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CBSE Class 4 NCERT English Books Free Download

NCERT is an autonomous body of the Indian government that organises textbooks for all classes of the CBSE board. This institution was created to oversee and improve the educational system of India; it achieves that by various means, including publishing high-quality textbooks. NCERT books for class 4 English is no exception. Moreover, these English books assist students in achieving a better grasp on this language from a young age.

This Marigold book class 4 standard is curated with various proses and poems that are apt for students of class 4. These literary pieces not only develop an idea about the language but also help to evolve their mental and cultural behaviours. 

The Marigold English book class 4 also comes with a solution book that students can download from the internet anytime!

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NCERT English Book Class 4


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can you Download NCERT Books for Class 4 English?

Ans. There are several ways to download NCERT Marigold English book for class 4 PDF from the internet. You can find it on the NCERT website. However, if you want to download the solution book as well, you can look for reputed e-learning platforms, like Vedantu, for that.

2. How Many Chapters are There in the Marigold English Book for Class 4?

Ans. The NCERT English book for class 4 has 19 chapters in total. There are several famous and exciting poems and prose for children. Moreover, these literary works are easy to understand for students who are in their fourth standard.

3. How Should you Learn this English Book to Score Better Marks?

Ans. Firstly, students need to study the poem or the prose and understand what the author wants to convey. Then they can find some new words mentioned at the bottom of the content that needs to be learned for better understanding. Afterwards, students need to solve the exercise given at the end of the chapter to improve their exam preparation.

4. What is the Summary of the Last Chapter of the English Book?

Ans. The last chapter is about the prose named Pinocchio. The story is about an old carpenter and the wooden puppet that he gave the name Pinocchio. The storyline evolves as the carpenter gradually completed the puppet and how the puppet finally behaved like a real boy.

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