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NCERT Solutions For class 5 EVS

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS - Free PDF Download

Students of Class 5 have a very important subject known as Environmental Studies. This subject deals with all the significant concepts related to the environment. Students are the future of the world and it is important for them to learn about the environmental processes and changes that take place in the world. So, the subject of Environmental Studies is considered to be one of the most important parts of their curriculum. To help complete their syllabus. Vedantu experts have come up with NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS to guide them through the chapters. These solutions provide a detailed understanding of all the chapters in the book and help them elevate their knowledge.

NCERT class 5 EVS is a part of the syllabus for which students need to study and write an exam for. It is a stepping stone towards the subject of science in the higher classes. Since the subject is for class 5 students, it is important to introduce the correct method of studying the subject. NCERT solutions for class 5 EVS is one of the most recommended ways to study the subject.

NCERT Class 5 EVS solutions contain solved questions of all the chapters of the NCERT EVS textbook. The chapters in the book make you aware of the various environmental aspects and issues. When you prepare for the examinations, it is important to seek the assistance of the NCERT Solution Class 5th subject EVS. It will help you to understand the chapters well and get an idea of the important questions. In other words, NCERT Solution Class 5th EVS will help you excel in the examinations with flying colours.

Detailed Overview of Class 5 EVS NCERT Solutions


NCERT Solutions for Class 5


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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS | Chapter-wise List

Given below are the chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS. These solutions are provided by the EVS experts at Vedantu in a detailed manner. Go through these chapter-wise solutions to be thoroughly familiar with the concepts.


Overview of Class 5 EVS Chapters

There are a total of 22 chapters in the EVS textbook for Class 5 students that deal with various concepts of food science, farming, the environment, the importance of water, forestry, diseases, and much more. Students will get to understand the fundamentals of environmental science through these chapters. With the help of the Class 5th EVS Guide, students will definitely be able to understand the chapters completely. These chapters are not only important for their syllabus but also provide an overall sense of the environment around us. Students are advised to rely on the solutions for Class 5 EVS to gain better knowledge. The solutions have been explained in a detailed manner to help the students strengthen their knowledge of the concepts. The experts have used diagrams, pictures, and different data points to make sure that students are able to understand the chapters in an interactive manner. Regularly practising these solutions will enable students to build their knowledge and hence will help them grasp the concepts a lot better.


Make sure that you go for Chapter Wise PDF Download Class 5 EVS Solutions to boost your preparation for the final exams. Students will be able to refer to the solutions and improve their own answering skills in the best way. The learned subject matter experts at Vedantu have crafted these solutions according to CBSE standards. So, students will be able to figure out the important topics that have significant weightage in the examinations. These solutions are also helpful in determining the questioning patterns in the final exams. Thus, students can devise a proper preparation strategy beforehand to score better marks on their tests and exams. No matter How Many Chapters in Class 5 EVS syllabus, students will be able to complete it without any difficulty if they rely on the NCERT solutions.


NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS – Free PDF Download

NCERT Solution for Class 5 EVS 

NCERT Solution Class 5 EVS has a wide range of topics classified into 22 chapters. The NCERT Solutions for Class 5th EVS have a vast collection of important questions. The topics which are covered in the EVS NCERT book are stepping stones for understanding more complicated concepts related to the study of environmental science. 

NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS Chapter - Wise Details

1. Super Senses

This chapter is meant to create awareness about the environment and its aspects among the students and their response towards it. 

2. A Snake Charmers Story

The chapter highlights the relationship of snakes with human beings and how both are part of each others’ micro-ecosystems.

3. From Tasting To Digesting

This chapter describes the taste and smell of various food items. 

4. Mangoes Round the Year

The chapter deals with the ways to recognize spoilt food items.

5. Seeds and Seeds

This chapter helps students to understand the importance of seeds in the environment and the seed germination process. 

6. Every Drop Counts

This chapter highlights the importance of water, its role in supporting life on earth, the concepts of rainwater harvesting and the significance of reducing water wastage.

7. Experiments With Water

This chapter deals with the various physical properties of water like flotation, solubility, evaporation, etc. 

8. A Treat For Mosquitoes

The chapter briefs the students about the various mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, dengue, filaria, chikungunya, etc. 

9. Up You Go

This chapter explains the adventures of hiking and trekking and the health benefits of the activities. 

10. Walls Tell Stories

The chapter briefs the students about the architectural heritage of India. It gives a vivid idea of the monuments like the Golconda Fort. 

11. Sunita in Space

This chapter deals with the adventures of a girl named Sunita in space.

12. What If It Finishes

This chapter teaches children the importance of natural resources, especially natural fuels and the need of conserving them.

