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CBSE Class 12 NCERT Books for Hindi Antral PDF - Free Download

The National Council of Educational Research and Training, abbreviated as NCERT, is the primary governmental body working to tackle and oversee education in the country. The NCERT publishes textbooks for every subject, which adheres to the syllabus set up by the educational boards. The 12th class Hindi book Antral is such a textbook for students who have Hindi as a first or second language in their board exams. 

These NCERT book class 12 Hindi Antral PDF books should be your first choice if you prefer a digital copy to a physical one. This class 12 Hindi Antral book is followed by schools and students in India and is the perfect stepping-stone to master their Hindi board exams. 

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NCERT Book Class 12 Hindi Antral PDF Download

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NCERT Book Class 12 Hindi Aroh PDF Download

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NCERT Book Class 12 Hindi Vitan PDF Download

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why Should Students Study from NCERT Book Class 12 Hindi Antral PDF?

Ans. Antral encourages students to think more naturally due to the scope of the book. All of the four chapters are one way or the other dedicated to how nature plays an integral part in our lives. The book also offers extremely intuitive illustrations, which help students to understand the text better.

2. Which of the Questions and Answers from the Texts are Available on Vedantu?

Ans. All important questions and answers, which might come in your board exams are provided in the PDF by Vedantu. These questions are curated by experts, who have years of experience working in academics, and they offer detailed answers to questions, which they deem important. These solutions are available in all accessible formats, downloadable on a variety of devices.

3. What are the Important Chapters in NCERT Book Class 12 Hindi Antral PDF?

Ans.  There are four chapters in this book, namely – 

  1. Surdas Ki Jhopri

  2. Aarohan

  3. Viskohar Ki Maati

  4. Aapna Malwa – Khau Ujaru Sabhyata Me

All of these above chapters are important for the board exams, and students should pay close attention to each of them.

4. How is the Text ‘Aapna Malwa’ Important for Board Exams? 

Ans. In ‘Aapna Malwa’ by Prabhash Joshi, the author narrates a travelogue for us, in the form of events, which he notices while travelling from Ujjain to Indore along with his family. He goes on to describe his village, Malwa and the changes in his surroundings when he travels, such as how the sky is interspersed with clouds and occasional sunlight. Students can expect at least one question from this chapter in their board examinations.  

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