NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Hindi Aroh Chapter 7 Poem Badal Raag

Class 12 Hindi NCERT Solutions for Aroh Chapter 7 Poem Badal Raag

NCERT Solutions are indeed the best and complete study materials for the CBSE Class 12 students of all courses. These are curated by the top-notch and experienced subject experts after extensive research work. Moreover, the NCERT books carry exercise questions at the end of every chapter for both understanding and revision of the complete syllabus.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Hindi Core comprise all the questions included in the NCERT textbook that is prescribed for Class 12. NCERT textbook exercise questions and answers help students to get an in-depth understanding of all concepts related to the chapter.

Most of the students face difficulties in gaining a command over NCERT questions for their board preparations in Hindi and struggle to look for one platform for complete study material.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Hindi Aroh Chapter 7 Poem part-1

Chapter 7 Badal Raag

Poetry and Abstract:

'Badal Raag' poem written by Sri Suryakant Tripathi Nirala is derived from 'Anamika' poetry. The rainy season attracts Nirala because of the power of creation and destruction contained within the cloud. He considers clouds to be revolutionaries. The poet has considered clouds to be a symbol of revolution.

Abstract - The poet, seeing the clouds, imagines that the clouds are the shadow of sorrow over the transient pleasures floating in the sea, which have come to provide peace to him by the shadow cast upon the burning chest of the world or earth. The world roars with a fierce roar of clouds. The clouds floating in the sky look as if hundreds of heroes have fallen into thunderclap and their bodies are mutilated.

The poet says that ordinary people are happy in every situation. The rich remain dissatisfied even after accumulating excessive wealth and shiver with fear of revolution. The weak farmers call the clouds impatient because the capitalist class have exploited them excessively. Clouds can revolutionize and end exploitation.

Four conceptual questions are asked at the end of the poem and all the answers are available on Vedantu.

NCERT Books with Solutions for Class 12 Hindi Core and Elective

For Class 12 Hindi, there are four books prescribed by CBSE board. These all books with their NCERT solutions are available in PDF, the detail for these books are as below:

  1. Antra 2 contains four chapters.

  2. Aroh 2 comprises eighteen chapters.

  3. Vitan 2 consists of four chapters.

  4. Antral two consists of four chapters.

NCERT Hindi Aroh-2 Solutions Textbook for CBSE Board

Chapters included in NCERT CBSE Class 12 Aroh part two consists of poems and proses. This book consists of 18 chapters as given below:

Poem Section:

  • Chapter 1 - Aatmaparichay - Ek Geet, written by Dr Haribansh Rai Bacchan.

  • Chapter 2 - Patang, written by Shri Alok Dhanva.

  • Chapter 3 - Kavita ke Bahane - Baat Seedhi Thi Par, written by Sri Kunwar Narayan.

  • Chapter 4 - Camere me band apahij, written by Shri Raghuveer Sahaya,

  • Chapter 5 - Saharsh swikara hai, written by Shri Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh.

  • Chapter 6 - Usha, written by Shri Samsher Bahadur Singh.

  • Chapter 7 - Badal Raag, written by Shri Suryakant Tripathi Nirala.

  • Chapter 8 - Kavitawali (Uttar kand se) – Laxman murcha aur Ram ka bilap, written by Sri Goswami Tulsidas.

  • Chapter 9 - Ruwaiya – Gazal, written by Shri Firak Gorakhpuri.

  • Chapter 10 - Chota mera khet – Bangulo ke pankh, written by Shri Umashanker Joshi.

Prose Section:

  • Chapter 11 - Bhaktin, written by Smt. Mahadevi Verma,

  • Chapter 12 - Bazar Darshan, written by Sri Jainendra Kumar.

  • Chapter 13 - Kaale megha paani de, written by Sri Dharamveer Bharti.

  • Chapter 14 - Pahelwan ki dholak, written by Sri Faniswar Nath Renu.

  • Chapter 15 - Charlie Chaplin yani hum sab, written by Shri Vishnu Khare.

  • Chapter 16 - Namak, written by Smt. Raziya Sajjad Zahir.

  • Chapter 17 - Shirish ke phool, written by Shri Hajari Prasad Dwivedi.

  • Chapter 18 - Shram Vibhajan aur jati pratha – Meri kalpana ka adarsh samaj, written by Dr Bawasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is NCERT Solutions for Class XII Hindi Aroh Part 2 Chapter 7 - Badal Raag Adequate for CBSE Board Exams Preparation?

Ans: Yes, Aroh part 2 Chapter 7 - Badal Raag is enough for the CBSE board exams preparation and to gain in-depth knowledge. 

2. How can the NCERT Solutions for all the Chapters be Downloaded from Vedantu?

Ans: Students may download NCERT Solutions as per CBSE board for all chapters of Class 12 Hindi Aroh Part 2 in non-editable PDF format by the links available on the site.

3. Is it Possible to Download Chapter-Wise Summaries of NCERT Hindi Core Book Prescribed by CBSE Board for Class 12 Hindi in PDF?

Ans: Yes, students can access and download chapter-wise summaries of NCERT Hindi Core book in PDF, free of cost for their board exams preparation.

4. Is There any Website Which Offers Doubt Clarifications Through Live Video Sessions with Subject Experts?

Ans: Vedantu is the only platform where students can attend one-on-one online video sessions for clarifying their doubts with highly experienced teachers.

5. Which Website Provides the Regular Mock Test for Self-Assessment Before Examinations?

Ans: Vedantu offers regular mock tests where students can assess themselves before exams.

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