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CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Biology with Solution 2024-25

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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CBSE Class 12 Biology Sample Paper - Free PDF Download

To clear CBSE class 12 examinations, it is necessary to understand the concepts with a self-interest on the topics and a thorough practice on the sample papers instead of memorizing the NCERT books. When the students work on CBSE sample papers they can have an idea about the important topics and the questions that are in trend. Following these things regularly will help to attend the exam confidently. By solving the sample paper of biology class 12 with answers students can know the topics that they have to improve. At Vedantu, teachers focus on the information or the knowledge that has to be gained by the students to help them to gain knowledge. The free sample papers of CBSE sample paper biology class 12 are made available on the website or in the app hence the students can directly download them.

Download CBSE Class 12 Sample Papers 2024-25 PDF

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Biology Sample Paper Class 12

Class 12 Biology exam has to be completed in three hours, which consists of 26 questions which are out of 70 marks. The sample papers are prepared by following the pattern that is laid by the CBSE board. By solving the CBSE sample papers for class 12 biology makes the students test their knowledge and their efficiency of improvement. One can download the PDF available to make their own question bank at the time of revising. It also helps the students to answer the questions without any flaws. 

Biology Class 12th Sample Paper at Vedantu

When the students are signed up for the online tuitions at Vedantu, they are assured of access to all the resources available on the platform that enables them to compete with other students. In the comfort of home, one can easily access some of the personalized services such as online live tuitions, dedicated mentors, and many more facilities are available at affordable prices. All these facilities can be utilized according to the flexibility of the students, including their timings. Hence the students can study the subjective modules from their home in a structured manner.


CBSE sample papers for class 12 are examples of the type of question paper that would appear in board exams. All of the example question papers' grading schemes and blueprints are based on the redesigned term-by-term syllabus for the 2024-25 school year. MCQ-based Term 1 Case study and assertion style questions are included in the model papers.

Sample question papers provide you with an accurate picture of the question paper pattern, and practising them regularly will increase your confidence. It will assist you in identifying areas where you need to put in more effort.

How to Make the Most of CBSE Sample Papers

Every year, 2-3 months in advance, the CBSE releases sample question papers for practice. It aids students, instructors, and schools in comprehending the structure, design, and marking system of the real question paper. It offers a sense of the question paper's difficulty level and the weighting assigned to each chapter. It also provides information on any changes made by CBSE in terms of question paper design and the number of questions asked in any subject's board exam.

Here are some pointers on how to get the most out of CBSE sample question papers.

  • Examine the pattern of the question paper attentively and make a list of the most important aspects.

  • Examine the importance assigned to each chapter.

  • Look for numerical questions, as well as questions on the chapters from these books.

  • Get a sense of how challenging the questions are.

  • Now go through your notes again to see if you missed anything significant.

  • If that's the case, make a note of it.

  • After you've gone over the question paper, try to solve it in the time allotted.

  • Prefer the hours of 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., as this is when the question paper is presented to you in the test hall.

  • Now get it verified by your instructor or tutor, or do it yourself using the marking scheme included with the question paper.

  • Download and practice more similar example papers from the Vedantu app or website.

How Do You Study and Practice?

Written exercise is frequently avoided by students. This isn't a situation to be treated lightly. Regularly practice example question papers in pen and paper format. It will not only help you improve your writing speed, but it will also help you retain more information. If you write twice and thrice on your own, you will be able to recall the answers for a longer period.

  • Make your written test.

  • Examine your errors.

  • Learn and rehearse the subjects that need improvement.

  • Retake the examination.


Biology is a heavy text-based subject that makes the students feel bored while studying. The online tuitions, lessons, and notes available at Vedantu are designed in such a way that the lessons will be interesting and the concepts are very easy to understand.

CBSE Class 12 Biology 2024-25 Term 2 Weightage

Here you can check CBSE Class 12 Biology 2024-25 Term 2 Weightage.


Term 2



Biology and Human Welfare: Chapters – 8 and 10 



Biotechnology and its Applications: Chapters – 11 and 12 



Ecology and Environment: Chapters – 13 and 15 


Term 2 Total Theory Marks


Term 2 Practical  Marks 




Benefits of CBSE Class 12 Biology 2024-25 Sample Papers Released By Board

Here are some of the benefits to refer to CBSE Class 12 Biology sample papers for term 2 released by the board.

  • Referring to Sample Papers makes you aware of the latest question paper pattern and frequently asked questions. You will have adequate knowledge about what type of questions can be asked in Class 12 Biology’s upcoming board exams.

  • Solving sample papers repeatedly is an excellent way to self-assess your preparation for a board exam.

  • Solving sample question papers repeatedly makes you more efficient as you will be aware of the text pattern in advance and plan for the board exams accordingly.

  • Getting your hands on sample papers will make you familiar with the marking scheme and also the weightage of important topics.

  • The more you revise questions given in the sample paper, the better your chance to score good grades in board exams.

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FAQs on CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Biology with Solution 2024-25

1. Where can I find the sample papers of CBSE class 12 Biology?

Vedantu is the one place where you can get the class 12 biology sample papers of CBSE. You can go to the website or get the app. The steps to get the sample papers through the website are as follows.

  • Visit

  • Go to the ‘Free Study Material’ column.

  • Choose ‘CBSE’ from the drop-down menu.

  • Select ‘CBSE Sample Paper’

  • After all this, opt for the ‘CBSE Sample Paper for Class 12’ option.

  • A new webpage will open up and then select your desired sample paper.

2. Does Vedantu also have other boards’ sample papers?

Yes, Vedantu has sample papers for pretty much all the boards. Not just CBSE but you can also find the sample papers for ICSE and State Boards such as Andhra Pradesh Board, Telangana board, Bihar Board, Gujarat Board, Maharashtra Board, Karnataka Board, Kerala Board, Rajasthan Board, Madhya Pradesh Board, Tamil Nadu Board, Uttar Pradesh Board, and West Bengal Board. Vedantu takes care of all the students irrespective of the boards they belong to. Now you can suggest it to your other boards’ friends as well.

3. Other than sample papers, what else can I get on Vedantu?

Vedantu has a plethora of resources available for students of all backgrounds. Other than sample papers, you can also find the solutions to the questions that are in your textbook of any subject and of any class. Not just that, Vedantu also has concise revision notes for you to study before your exams to perform even better than what you could have without it. More to that, you can also attend live classes, prepare for competitive exams, and many more.

4. What are some benefits of practising sample papers?

The following are some of the benefits of solving CBSE Class XII sample question papers:

  • Solving sample question papers will help you understand how the actual test will be conducted - the kind of questions that will be asked, the marking scheme, the level of difficulty, and so on.

  • You'll be able to see which chapters and topics need to be changed.

  • Practising these papers will improve your confidence, stamina, attention, and time management as well as prepare you for the actual test.

5. Will solving sample papers be enough for board exams?

Many students think that just by solving sample papers, they will perform great in their board exams but the reality is not this easy. The answer to the question is ‘No’, but that does not mean that sample papers do not even help a little. To ensure good marks in your board exams, you need to solve sample papers but along with studying well from the book that you have been prescribed. After that, you can also go through some other great books on the subject and then solve previous year’s papers.