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Biology is the most important subject for students who are aspiring to build a career in medical fields. However, NEET is the only entrance exam to get admission in medical colleges across India. The syllabus of this examination includes both NCERT books for class 11 biology and 12th biology curriculum.

So, students should consider learning NCERT biology class 11 PDF as it covers both curriculum for the board as well as NEET. Moreover, subject experts and teachers prefer these NCERT books as they provide detailed and elaborated information about the concerned subject.

So, biology class 11 NCERT PDF book is helpful as students can save their time and effort by learning one book for multiple exam preparation.

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NCERT Biology Book Class 11 PDF Download 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why is it Important to Learn NCERT Books for Class 11 Biology?

Ans. As per the CBSE board, NCERT books cover the complete syllabus in the best way to provide information for the board exam. Also, most of the NEET curriculum is also covered by these NCERT books. So, students can save their time from preparing for these two important exams separately where learning NCERT books can give them the advantage to do it together. 

2. What are the Important Chapters in Class 11th Biology?

Ans. Class 11 NCERT biology book includes five units and 22 chapters. All these chapters are versatile in providing information about a different topic. So, they are equally important for the exam. However, students can analyse previous years question papers to find out the weightage of each chapter and sort them out as per their result.

3. How to Prepare  Biology for a Better Result?

Ans. Students should have an idea about their entire syllabus of biology. NCERT biology textbook for class XI can be beneficial to start learning about the subject as its simple and informed content helps to develop basic knowledge about the subject. A regular and disciplined routine needs to be followed, and students should assign time topic wise for the best outcome. Repetitive revisions and mock tests are also useful for better exam preparation.

4. Who is Known as the Father of Biology?

Ans. The Greek philosopher Aristotle is regarded as the father of biology. He is the first one who revealed thoughts about different types of species of animals of plants. He categorised plant and animal kingdom on the basis of scientific characteristics and features. 

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