NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 2


NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 2 - Aam Ki Kahani

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Our world has been going through a continuous change and adapting to the new normal since COVID-19 started impacting our lives. With everything going into lockdown, the most impacted are the children who are now required to study through online classes. It is almost a year and still, the adaptation process is going on. In order to help each student through these demanding times, Vedantu has come up with the best e-learning solutions to ensure that every child gets the best education that they deserve.

In collaboration with the best educators from across the country, Vedantu has been coming up with more student-friendly and beneficial methods to help students get all the required knowledge and information they require while preparing for exams. Vedantu is providing quality study materials for every class and subject that too chapter-wise in PDF format that can be studied both online and offline. Here is NCERT solution for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 2. 

The Solutions for Class 1 Hindi will soon be uploaded on this page

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. The study material that Vedantu provides, is it in line with the CBSE prescribed syllabus?

Yes, the information provided on Vedantu is in line with CBSE provided and the recommended syllabus. Vedantu ensures that the children get complete information and study material related to every chapter. Along with study material, Vedantu also provides mock test papers and previous year question papers and their solutions, so the student has everything that he/she may require for preparing.

2. Is Vedantu a leading e-learning platform in India for getting learning material, solutions, and questions papers for Class 1 Hindi? What makes it the best?

Yes, Vedantu is leading the race of e-learning platforms in India. It has a huge database of study material including chapter wise summary, NCERT back question solutions, mock test paper, and previous year question papers to help students prepare for exams. The fact that Vedantu provides PDF versions of its material that helps students study both online and offline as per their convenience makes it largely popular in the market amongst both children and parents.