NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 7

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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 7 - Experiments With Water
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Chapter 7, Class 5 EVS deals with several experiments that can be performed with water to understand its basic properties. It elaborately covers the topics like dissolving nature of water, soluble and insoluble objects, the difference between water and other liquids, the process of evaporation and more.

In regard to this, NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 7 Experiment with Water, is exclusively curated by subject matter experts to help in the learning process. The solutions provide interesting insights to these topics with adequate examples, and extensive illustrations so that the students achieve conceptual clarity.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What does the Class 5 EVS Chapter 7 deal with?

The EVS Chapter 7 of Class 5 deals with important topics related to the properties of water, like the colour, taste, melting point, boiling point, etc. It also elaborates on different states of water like ice, vapour. This chapter is mainly experimental and helps students to practically analyse and understand these properties.

This chapter consists of several Experimental exercises that help students to learn about weight force which determines the concept of floatation. This chapter also covers the difference between water and other liquids. Furthermore, they also learn about evaporation and condensation largely through experiments and inference that are provided in the chapter. 

2. What makes Vedantu NCERT Solution special?

Vedantu NCERT solutions are curated by expert teachers who have years of experience in teaching students of CBSE boards. They formulate the answers by strictly adhering to the prescribed CBSE syllabus and question pattern. Furthermore, the solutions provide a detailed illustration of each and every topic with brief definitions, experiments, examples and diagrammatic presentations.

Vedantu solutions are framed with easy comprehensible language suitable for a class 5 student to learn and understand better. Additionally, Vedantu also provides mock test papers and sample solutions for students to practice more and get a better insight into the question types and patterns so that they can adequately answer various types of questions in the exam.