NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Hindi Antra Chapter 21 Kutaj

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Class 12 Hindi NCERT Solutions for Antra Chapter 21 Kutaj

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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Hindi Antra Chapter 21 part-1

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Hindi Antra 2 Chapter 21 Kutaj

Class 12 Hindi Antra 2 Chapter 21 Kutaj is written by Shri Hajari Prasad Dwivedi. A wild plant that rises among the dry rocks at the height of the Himalaya Mountains is Kutaj, which produces and contains flowers. This essay has been written on the nature of this flower.

Kutj has neither extraordinary beauty nor fragrance, yet the author has found a message for humans. Kutj has unbeatable vitality, self-reliance, confidence, and in contrast, there is the ability to live gracefully even under any circumstances.

Author Shri Hajari Prasad Dwivedi accepts that even the most common thing can have unique properties. On that basis, he expressed his feeling with an example of Kutaj flower in this essay.

NCERT solutions Hindi Class 12 Antra 2 Chapter 21 Kutaj is written in an easy and understandable language. The complete study material is available for download, free of cost as the best preparation resources for  CBSE 2020-21 Board Hindi examinations.

There are ten questions which the author Shri Hajari Prasad Dwivedi has asked from  Kutaj, that is based on the concept of the story. The solutions for these questions are available on Vedantu website. Our subject expert teachers prepare all answers. They share the latest information in simple language, which they can learn quickly and get high scores in the board examinations.

NCERT Solutions and Latest Syllabus for Class 12 Hindi (Core and Elective):

The latest syllabus for Class 12 Hindi is divided into two divisions Hindi Core and Hindi Elective. The revised syllabus of Hindi Core is split into two sections. Section A includes two books Aroh 2 and Vitan 2, and section B has Aroh 2 book. Aroh 2 (comprises 18 chapters) and Vitan 2 (comprises four chapters) are available in the PDF format on Vedantu.

Hindi Elective syllabus as per CBSE pattern 2020-21 is split into two sections. Two books Antra 2 and Antral 2 are prescribed and included in section A, while Antra part 2 book is for section B.

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Hindi for Antra 2 and Antral part 2 in PDF format available on Vedantu site. Quick links are available here for downloading, free of cost.

There are four chapters in Antral part 2 book, and all NCERT solutions are available with their correct answers in an easy language on Vedantu.

There are 21 chapters in the book Antra part 2 for the  NCERT Solutions Class 12 Hindi. It consists of 21 chapters. Details for the chapters are given with direct links on our webpage as below.

  • Chapter 1 Poem: Devsena ka geet-Kaneliya ka geet

  • Chapter 2 Poem: Geet gaane do mujhe-Saroj-smriti

  • Chapter 3 Poem: Yeh deep akela - Maine dekha ek boond

  • Chapter 4 Poem: Banaras – Disha

  • Chapter 5 Poem: Ek kam-Satya

  • Chapter 6 Poem: Basant aya-Toro

  • Chapter 7 Poem:  Bharat-Ram ka prem-Pad

  • Chapter 8 Poem: Barahmasa

  • Chapter 9 Poem: Pad

  • Chapter 10 Poem: Ramchandra Chandrika

  • Chapter 11 Poem: Kabita/Sabeya

  • Chapter 12: Premdhan ki Chayya Smriti

  • Chapter 13: Sumirini ke man ke

  • Chapter 14: Kaccha Chitta

  • Chapter 15: Samvadiya

  • Chapter 16: Gandhi, Neheru aur Yasser Arafat

  • Chapter 17: Sher, Pehchan, Chaar haath, Sajha

  • Chapter 18: Jaha koi wapas nahi

  • Chapter 19: Yathasmay rochate Vishvam

  • Chapter 20: Dusra Devdas

  • Chapter 21: Kutaj

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Ans: For all subjects of Class 12, NCERT Books with complete solutions are available at Vedantu and may be downloaded free of cost.

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Ans: Vedantu platform provides all the information regarding NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Hindi Antra 2 Chapter 21 Kutaj, written by Shri Hajari Prasad Dwivedi to the students.

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