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NCERT Class 1 Maths Book PDF

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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CBSE Class 1 NCERT Maths Books Free Download

Maths is one of the most important subjects that helps develop logical and analytical skills in the students. The math questions are aimed at helping to develop problem-solving skills for students that can help them in various domains in the future. The NCERT class 1 maths book features the basics and fundamentals of maths that are essential for laying the foundations of more complex topics in the future.

Vedantu provides the NCERT Class 1 math book in the form of PDF which can be downloaded for free from the website or the app. When the students refer to this book they can learn the basic concepts of maths and the practice exercises included in the book helps the students to revise and develop a better understanding of the concepts that they have learned. The practice exercises are exam-centric that are specially created to prepare students for the exams and help them understand the concepts in a better way.

NCERT Books For Class 1 Maths; Free PDF Download

The NCERT Book for Class 1 Maths provides clear explanations, solved examples, and practice exercises to enhance conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills. You can download the NCERT Book for Class 1 Maths in both English and Hindi Languages. Get the link to download Maths Class 1, NCERT Books from the table below.

NCERT Books at Vedantu

You can find chapter wise PDF files for all the topics that are included in the syllabus for class 1 maths. Some of the major chapters that are included in class 1 for Math includes Shapes and Space, Number from one to nine, Addition, Subtraction, Numbers from Ten to Twenty, Time, Measurement, Numbers from Twenty-one to Fifty, Data Handling, Patterns, Numbers, Money, and How Many. The solutions to these chapters provide a comprehensive guide to the different concepts and lay the foundation for the students to learn more complex chapters in the future.

The NCERT Class 1 maths book is forwarded by Vedantu for the learning comprehension of the students. The NCERT books help them develop an interest in mathematical concepts. The structure, accuracy, data presentation, and easy access to these books are some of the reasons why most of the students refer to choosing Vedantu and rely on us for their exam preparation.

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FAQs on NCERT Class 1 Maths Book PDF

1. Why Learning Maths is Essential for Class 1 Student?

Solving math questions ensure the improvement of analytical and reasoning capabilities of a student. They will be able to learn and perform simple calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. needed in day to day life. Learning these concepts will help students solve problems quickly and efficiently.

2. How to Learn Solve Mathematical Questions? 

Students can learn the basic concept behind a chapter and practise them to solve the questions accurately. In this endeavour, NCERT Books for Class 1 Maths can be beneficial for students as they provide the right concept and steps needed to learn it.

3. How Can I Learn a Chapter if I Miss a Class in School? 

It might happen with any students that they end up missing a critical class, and this can cause trouble before the exam. In such cases, they can look for live classes from Vedantu and quickly learn the concepts and practise questions.

4. What are Some Important Chapters in Mathematics for Class 1?

Few critical chapters from exam point of view for students of Class 1 can be – Addition, subtraction, numbers, time, data handling, measurement, etc. Students need to pay attention in class and refer to their NCERT books for understanding the concepts effectively.

5. How can I download the NCERT Class 1 maths book PDF from Vedantu?

Vedantu provides free PDF files for different chapters and their solutions to the students. The process of downloading these files is very easy and convenient. All you need to do is visit the specific study material page and then from there click on the “Download PDF” button. Once you have completed that step you might be asked to provide relevant details following which the file will be downloaded from Vedantu's website and Vedantu mobile app

6. How beneficial is it to study the NCERT class 1 maths book PDF by Vedantu?

The NCERT class 1 maths book PDF from Vedantu is extremely useful for the kids to learn the basic concepts of maths. The chapter-wise solution provided by Vedantu ensures that the students get to revise their topics and gain a strong understanding of the different concepts included in the syllabus. The study material also provides relevant diagrams and illustrations to help the students understand the topic easily.

7. What can the students expect to learn by referring to the NCERT class 1 book?

The students are expected to learn the basic concepts of maths such as shapes and comparison of shapes, number counting and comparison of numbers, the addition and subtraction of basic numbers, time, measurement, and other related foundation theories. Learning these concepts develops a problem-solving attitude and helps the students to prepare for more complex problems in the future.

8. What is the significance of studying from NCERT books?

NCERT publishes textbooks for students from classes 1 to 12. The state boards and CBSE prescribe learning from NCERT books because they not only adhere to the syllabus but also provide excellent value to students’ learning. These books adhere to high standards of quality plus the presentation of chapters is done in a lucid as well as clear manner. These books are compiled by prominent authors and they include exam-centric exercises for excellent preparation for the exams.

9. What is the advantage of learning from Vedantu?

Vedantu is a prominent and industry-leading online learning platform with a wide array of academic resources that add great value to the learning of students. Most of these resources are available to download for free. The study material published by Vedantu is compiled by some of the most qualified and brilliant teachers with excellent command over the specific subject. You can check out the different resources by visiting the Vedantu website or app.