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Vistas Class 12 Chapters English NCERT Solutions

Last updated date: 29th Feb 2024
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English NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Vistas - Free PDF Download

Class 12 Vista Chapters English has an elaborate syllabus that covers interesting stories written by top authors of all times. These stories carry beautiful contexts that students need to study and understand to score more on the exams. To make the preparation easier, the experts of Vedantu have designed the ideal 12th English Vistas Solutions to follow. Find the precise answers and develop your answering skills.

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Class 12 Vistas have a total of 8 chapters, and the NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas discuss those in a comprehensive manner. However, before students proceed with solutions, it is imperative for them to know the significance of the subject that they would be preparing. 

English, as a subject, not only holds significance in terms of examination but also across all stages of life. In that light, it is only natural that the basics of the subject should remain strong.

Detailed Overview of Class 12 Vistas Chapters English NCERT Solutions


NCERT Solutions for Class 12


Class 12 English

Subject Parts:

Part 3 Vistas

Chapter Number:



Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

Academic Year:



English and Hindi

Available Materials:

  • Chapter Wise

  • Exercise Wise

Other Materials

  • Important Questions

  • Revision Notes

NCERT Solutions of Class 12 English Vistas - Chapter-wise List

Given below are the chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Vista Chapters English. These solutions are provided by the English experts at Vedantu in a detailed manner. Go through these chapter-wise solutions to be thoroughly familiar with the concepts.

Vistas Class 12 Chapters PDF NCERT Solutions – Free Download

All the chapters are elaborately explained in NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Vista Chapters English, and students can find all their queries answered. By reading it diligently, students are bound to develop a good grasp of Vistas class 12 chapters and relevant concepts. The solution is prepared entirely by experienced teachers and in accordance with the latest CBSE syllabus

Apart from scoring high marks by availing solutions, students’ basic concepts of the subject may also be improved. Students can access NCERT Solutions of English Class 12 Vistas through the links provided below and also download it for free.

Class 12 NCERT English Vistas 2023-24 Marks Allotment


Marks Allotment 

The Third Level

7 marks 

The Enemy

Should Wizard Hit Mommy?

On The Face Of It

Evans Tries an O Level

NCERT Solutions of Class 12 English Vistas

As mentioned previously, NCERT solutions for Class 12 Vista Chapters English include discussion on all the chapters. Indicative elaborations on chapters are as follows.


Chapter 1: The Third Level

The ‘Third Level’ talks about the Grand Central Station subway, where a large number of passengers pass through every day. The narrative is based on the protagonist's account of all that he witnesses and imagines.


Chapter 2: The Tiger King

The story revolves around the efforts of Jilani Jung Bahadur who was the ruler of Pratibandapuram. He is referred to as the ‘Tiger King’.


Chapter 3: Journey to the End of The Earth

Chapter 3 includes a factual narrative of the world’s geological history. It is the experience of High School students, which is recounted in prose.


Chapter 4: The Enemy

The story is a nuanced take on the intricacies of human relationships and how human values sometimes get in contrast with the law of land.


Chapter 5: Should Wizard Hit Mommy

Should Wizard Hit Mommy is a fun and gently paced story which is narrated to a child. The narrator had to improvise the story on the go owing to the child's inquisitive nature.


Chapter 6: On the Face of It

The prose in Chapter 6 deals with the human bond and evolution that our interpersonal relationships undergo.


Chapter 7: Evans Tries an O-Level

Students may find this piece to be largely thrilling where Evans, a young prisoner, is plotting all sorts of plans to break out of prison.


Chapter 8: Memories of Childhood

Chapter 8 is an autobiographical account of two women belonging to a marginalized section of society.


Why is English Vistas Class 12 NCERT Solutions a Must-Read for Students?

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas are comprehensive compendiums that include not only the probable questions but also clarification on the points on which students get easily confused. Following are a few of the reasons which make NCERT Solutions for Class 12th English Vistas helpful for students.

1. The explanation provided to each question follows a logical sequence, which ensures that students are able to comprehend how to answer similar questions.

2. Practising the vistas class 12 PDF solutions regularly allows students to gain a competitive edge as answering during exams becomes much easier.

3. The notes and summary included in the solutions are helpful to clear any doubt or confusion that students may have.

4. The solutions are framed according to the NCERT syllabus.

5. The lucid language used in the solution helps students to grasp the concepts in a better way. It also helps them to identify their weaker areas.

6. There is a wide range of questions that include solutions for practice. Regular practice would invariably boost the preparation of students.

So, if you are still unsure about your level of preparation or you want to enhance it further, NCERT solutions for Class 12 Vista Chapters English is a must for you!


