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CBSE Class 2 NCERT Hindi Books Free Download

The National Council of Educational Research and Training is responsible for the publication and distribution of high-quality school textbooks each year, in India. Young children, especially ones in primary school, need books that are not only interactive but fun and intuitive to read. Keeping this in mind, NCERT oversees the publication of several books for primary school, including the NCERT class 2 Hindi book PDF.

Rimjhim book class 2 features a diverse collection of poems, rhymes and stories that allow children to escape on their own flights of imagination. Filled with eye-catching illustrations, each of the chapters in NCERT Hindi book class 2 features quirky reads and fables that make learning Hindi so much more fun and exciting.

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NCERT Books Class 2 Hindi PDF Download

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.Why should you study from the NCERT Class 2 Hindi book PDF?

Ans. NCERT Hindi book for class 2 strictly adheres to the routine Hindi syllabus prescribed by CBSE. The stories and poems featured in the book will instil voracious reading habits in children, and inspire them to read more and be more curious about the world around them. The Hindi textbook for class 2 is chock-full of interactive questions, which inspire students to question the world around them and understand the natural world better.

2.What are some important chapters for Hindi class 2 exams?

Ans.  Some important chapters that are part of Hindi syllabus for class 11 are:

  1. Oonth Chala

  2. Bhalu Ne Kheli Football

  3. Adhik Balwan Kaun?

  4. Bahut Hua

  5. Bulbul

  6. Meethi Sarangi

  7. Natkhat Chuha

3.How many chapters are covered in NCERT Class 2 Hindi book?

Ans. The NCERT Hindi textbook for class 2 comprises 15 chapters in total. Some of the chapters are short poems or rhymes, while the others are stories and fables. Each chapter features a set of questions and exercises at the end.

4. Where are the NCERT Class 2 Hindi book PDF available?

Ans. All chapters of the NCERT Hindi book for class 2 are available on NCERT’s website, or in the website of Vedantu, in PDF format, to enable easy and hassle-free downloads. Besides this, Vedantu has educational resources for educators, such as Rimjhim class 2 Hindi solutions and mock tests to assess students better.

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