NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Hindi Vitan Chapter 2 Jujh

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Class 12 Hindi NCERT Solutions Vitan Chapter 2 Jujh

At Vedantu, every chapter of Class 12 NCERT Hindi Vitan has been explained for easy learning of students. Every topic from all the chapters has been clarified, with the goal of giving the college students a crystal-clear explanation and know-how of the topic. The answers have been written by the joint effort of the best teachers of Vedantu who recognizes the problem very well and meets the board curriculum to its fullest.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How Many Books do the NCERT Class 12 Hindi Contain?

Ans. NCERT Solutions Class 12 Hindi consists of four Hindi books prescribed by CBSE for class 12 students. These books are Aroh 2, Vitan 2, Antra and Antral 2 according to the latest CBSE pattern.

2. What is There in NCERT Book Vitan Chapter 2 Joojh for Class 12?

Ans. Chapter 2: Joojh, written by Dr Anand Yadav, tells us about the author's interest in studying while his father wants him to help in his farming instead of going to school from their village, with the help of his mother and Datta Rao Saheb, he finally goes to school.

There are a total of six questions with their answers given at the end of the chapter and available at Vedantu.

3. Which NCERT Class 12 Hindi Book is Composed of only Prose?

Ans. NCERT solutions class 12 Hindi book Vitan 2 consists of four chapters all contain prose, and Aroh 2 consists of  8 chapters which have prose out of total 18 chapters. 10 Chapters from the Aroh book include poems.

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