CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Maths

CBSE Sample Question Paper for Class 12 Maths with Solutions

Maths is a tricky subject that is feared by many and favoured by some. It is important that 12th grade students are able to take Maths as a challenge that can be overcome and use all the resources possible to help them in their final hurdle. The Maths sample paper class 12 provided by Vedantu, increases a student’s chances of scoring higher in the board exams. This is a subject that requires a thorough knowledge of concepts and a lot of practice.


At Vedantu, students can master the art of solving problems by practicing sums, applying problems to real world problems, reviewing errors and solving doubts as and when they arise with help from our team of experienced teachers. We also offer students the Maths new pattern sample paper for class 12 with solutions, so that they can understand the new format, the different sections and the type of questions that will appear in their board paper. These topics are also important components in many other competitive exams like IIT-JEE. A strong foundation in Maths is absolutely necessary for students, not just to clear the board exam but also to pursue their higher studies.

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