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CBSE Class 5 NCERT EVS Books Free Download

Imparting education to your children on concepts of environment, Earth and its components is essential. With interactive examples, stories and activities of NCERT textbooks, students can get a better grasp on the subject.

NCERT designs textbooks and educational kits according to the latest CBSE guidelines. It includes NCERT books for class 5 EVS and other books on relevant subjects.

NCERT textbooks support your child’s knowing-gathering process through explanation of concepts interactively. With EVS NCERT book class 5, parents and teachers can encourage children to learn from real experiences.

You can also learn concepts from the comfort of your places with NCERT PDFs online. Just click on the downloadable links to save your NCERT 5th class EVS book.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why is Learning EVS Necessary for 5th Standard Students?

Ans. The subject focuses on environmental factors, concerns related to it along with the natural and human-made surroundings. Reading the NCERT books for class 5 EVS explains these notions in detail.

Every student should learn about human-environment relationships, so learning this subject becomes mandatory. Moreover, students can also get insights into the functioning of the surroundings and affects due to human interactions.

2. What are the Chapters of NCERT EVS Books for Class 5?

Ans. Environmental studies describe the human-environment relationship. In NCERT class 5 EVS book, there are a total of 22 chapters on environmental studies. These lessons show how humans connect with their environment.

The chapters describe forests, water and other environmental components. Also, it talks about the threats arising in nature due to human interventions.

3. How can You Score Good Grades in Environmental Studies?

Ans. Students can improve their overall academic scores in Environmental Studies by learning the concepts thoroughly. Preparing notes through extensive research can also help them to improve their performance in the subject.

However, you can also ask your kids to refer to EVS NCERT book class 5 for enhancing their learning process. These textbooks are available in PDF format, which helps your kid to learn from the comfort of their homes.

4. Which Book does CBSE Recommend for Exam Preparations?

Ans. NCERT is responsible for publishing educational materials as per the latest CBSE syllabus. It is the reason why CBSE also recommends the use of these books for imparting education to children of all age groups. With NCERT books for class 5 EVS PDF, you can better your knowledge, and ace your studies.

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