How to Study for Class 12 English?

Here are a few tips that will help you study better for your Class 12 English.

1. Improve Your Reading Habit

If you want to get good marks in English, it is important that you develop a reading habit. If you want to read the unseen message and comprehend it in a short duration, you will have to practice a lot. You should read storybooks and newspapers for at least half an hour, three times a week. It will increase your reading speed and also help you work on your skills of gathering and collating information quickly. When you are giving the exam, make sure that you read the question before reading the unseen passage. This way, you will know to look for answers while reading the passage.

2. Work On Your Writing Skills

For the writing section of the exam, you will have to work on essays, formal letters, informal letters, reports, notices, and advertisements. It is important that you revise the formats before the exam. You must practice a lot so that you can finish this section within the time limit. You should practice essay and letter writing every alternate day at least 15 days before the exam. Also, don’t forget to make sure that you don’t cross the word limit during your practice sessions.

3. Improve Your Critical Thinking Capacity

This is a cognitive skill that you will need for the literature section of your exam. If you work on it the right way, it will become a lifelong asset. When you are reading a poem or prose, try developing a parallel text. You have to push through the text. Find out new perspectives and angles by discussing them with your friends and teachers.

4. Learn Important Names and Quotes

You have to quote lines from your prose, plays, and poems in your answer sheet as it will get you better marks. You have to learn them by heart by writing them down in a notebook and keeping them handy. Whenever you have some time, you can go through these notes quickly. It is important that you know the name of every chapters’ author. If you write the wrong name, it can be a blunder. 

5. Revise Regularly

When you are studying using the NCERT solutions for Class 12 English, you should make notes on the characters on central themes for the chapter. It is important that you analyze your notes critically while revising. If you have any doubts, you can use the multitude of online and offline resources offered by Vedantu to clear them.

6. Solve Question Papers From Previous Years. 

This works for every subject. You have to solve question papers from previous years within the three hours time limit. Solve as many question papers as you can find. It will not only help you identify your weaknesses, but also manage your time better. You have to focus on your weaknesses and work on them regularly.


Tips That Will Help You During Your Exam

1. Use the 15-minute reading session to select the questions that you want to answer. You also have to decide the questions that you will be attempting first. You should start with the easy ones as they will boost your confidence.

2. Depending on the weightage of the question, allot appropriate time to them.

3. Make sure that you number your answers correctly. When you are attempting questions from each section, you should maintain the right order. If you are stuck on a question and want to work on it later, you should leave some space for it instead of messing up the order.

4. Don’t overwrite and keep your handwriting neat.

5. There should be enough space between the two answers.

6. Write headlines, subheadings, and the main points using a black pen.

Importance of CBSE Class 12 NCERT English Vistas Book Answers

There are eight fundamental chapters included in the Class 12 Vistas syllabus. These chapters have been included by the CBSE board with the motive of developing excellent English language and comprehension skills.

Every chapter carries a context that students need to understand vividly. Apart from the English Vistas Solutions for Class 12th, students will need the solutions to the respective exercises. This is where the solutions compiled by the subject experts of Vedantu will come in very handy.

These solutions contain the answers to the exercise questions framed in easier language. It will aid students to find the context of a chapter explained well. They can easily understand what an author wanted to express in his story.

Hence, the solutions will act as a perfect guide for the students to formulate answers to such fundamental questions. They will also learn how to formulate precise answers to score more in the exams.

Studying these solutions along with the notes will help students prepare the syllabus of an exam before time. Complete your revision by following these solutions.

Benefits of Chapter Wise List of NCERT Solutions of Class 12 English Vistas

  • The motive of adding these chapters to the Class 12 English syllabus will be fulfilled when you follow the solutions framed by the experts. The answers along with the context of a chapter will become easily comprehensible for you.

  • The solutions will also help you to formulate the right answering format to follow. Practising answering the questions following the solutions will help you score more in the exams.

  • Resolve your doubts based on the exercise questions and complete your preparation by using the solutions faster. Utilise your study time for Class 12 English more efficiently.

  • The solutions have been compiled in an easier format so that you can find the answers to the exercise questions easily. You can also download individual files from the list easily.

Download NCERT Solutions for Vistas Class 12 Chapters PDF

Perform the NCERT Solutions of Class 12 English Vistas PDF Download for each chapter in your syllabus and make your study sessions more effective. You can save time by downloading the solutions and studying the answers directly from these solutions. Follow the answering formats and learn how to give precise answers during an exam to stay ahead of the competition.

