NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 2

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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 2 - Aam Ki Kahani

Our world has been going through a continuous change and adapting to the new normal since COVID-19 started impacting our lives. With everything going into lockdown, the most impacted are the children who are now required to study through online classes. It is almost a year and still, the adaptation process is going on. In order to help each student through these demanding times, Vedantu has come up with the best e-learning solutions to ensure that every child gets the best education that they deserve.

In collaboration with the best educators from across the country, Vedantu has been coming up with more student-friendly and beneficial methods to help students get all the required knowledge and information they require while preparing for exams. Vedantu is providing quality study materials for every class and subject that too chapter-wise in PDF format that can be studied both online and offline. Here is NCERT solution for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 2. 

The Solutions for Class 1 Hindi will soon be uploaded on this page

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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 2 Aam Ki Kahani

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Will Help You Prepare for The Chapter 2 – Aam Ki Kahani

Aam ki Kahani is a story of a girl and a crow who sees a juicy mango on a tree. Looking at the mango, the girl decided to get it. She shows the mango to her brother and asks him to get it. Her brother uses his slingshot and aims at mango.

Meanwhile, a crow was watching all this carefully and the moment mango fell from the branch, he caught it with its beak. Both brother and sister look at the crow taking the mango with him and get sad. As the crow takes the mango with him, he crashes into a beehive where the bees sting him, and the mango falls from the crow’s mouth into its nest. The squirrels were sitting there and when they saw the mango, they tried to take it with them. That very moment, the eggs in the nest hatches, and little crow babies come out of them and start crying. Squirrel, who had mango, gets scared and drops the mango in the hat of the man sitting under the tree. 

The girl then comes, takes the mango from his hat and her brother proudly looks at his slingshot feeling proud thinking about what he achieved with it.

Vedantu – Your Child’s Friend Indeed!

The technological advancement and innovation that our society has gone through over the years have today made it easier for students to get complete and required education even while sitting in the comfort of their homes. With so many e-learning platforms trying to provide digital education, Vedantu with its top-class educators and technology has been leading the race and providing the best solutions for students of all classes and subjects.

By simply understanding the needs of each student and providing with the study material that is easy for them to understand and grasp along with mock test papers and previous year question papers, Vedantu is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that your child has everything he/she requires to rise and shine in the class and exams. Multiple videos made by teachers along with solutions of NCERT back questions and previous question papers are becoming a source of thorough understanding and knowledge.

NCERT Solutions with the Latest Syllabus for Class 1 Hindi Syllabus

CBSE has prescribed one book in Hindi subject for Class 1 students with stories for students to read that has some moral lesson and information behind them.  

The syllabus for Hindi for Class 1 is a combination of multiple stories. Vedantu covers all these chapters along with chapter-wise solutions, that can be easily downloaded from the attached links below.

The Chapters in the CBSE Class 1 Hindi Textbook Are

  • Chapter 1 - Jhula

  • Chapter 2 – Aam Ki Kahani

  • Chapter 3 – Aam Ki Tokri

  • Chapter 4 – Patte Hi Patte

  • Chapter 5 - Pakodi

  • Chapter 6 – Chuk-Chuk Gaadi

  • Chapter 7 – Rasoi Ghar

  • Chapter 8 – Chuho! Myau Soo Rahi hai

  • Chapter 9 – Bandar Aur Gilhari

  • Chapter 10 – Pagdi

  • Chapter 11 – Patang

  • Chapter 12 – Gend Balla

  • Chapter 13 – Bandar Gaya Khet Mein Bhag

  • Chapter 14 – Ek Budhiya

  • Chapter 15 – Mein Bhi

  • Chapter 16 – Lalu aur Peelu

  • Chapter 17 – Chakai ke Chakdum

  • Chapter 18 – Choti Ka Kamal

  • Chapter 19 – Chaar Chane

  • Chapter 20 – Bhagdadh

  • Chapter 21 – Halim Chala Chand Pe

  • Chapter 22 – Hathi Challam Challam

  • Chapter 23 – Saat Poonch Ka Chuha

In addition to studying material, Vedantu also provides NCERT back question solutions on this site and mock exams that are categorized into three separate levels including, simple, moderate, and challenging thus ensuring that the child has a complete understanding of the syllabus.

Vedantu also conducts live sessions during all days of the week to make sure that students have complete information on the syllabus and curriculum. Knowing the fact that how challenging these COVID-19 times are for children, Vedantu gives them the opportunity to study and learn at their own pace and comfort.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. The study material that Vedantu provides, is it in line with the CBSE prescribed syllabus?

Yes, the information provided on Vedantu is in line with CBSE provided and the recommended syllabus. Vedantu ensures that the children get complete information and study material related to every chapter. Along with study material, Vedantu also provides mock test papers and previous year question papers and their solutions, so the student has everything that he/she may require for preparing.

2. Is Vedantu a leading e-learning platform in India for getting learning material, solutions, and questions papers for Class 1 Hindi? What makes it the best?

Yes, Vedantu is leading the race of e-learning platforms in India. It has a huge database of study material including chapter wise summary, NCERT back question solutions, mock test paper, and previous year question papers to help students prepare for exams. The fact that Vedantu provides PDF versions of its material that helps students study both online and offline as per their convenience makes it largely popular in the market amongst both children and parents.

3. What is chapter 2 of the NCERT textbook for Class 1 Hindi?

The second chapter in the NCERT textbook for Class 1 Hindi is called ‘Aam ki Kahan’. It is an anecdotal story about a girl and a crow and how they want a fully ripe mango on a mango tree. The story goes through different situations and how the mango falls for someone but someone else gets to eat it. The mango goes from the crow to a nest and then to squirrels and then finally to the girl who had spotted it first. 

4. What did the girl do when she spotted the ripe mango on the tree?

The girl spotted a very ripe mango on a mango tree. There was a crow on a tree close to it who could see the mango as well. When the girl spotted the mango, she called for her brother to help get it from the tree. The boy arrived with his slingshot and aimed at the mango. The mango broke and fell from the tree. 

5. What did the crow do as soon as the mango fell from the tree?

While the girl was busy spotting the mango and calling her brother to come to help her get it from the tree, the crow was watching her and the mango carefully. He was devising his own plan. He watched carefully as the boy aimed at the mango with his slingshot. As soon as the mango broke and started to fall towards the ground, the crown quickly swept in and took it from its stem in between his beak. He was flying towards the tree with the mango but bumped into a beehive.

6. What happened when the crow bumped into the beehive?

When the crow was flying back with the mango he bumped into a beehive which resulted in him dropping the mango in its own nest in the tree. The crow had laid eggs in the nest. The squirrels ran towards the mango in the nest and were just about to pick up the mango from the nest but just at that moment an egg hatched and the baby crow came out crying. The squirrels dropped the mango and ran. 

7. How did the girl finally get the mango?

When the squirrels dropped the mango after getting scared from the crying baby crow, the mango landed in the hat of a man who was resting under the tree. The girls quickly went and retrieved the mango from the sleeping man’s hat. She was very pleased to have the ripe mango. Her brother was also very happy and looked proudly at his slingshot thinking he had made a perfect aim. 

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