NCERT Books for Class 12 English Flamingo

Class 12 NCERT Books for English Flamingo Free PDF Download

National Council of Education Research and Training, commonly known as NCERT, is the authority responsible for creating curriculum for CBSE students. Additionally, they are also the central authority for publishing books for CBSE students. NCERT also publishes the class 12 English Flamingo book studied by students appearing under this board.

This flamingo textbook comprises both prose and poetry, and it has a total of 14 chapters for students to learn. Every section of this book is comprehensive and contains ample exercises for students to practice. 

Moreover, this NCERT English book for class 12 flamingo is now available in PDF format for you to download.

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NCERT English Book Class 12 Flamingo PDF Download

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We have curated solutions for the books that you follow which you can access from the below links.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why are NCERT books so popular among students?

Students follow NCERT books due to multiple reasons. These books are comprehensive and reliable in terms of information. There are various exercises attached to each chapter for better preparations. Additionally, the language used in these books are lucid and aids students to comprehend every topic easily.

2. What is Flamingo book?

Flamingo class 12 English book is followed by CBSE and prepared by NCERT for students of class 12. This book comprises two sections, prose and poetry. In the prose section, there are a total of 8 chapters, including works of various Indian and international authors. On the other hand, the poetry section has six chapters, including works from poets like Kamal Das, John Keats, Pablo Neruda, etc.

3. How many solutions to the class 12 English Flamingo book available on Vedantu?

All the solutions to the class 12 English flamingo book is available on Vedantu. A team of subject experts have prepared these materials for reference. These study material offers a detailed explanation of every topic and solutions to the exercises.

4. Which are the units covered in class 12 English Flamingo PDF?

The class 12 English Flamingo PDF covers eight chapters in prose. These are The Last Lesson, Lost Spring, Deep Water, The Rattrap, Indigo, Poets and Pancakes, The Interview and Going Places. On the other hand, the poetry section covers six chapters. These are, My Mother at Sixty-six, An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum, Keeping Quiet, A Thing of Beauty, A Roadside Stand, and Aunt Jennifer’s Tiger.

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