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NCERT was established in 1961 to oversee and improve the Indian educational system. This academic organisation publishes textbooks majorly aligned with the preset curriculum of the CBSE board. Also, most teachers and educational experts recommend these books for other national or state-level exams due to their elaborated and lucid writing style and compilation. 

Thus, NCERT book for Class 11 Psychology is an excellent study material for students who opt for the subject. When preparing for CBSE exams, this book can provide optimal guidance with self-assessing exercises. So, students can find NCERT book of Psychology Class 11 beneficial for their upcoming exams. Also, if they face any issues while preparing with this book, they can always refer to other online books and solutions promptly.

So, students can download the Psychology book Std 11 in the PDF format for comprehensive exam preparation anytime!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the chapters in NCERT books for Class 11 Psychology?

The NCERT books for Class 11 Psychology are published by NCERT in strict adherence to the CBSE syllabus. This book includes nine chapters, that are - What Is Psychology, Methods of Enquiry in Psychology, Learning, Human Memory, Human Development, The Bases of Human Behaviour, Sensory, Attentional and Perceptual Process, Thinking, and Motivation and Emotion. This NCERT book covers all the chapters with point-wise explanation for enhanced learning of students.

2. How to prepare for psychology for your CBSE exam?

While preparing for psychology, students must gain a complete idea about the comprehensive curriculum. They should start preparing for the syllabus chapter-wise, and after finishing one topic, students can solve all possible problems for better preparation. Moreover, repetitive revisions and mock tests can also be helpful to achieve accuracy.

3. How many NCERT books for Class 11 Psychology are there?

There is the only one NCERT book for psychology as per the CBSE board. This book covers the complete curriculum of the subject for Class 11 as per the CBSE curriculum, containing nine chapters at large. After completing this book, students can look for other references from the internet as well, like online books for question solutions. However, at first, they should complete this textbook chapter-wise for a better understanding of the syllabus.

4. Who is the father of psychology?

Sigmund Freud is regarded as the father of psychology. He is majorly known for establishing talk therapy. In present times, the psychodynamic and psychoanalytic approaches are mostly based on Freudian psychological principles.

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