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CBSE Class 12 NCERT Books for Sociology - Indian Society PDF - Free Download

Sociology is a diverse subject which enables the students to relate their classroom lesson to their outer environment. Reading NCERT class 12 Indian Society, learners gain the capacity to observe and analyse the changing facade of Contemporary Indian Society. NCERT book class 12 sociology Indian Society closely follows the CBSE syllabus and covers all the chapters of that curriculum. Because of this reason, CBSE school students opt for this book over others. 

Similarly, if you are a student of CBSE and also aspire to pursue higher studies in sociology, NCERT book class 12 sociology Indian Society PDF will prove to be beneficial for you.


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NCERT Sociology Book Class 12 Indian Society PDF Download

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NCERT Sociology Book Class 12 Social Change and Development in India PDF Download

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.What is the scope of Sociology?

Ans. The scope of sociology includes the study of generic concepts of behaviours, activities, social relationships, inter-human actions, etc. As the definition suggests, it is the science of social phenomenon and society at large. However, this subject does not contain explanations for all the aspects of sociology. 

2.What are the 5 basic concepts of sociology?

Ans. Concept refers to a specific idea that guides us to organise our perception and thought. However, the five fundamental concepts of sociology are social action, social structure, power, culture and functional integration. These five concepts are the foundation of all the topics of sociology.

3.How can I score well in Class 12 Sociology?

Ans. Sociology is a vast subject and contains several topics and sub-topics. For this reason, students often get confused about how to handle this subject. In this regard, you need to know that the proper understanding of the basics is the most significant part of learning sociology and any other subject in general. Hence, you can follow NCERT class 12 Indian Society book to learn the critical topics of the subject. After that, solve the exercises and revise thoroughly to score well in class 12 Sociology. 

4.Who is the Father of Sociology?

Ans. Ibn Khaldun is regarded as the father of sociology. He was a 14th Century sociologist, the first one to give an insight into modern social philosophy through his book Muquaddimah. This book was later translated into Latin as Prolegomena, which is the first book on general sociology. 

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