13. A Shelter So High

The chapter highlights the diverse geography of India along with its cities, towns, resources, wildlife of the country and so on.

14. When The Earth Shook

This chapter teaches children about various natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, drought, etc. 

15. Blow Hot Blow Cold

This chapter teaches students to differentiate between the sensation of warmth and cold.

16. Who Will Do This Work

The chapter tells about the work done by the downtrodden people in our society which includes cleaning up the garbage lying around and the importance of such a job in maintaining a hygienic environment.

17. Across the Wall

This chapter deals with the burning issue of gender inequality and how a girl named Asifa breaks this gender wall to become a strong pillar of NBA Mumbai.

18. No Place for Us

This chapter is related to a person named Jerry and the concept of a family and what we learn from them. It also deals with the various sound types one hears during a day. 

19. A Seed Tells A Farmers Story

The chapter deals with the various hardships faced by a farmer during farming and the various solutions designed to help a farmer like irrigation, fertilizers, etc.

20. Whose Forests

This chapter shows the importance of a forest and its various components like wildlife, vegetation, tribes that live and dwell in the forest and their lifestyle.

21. Like Father Like Daughter

This chapter deals with the inheritance of family traits, identification of different genetic diseases and the pulse polio programme. 

22. On the Move Again

The chapter deals with Dhanu's family who is a farmer in a small village and have to leave their village for months in search of work.

All these chapters along with important questions and sample answers are provided in the NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS. 

On reading the brief summaries, one can easily gauge the importance of this subject, both from the point of view of higher studies in the line of NCERT class 5 science as well as for the safety and conservation of the environment. Students are requested to give their complete attention while studying the chapters as well as the solutions for best results. Dedicated work and consistency can play a huge role in acing the subject, along with studying in the correct direction. 

NCERT Class 5 EVS Solution - Chapter-Wise Marks Weightage

Important Topics 

We can not say that this specific chapter is important for examination as each and every chapter included in the NCERT Class 5 EVS is equally informative and important. Students should focus on every piece of information and should practice questions repeatedly to prepare each chapter well. Referring to Vedantu’s study materials on Class 5 EVS will make your preparation efficient and effective. Download the PDFs to stay well-prepared.

Important Points

  • Environmental Studies is the study of scientific methodology treating the Environment in chemical biological and physical contexts. Here we study soil, water, climatic changes, and strategies to treat air, water, and soil contamination.

  • In Class 5 EVS you will learn about the five senses of living beings. The Chapter “Super Senses” discusses the function of the five senses of the human body i.e. touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste.

  • One more interesting chapter for kids is “Sunita in Space” where they learn about stars, planets, the moon, and various other celestial bodies.

  • “When the Earth Shook!” is about a natural disaster earthquake. Children will get all the information related to earthquakes.

Class 5 EVS chapters carry equal marks weightage. Therefore, all the chapters should be given equal importance and time while preparing for the examination. The chapters should be understood and learned by heart. The preparation for the examination should be done methodically. The NCERT Solutions 5 EVS by Vedantu will help students to prepare and learn the EVS chapters systematically. 

Vedantu solutions for class 5 are written in the best possible format, making it extremely student-friendly. Answers are written to the point in simple language. Students of class 5 Science can understand all the solutions easily and even clear any previous doubts or misunderstandings. The solutions also have diagrams, drawings, and tables wherever appropriate. All of these features make the usability of Vedantu’s solutions very easy and user friendly.

Benefits of Class 5 EVS Solutions

Below are a few reasons why Vedantu’s NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS are important-

  • The solutions curated by Vedantu are easy to understand. 

  • These solutions increase the efficiency of students.

  • NCERT Solutions are made by experts and are not monotonous to study.

  • Vedantu NCERT Solutions follow the CBSE curriculum.

  • The answers to all the probable questions from each chapter are provided and written in lucid language with perfect reasoning. 

  • All the answers are written by subject experts who have been in the field for many years and clearly understand how the NCERT answers are supposed to be written. The validity and correctness of the answers are guaranteed. 

  • Since all the answers are written in a way that students would be captivated and interested throughout the period of studies, students would develop interest which will, in turn, make them perform well.

  • All the solutions are written and arranged in a chapter-wise order. This ensures that students can jump to the solution for the question to which they do not know the answer. This also helps in a quick revision and allows students to be more efficient with their time.

  • The solutions can be easily downloaded and saved. Students can refer to these solutions while studying. 

  • One of the biggest advantages is that these solutions are available free of cost for all students to view and read from the website. Vedantu’s solutions can also be saved offline as a PDF, free of cost.

Therefore, go for Class 5 EVS NCERT Solutions PDF download and experience the fun of learning environmental science in a comprehensive Q/A format. 

