill in the blanks with your official roll number and school number.

  4. Verify all of the information again before clicking the 'Submit' option.

  5. The CBSE 12th board exam result 2023 will be presented on the screen, along with subject-specific scores and grades.

  6. It is recommended that students print a hard copy of the CBSE Class 12 result 2023 and keep it secure for future reference.


Procedure to Check CBSE Class 12 Result via SMS

Mentioned below are steps that can help students to access the CBSE Class 12 result via SMS.

  1. Go to the SMS app on your smartphone.

  2. Type the following details in the message box: 

    • CBSE12 followed by space 

    • Roll number followed by space 

    • Date of birth followed by space 

    • School number followed by 

    • Space centre number.

  3. Send this to 7738299899.

  4. After a few seconds, students will receive their CBSE Class 12 result 2023 Term 2 through SMS on their cell phones.


Procedure to Check CBSE 12th Result 2023 on-call or IVRS

In order to access the results through the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) students should follow the following instructions.

  1. Students must ring the number shown below in order to do so.

  2. The Local subscribers of Delhi should dial the number 24300699

  3. Subscribers from other parts of the country should dial the number 011 – 24300699

  4. Now you must correctly follow the operator's directions.

  5. On the call, the CBSE 12th result 2023 will be dictated, along with subject-wise marks.


Procedure to Check CBSE 12th Result 2023 with DigiLocker

The following are the steps that students should follow to access the CBSE 12th result 2023 with DigiLocker or UMANG.

  1. CBSE also makes digital mark sheets for Class 12th available through the DigiLocker app or UMANG app.

  2. It is available for download by logging into the DigiLocker website and app.

  3. Students will be given DigiLocker or UMANG account credentials through SMS on their phones.

  4. To check CBSE 12th result 2023 online, enter your information on the respective app.


Procedure to Check CBSE Result 2023 Class 12 via SMS Organiser App

The following instructions should be followed by the students to access the results through the organiser app.

  1. Download the SMS organiser app on the phone from Google Play Store.

  2. Following installation, launch the app and provide permissions for contacts, SMS, and storage, among other things.

  3. Now sign up for the CBSE Class 12 result 2023 announcement.

  4. Open the URL provided in the notification bar after obtaining the result notification.

  5. Fill in the following information: roll number, admission card ID, school, and centre number.

  6. After that, click ‘Submit’, and the CBSE 12th result 2023 will appear on the screen. 


Details Mentioned on CBSE Class 12 Result Card 2023

It is fascinating to note that the CBSE Class 12 result is often known as intermediate results, +2 result or higher secondary result; all of the terms refer to the 12th result.  The following are some of the important details that are mentioned in the CBSE Class 12 result 2023.

  • Student name

  • Father's and Mother's Names

  • School Name

  • Subject Name

  • Roll Number

  • Board Name

  • Marks 

  • Grades

  • Remarks

  • Result (Pass/Fail)


Abbreviations on Class 12 Results 2023

Even though the results of the Class 12 board exams are fairly self-explanatory, the abbreviations and their meanings that students may see on their report cards are included here.

  • QUAL- Eligible for Qualifying Certificate

  • SJD- Subjudice (under judgement)

  • EIOP- Eligible for Improvement of Performance

  • XXXX- Improvement

  • UFM- Unfair means

  • N.E.- Not Eligible

  • NIOP- Not Eligible for Improvement of Performance

  • R.L. - Result Later

  • N.E. - Not Eligible

  • R.W. - Result Withheld

  • ABST - Absent


Re-verification and Revaluation of 12th Result

To ensure transparency, CBSE provides the option of re-evaluation and verification of CBSE result 2023 Class 12. Following the release of the CBSE 12th result 2023, some students may believe that they were granted unjust scores based on their exam performance. Such students can seek CBSE 12th result 2023 verification and revaluation. The details of the process are summarised in the following points. 

  • The verification link will be available possibly in July 2023.

  • Students would have to pay a fee of Rs. 500 for each subject.

  • If marks are amended during verification, marks will be issued in both online and offline form in CBSE 12th result 2023.

  • Students who seek marks verification can also opt to request a photocopy of their graded answer paper. This process will be completed online in August 2023, at the earliest.

  • The processing fees of Rs. 700 per subject is required to be paid to access the photocopy of the answer sheet.

  • Students who requested a photocopy of their answer script may request a re-evaluation for any questions.

  • Only the theory section of the re-evaluation applications will be accepted online.

  • Processing fees of Rs. 100 per question will be charged to students.

  • Any changes in the marks will be reflected in the CBSE Class 12 results of 2023.

  • No more applications will be accepted for evaluation after the results are revealed.

We hope that this comprehensive explanation of the CBSE 12th exam and results has offered a clear understanding of the method to be followed once the Class 12 results are released. We wish you the best of luck in your next exams!

FAQs on CBSE Class 12 Results 2023 For Board Exam - Announced!

1. Who can apply for compartment exams of Class 12?

Students who fail to pass the Class 12 board exams on their first try can apply for compartment exams. They can apply online for compartment exams for each subject for Rs. 200. The CBSE is giving pupils a second chance to pass the exams. The CBSE compartment exam for Class 12 will be held in July 2023 (tentative dates). In August 2023, CBSE will declare the compartment test results for Class 12th. By inserting the needed credentials, students can check their compartment Cbse 12th result 2023 online.

2. How can students access the original mark sheet?

Students can access the original mark sheet from their respective schools. CBSE provides the original mark sheet to the schools after the declaration of the provisional mark sheet which can be downloaded from the official site. It is advisable to collect the original mark sheet for future reference. 

3. What are the minimum passing marks in CBSE Class 12th result?

The passing marks for CBSE Class 10 and 12 exams is a minimum of 33% of the total marks. 

4. What are the official websites for accessing CBSE Class 12th results?

The list of websites to check CBSE Class 12th results are as follows: