NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Kaliedoscope Poetry Chapter 1 A Lecture Upon The Shadow

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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Kaliedoscope Poetry Chapter 1

Students who are looking for an additional study material to improve their exam preparations can further resort to NCERT solutions. These are curated specially to provide additional support to the students. NCERT solution of Class 12 English Kaleidoscope Chapter 1 poetry contains precise and to the point answer of every exercise, and aspirants can refer to them alongside their textbooks. Moreover, these books follow the curriculum and guideline of CBSE making students ready for their exams.

The first chapter of Class 12 Kaleidoscope poetry section includes the work of famous English scholar and poet John Donne. A lecture upon the Shadow is an excerpt of Donne’s renowned book Songs and Sonnets.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Kaliedoscope Poetry Chapter 1 A Lecture Upon The Shadow part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the Structural Form of A Lecture Upon the Shadow?

Ans. John Donne loosely used the sonnet form for this poem. However, he opted for the Shakespearian one with three quatrains and a couplet in the iambic parameter instead of the traditional one with an octave and a sestet. This poem has 26 lines in the iambic parameter in ‘AABBCDDCEEE’ rhyme scheme. Also, the couplets and their rhyme scheme share a strong resemblance to Shakespeare’s works. Furthermore, this poem uses poetic devices such as assonance, extended metaphors, and alliteration.

2. What is the Setting and Narrative of A Lecture Upon the Shadow?

Ans. The narrative of A Lecture upon the Shadow is unique. It switches between two characters who are fond of each other. However, it is not clear what their relationship is; it could be anyone. Also, the beginning introduces a philosophical narration from the perspective of a mentor.

In terms of settings, the shadow plays a significant role in this poem. It acts as a metaphor that presents the complications of human nature and its flaws. At the same time, it also signifies emotional detachment from an individual.

3. What is the Process of Availing NCERT Solutions Class 12 English Chapter 1 for Free?

Ans. The process is straightforward; one can do it online without any hassle. They can visit the website and avail these PDFs with a single click. However, it is ideal to download them from any reputed websites like Vedantu. The subject experts of Vedantu are in-charge of curating these solutions keeping in mind the requirements of Class 12 students. Thus, the answers are accurate, and to the point to help them fetch better marks in the final exams.

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