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NCERT Class 11 Economics Book PDF introduces students to various concepts of economy and helps them gain better insight into topics related to production and consumption. Students who intend to pursue either macroeconomics or microeconomics for higher studies will benefit significantly from NCERT book class 11 economics PDF.

The easy to access PDF version of the economics books for Class 11 and NCERT syllabus, in general, will facilitate a less cumbersome learning experience. It will enable them to make the most of the unique layout and initiate a smooth learning session at any time and in any place.

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NCERT Economics Books Class 11 PDF Download

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. From where can I avail the free PDF download of Class 11 Economics textbook?

Ans: There are many online platforms that provide the free PDF download of Class 11 Economics NCERT textbook. Among such platforms, Vedantu is the one trusted by millions of students. Vedantu is a renowned online learning platform where you can get the free PDF files of NCERT textbook for online learning along with many other study materials. These e-books are a much convenient and cost-friendly alternative to the physical book available in the market. Over the years, online learning has become a preferred mode of learning. With this, PDFs of textbooks are becoming a much better choice as it can be accessed anytime, anywhere. You can find NCERT textbooks on Vedantu’s platform for Economics as well as other subjects.

Q2. What are the perks of downloading online textbooks for Class 11 Economics and other subjects?

Ans: In today’s digital times, online textbooks are the right choice for learning. These are economical, environmental-friendly and easily accessible. Class 11 Economics PDF book can be availed on e-learning platforms like Vedantu. Students can download the NCERT textbook on their PCs or mobile phones. This can be used anytime at their own convenience. Vedantu provides free PDF of the textbooks as well as other study materials to ensure that there is no barrier to learning for any student. Students can download the free PDF of the textbook for Class 11 Economics as well as other textbooks and save the cost of buying.

Q3. Apart from the online textbook, what are the other study materials provided by Vedantu for Class 11 Economics?

Ans: There are many study materials offered by Vedantu for Class 11 Economics. The most sought after is NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Economics. Vedantu is a promising solution when it comes to downloading online resources. Vedantu provides chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Economics in the free to download PDF format. Students can find the solutions to NCERT exercise questions in these PDFs designed by the expert tutors. Other than textbook PDF and NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Economics, Vedantu offers solved sample papers, question papers, revision notes, syllabus, etc. These materials are designed to meet the requirement of resources for exam preparations. As these are prepared as per the latest NCERT guidelines and syllabus, it is found to be effective in exam preparation.

Q4. How many chapters are there in the Class 11 Economics textbook?

Ans: NCERT textbook of Class 11 Economics consists of 10 chapters. Following are the chapters of Class 11 Economics NCERT textbooks: 

  • Chapter 1 - Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence

  • Chapter 2 - Indian economy (1950-1990)

  • Chapter 3 - Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation: An Appraisal

  • Chapter 4 - Poverty

  • Chapter 5 - Human Capital formation in India

  • Chapter 6 - Rural development

  • Chapter 7 - Employment: Growth, Informalisation and Other Issues

  • Chapter 8 - Infrastructure

  • Chapter 9 - Environment and Sustainable Development

  • Chapter 10 - Comparative Development Experience of India and its Neighbours.

 Students can find e-book of Class 11 Economics which include all the chapters of the textbook.

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