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FAQs on Vistas Class 12 Chapters English NCERT Solutions

1. Why are NCERT Solutions of Class 12 English Vistas Important?

Solutions of English Class 12 Vistas have been prepared by scholars with considerable experience in the field. The solutions have been purposely kept simple, written in a lucid language. However, such an approach has in no way compromised the quality or analytical rigour of the answers.

The material is prepared strictly in accordance with NCERT guidelines. Moreover, Vistas Class 12 solutions also contain all the important questions that may come in the examination.

2. How to Prepare Vistas Class 12 Chapters?

Before proceeding to solve the questions-answers, or even attempting to find out what could be the possible questions, the chapters should be gone through thoroughly. Solution of English Class 12 Vistas would impart an elaborate understanding of each prose. So, it is important that students revise the chapters again and again.

3. How can I find NCERT Solutions of Class 12 English Vistas book?

You can find all the solutions to NCERT Class 12 English Vistas by Vedantu on the website ( To download the Vistas Class 12 Chapters PDF:

  • Visit the official website of Vedantu

  • Go to option ‘Study Material’ and choose the subject and the chapter you need

  • Once you are in that particular chapter, you will also see list of exercises 

  • Find the exercise for which you want a solution and click on the ‘Download PDF’ link.

  • Then enter your phone no or email ID to sign in.

  • And, the solutions will be downloaded into your system. You’ll also receive a message/ mail with a direct download button of your preferred solution.

The solutions are available for free of cost. They are prepared by experts and are very well-researched and well-structured. They can be downloaded in PDF form and saved offline as well. Not only this but you can also download the Vedantu app on your mobile phone and study from it. 

4. How are the NCERT solutions for Class 12 English useful for college preparations?

The NCERT Class 12 English Solutions for Vistas has all the answers to the questions given in the textbook. By going through these solutions, one can benefit in the following ways:

  • Easy-to-understand explanations that are arranged in a logical and sequential manner.

  • Solutions follow NCERT guidelines very closely.

  • Solutions are prepared by experts in the field of English.

  • Wide range of questions for added practice.

  • Students can download the solutions and refer to them offline, making it more convenient.

5. What is the name of a 12th Class English book?

The NCERT prescribed Class 12 English textbook is called Vistas. It is a compilation of many literary works which are quite popular and enchanting. It would stimulate and captivate the young minds to think and imagine and may also encourage them to write stories of their own. It is of the perfect level for students to learn and develop a habit of reading and further improve their vocabulary and imagination. Students can easily score marks in this subject provided they learn systematically.

6. How many books of English are there in the 12th Class?

There are two prescribed textbooks by the NCERT Class 12 English. Flamingo and Vistas are the two books that form a part of the syllabus. Both the books are designed very beautifully for all students of any level. It provokes thought and inspiration in the student’s mind and stimulates the imagination. Vedantu’s solutions for NCERT Class 12 English contains the solutions for both these books and the students can get a better insight into all the hidden meanings and references by reading through them.

7. How many chapters are there in NCERT Class 12 English Vistas?

NCERT Class 12 English Vistas is the prescribed textbook for Class 12 English. This book is a compilation of literature that is well suited for a Class 12 student. These chapters are aimed at stimulating the student’s imagination and creativity and at the same time, improves the vocabulary of the student. There are 8 chapters in the book Vistas, with stories and poems written by authors all around the world. Vedantu’s solutions for Class 12 English provides answers for all these chapters. They are present at Vedantu’s website. 

8. What are the key themes explored in Vistas Class 12 Chapter 1?

Some of the key themes explored in Vistas Class 12 Chapter 1 include ambition, power, colonialism, irony, and the consequences of one's actions. The story sheds light on the absurdity of the king's quest and the tragic outcomes that result from his obsession with hunting tigers.

9. How many chapters in vistas class 12?

There are a total of 8 chapters in Vistas, the English textbook for Class 12 students. Each chapter features a different short story or prose piece, offering students a diverse range of literary works to study and analyze.

10. What are the chapters of Vistas?

The chapters of Vistas, the English textbook for Class 12 students, are as follows:

  • The Tiger King

  • The Enemy

  • Should Wizard Hit Mommy?

  • On the Face of It

  • Evans Tries an O-Level

  • Memories of Childhood

  • The Cutting of My Long Hair

  • We, The Courtiers

11. What is the name of Class 12 Vistas Chapter 3?

The name of Class 12 Vistas Chapter 3 is "Should Wizard Hit Mommy?"

12. Who wrote Vistas Class 12 Chapter 1?

Vistas Class 12 Chapter 1, titled "The Tiger King," was written by Kalki.