NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Aroh Chapter 16 Poem Champa Kale Kale Akshar Nehi Chinhati

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Class 11 Hindi NCERT Solutions for Aroh Chapter 16 Poem Champa Kale Kale Akshar Nehi Chinhati

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The NCERT solutions For Class 11 Hindi Aroh Chapter 16 are not only well explained by the passionate and professional staff members but also provided in an offline mode of study too. You can download  NCERT solutions for Class 7 Hindi Chapter 16 Champa kale kale Akshar Nahi chinhati at any time in pdf format with a single click of mouse button on the pdf link given below. Thus, topic-wise explanation and learning questions go simultaneously.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Aroh Chapter 16 Poem Champa kale kale akshar nehi chinhati part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why Does Champa Curse Megacities Only?

Ans. Champa believes that studying makes people vulnerable, and due to arisen selfishness, people move to megacities. These megacities entangle them into a luxurious false environment and break happy families. That is why she curses megacities. If there were no cities, no one would study, and leave their family.

2. Which Section of People is Focused on Poems by the Poet?

Ans. It signifies the situation of married women and old parents of eastern India. Women are mostly illiterate there and hence can't read and send letters to their husbands and brothers. Their loved ones move to megacities and never come back.

3. Does Champa Change her Mind Towards Study?

Ans. No, even after the author struggles a lot with Champa by explaining to her the benefits and consequences of studying; she denies it. She is rigid in her thoughts and believes that words and letters are a curse for families. She prefers being illiterate rather than being cunning and selfish.

4. Is the Mock Test Series Available on Vedantu?

Ans. Vedantu has a lot of practice sets available on the app and website for students. These include mock test series; previous year solved papers, sample papers, most expected questions, and many more. Download the Vedantu app and gain your rewards freely!