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CBSE Class 12 NCERT Books for Heritage Crafts PDF - Free Download

While preparing for CBSE exam, students mostly depend on NCERT books as per most teacher’s recommendations. Moreover, in this age of the internet, this autonomous literary body, NCERT, has also come up with digital books in the form of PDF to provide additional facility to students. So, students do not require to have a physical copy of NCERT books class 12 heritage crafts, and they can download it and prepare for their board exams.

Irrespective of the number of books available to learn, teachers prefer NCERT textbook for Heritage Craft as it helps students to obtain the fundamental knowledge of the subject easily. Moreover, the simple language of NCERT books class 12 heritage crafts PDF makes the content engaging and quickly learnable. 

NCERT Books Class 12 Heritage Craft PDF Download








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NCERT Heritage Crafts - Craft Tradition of India Book Class 12 Part 1 PDF Download

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NCERT Book for Class 12 Heritage Crafts

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why are NCERT Books Class 12 Heritage Crafts Recommended Most?

Ans. While preparing for CBSE or other competitive exams, it is important to know about the full syllabus. NCERT books not only cover the curriculum of CBSE but are also equally helpful to crack other competitive exams. However, you may need some other reference books with quality content to explore your knowledge and perspective. But more or less 80% questions of CBSE board exams come from these NCERT books. Thus, most teachers prefer these books for basic learning.

2. How Many Essential Chapters are There for Class 12 Heritage Craft Exam?

Ans. The importance of chapters can be estimated by analysing the weightage of each chapter. Students can check at least the last five years’ question papers to understand the pattern and from which all chapters most questions usually come. However, to obtain an excellent score, students should put equal efforts to all sections like Crafts in the Past, Mahatma Gandhi and Self-sufficiency, Production and Market, Crafts in the Age of Tourism, etc.

3. What Should be the Study Plan to Get a Better Score?

Ans. Firstly, students need to know the complete curriculum and learn all of it with full attention so they can understand the concepts at once. Once the entire syllabus is completed, students can start revising chapter wise and also solving problems to assess their knowledge. Then, students can analyse previous years question papers and figure out which chapters are the most important. Now, they should put extra effort into those chapters and start practising the mock test.

4. What does the Second Chapter Colonial Rule and Craft of the NCERT Book Suggest?

And. The second chapter of NCERT books class 12 heritage crafts explains that Indian craftsmanship was appreciated worldwide. A significant part of it has always been exported since the time of Harappa civilisation. However, once the British invaded India, they started exploiting the country’s wealth, resources, and economy to improve their nation. They gradually imported inexpensive factory-made products that took over the entire Indian market and Indian handloom and handicraft started declining.

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