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Class 12 NCERT Books for English Flamingo Free PDF Download

National Council of Education Research and Training, commonly known as NCERT, is the authority responsible for creating curriculum for CBSE students. Additionally, they are also the central authority for publishing books for CBSE students. NCERT also publishes the class 12 English Flamingo book studied by students appearing under this board.

This flamingo textbook comprises both prose and poetry, and it has a total of 14 chapters for students to learn. Every section of this book is comprehensive and contains ample exercises for students to practice. 

Moreover, this NCERT English book for class 12 flamingo is now available in PDF format for you to download.

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NCERT English Book Class 12 Flamingo PDF Download

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How many chapters are there in the NCERT Book for Class 12 English Flamingo?

Answer: There are a total of 14 chapters in ‘Flamingo’, the NCERT Book for Class 12 English. This book comprises 8 prose and poems. All the 14 chapters are listed below for your reference.

  • The Last Lesson (Prose)

  • Lost Spring (Prose)

  • Deep Water (Prose)

  • The Rattrap (Prose)

  • Indigo (Prose)

  • Poets and Pancakes (Prose)

  • The Interview (Prose)

  • Going Places (Prose)

  • My Mother at Sixty-six (Poem)

  • An Elementary School Classroom In a Slum (Poem)

  • Keeping Quiet (Poem)

  • A Thing of Beauty (Poem)

  • A Roadside Stand (Poem)

  • Aunt Jennifer’s Tiger (Poem)

2. What is the summary of the chapter ‘The Last Lesson’?

Answer: The prose ‘The Last Lesson’ depicts the story of a little boy Franz and his French teacher Mr. Hamel. This story conveys the message that how one is attached to one’s native language and motherland. The story portrays the last French class that Franz attends at his school and how his perception of his strict French teacher Mr. Hamel changes during that class. Due to the Franco-Prussian War, there was a notice on their school’s bulletin board, that they would not be learning French anymore and their language classes would be on German. This notice somehow brought out all the emotions that each one of the characters in the classroom had for their native language French; and how it nudged the sentiments of patriotism in them.

3. What is the main plot of Poets and Pancakes?

Answer: This chapter is a part of a book called ‘My Years with My Boss’. The author recollects his experiences from the days of his work at the Gemini Studio. This is an account of the author of the days when he used to cut-out newspaper clippings at the production house of Gemini Studio. He writes that even though this was not an important job, yet he was an integral part of the Studio. Also, he writes about the then Indian film industry and how Indian society is influenced by silver-screen movies.

4. Are the NCERT Books For Class 12 English Flamingo reliable study resources for exam preparation?

Answer: Yes, the NCERT Books For Class 12 English Flamingo make a very reliable study resource for exam preparation. The in-house team of subject matter experts at Vedantu have prepared these NCERT solutions, in accordance with the updated CBSE  guidelines for Class 12. These solutions will help you learn and revise all the key points of the chapters. You can download these NCERT Solutions for free and go through them. These solutions cover the main plot, analysis of the characters, summary, and important word meanings of every chapter of Flamingo. Therefore, these solved NCERT questions of Class 12 English Flamingo, make a comprehensive study resource for revision purposes before the examination.

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