With so many advantages, Vedantu’s solutions prove to be the obvious best choice for any student. It provides a comfortable learning medium for students and allows them to study and learn in the easiest way. With Vedantu’s solutions, one can understand all the important aspects of the chapter and be able to remember them quite easily. 

If you want to take a look at more study material, visit the Vedantu website for further details. There are plenty of detailed notes available for reference. You can also download the mobile app for more fun learning tools. Happy learning.


NCERT Class 5 EVS- Important Questions

1. In Which Areas Other than Sports Have You Heard of Women Getting Recognition?

Ans. Fields other than sports where women in India got established are:

  • Astronaut- Kalpana Chawla

  • Police Officer- Kiran Bedi

  • Politics - Indira Gandhi (First Lady Prime minister of India) and Pratibha Patil (First Lady President of India)


2. What Diseases Can be Caused By Mosquito Bites?

Ans. Mosquito-bite can cause many diseases such as malaria, chikungunya, yellow fever, and dengue, etc.

NCERT Solution Class 5th EVS by Vedantu covers all the important questions from each chapter. Just get your own copy and your preparation for EVS will be sorted.


Important Related Links for NCERT Class 5 EVS

Download NCERT Class 5 EVS Solutions Right Now to Improve Your Scores

There are many benefits of opting to NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS for students. They will be trained in tackling the most difficult questions from the chapter. With regular practice, they will be able to develop their understanding of different concepts. Not to mention that they can also boost their preparation strategy with the help of these solutions. Download the EVS NCERT Class 5 Solutions from Vedantu and increase your chances of scoring high in the final exams.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions For class 5 EVS

1. Which is the Most Important Chapter for EVS Class 5?

All the chapters in the EVS Class 5 book are important for the examination. They carry the same marks. Selective studies should be avoided for examinations. Students should learn all the chapters thoroughly to score good marks in the EVS examination.

2. Describe Class 5 EVS NCERT Solutions Download.

Downloading the NCERT EVS solution for Class 5 is an easy process. You only need to have an account with Vedantu. In case you do not have one, you can create one free of cost. The NCERT Solution EVS Class 5 are available on their website in a free downloadable format. 

3. From where can I download NCERT Class 5 EVS textbook PDF?

You can download the NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS on Vedantu to get access to a comprehensive summary of the chapter with solved exercises and all other inside questions. All the answers are curated by experts who work tirelessly to provide you with precise and lucid answers. Practising these questions will help you in having a better understanding of the chapter and it will also help prepare you for your test as well.

4. How many chapters are there in the ‘Looking Around’ textbook for CBSE Class 5 EVS?

In the NCERT ‘Looking Around’ textbook for CBSE Class 5 EVS, there are 22 chapters in total. All these chapters will make you aware of the environment around you and will also help you in becoming a responsible citizen. All the solutions to the questions can be accessed by downloading the NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS available on Vedantu. You will find comprehensive answers to all the questions that will help you in your preparation.

5. How many chapters are there in Science Class 5?

There are 22 chapters in total in the NCERT ‘Looking Around’ textbook for CBSE Class 5 Science/EVS. The subject aims at bringing about awareness of the environment around us and how we can help in making this environment clean and safe for not only us but all living things including plants and animals. You can download the NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS to get all the answers to the chapter questions.

6. What should I study for Class 5 EVS?

For Class 5 Science, you will have to study the NCERT textbook for Class 5 EVS - ‘Looking Around’. In this book, there are 22 chapters that you will have to study. In each chapter, there are several examples and questions that will help you in getting a good understanding of these chapters. At Vedantu, you can download the NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS to access fully solved exercises and in-text questions.

7. What is Science in English?

Science in simple words is the study of the natural world - the things we see around us. The study of the natural world is undertaken through experiments and observations. In CBSE Science/EVS for Class 5, you learn about the things around you in the natural world - from humans to plants, animals, food, seasons etc. You can have all the answers to the questions in the textbook by downloading the NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS.

8. Is Class 5 EVS important?

Environmental Studies is an important subject in the junior classes to help students establish an understanding of the environment we live in, and be aware of the various phenomena that take place in our daily lives. Developing environmental awareness in ourselves and others around us is essential for society as a whole. If students in Class 5 start understanding the environmental concepts, they may be able to adapt their lives in a way that can help do better for the environment.

9. What is the marking scheme for Class 5 EVS?

The Class 5 EVS Examination is worth a total of 80 marks. The question paper is designed with various types of questions. The following is a list of the questions that are included in the Class 5 EVS exam:

  • Fill in the blanks

  • True and False

  • Choose the correct option

  • Match the following

  • One-word answer

  • Define the following

  • State the difference

  • Write Short notes 

  • Short answer questions

  • Long answer questions

  • Value-based questions