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Across the Wall Class 5 Notes CBSE EVS Chapter 17 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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Ensure Fine Preparation with Class 5 EVS Chapter 16 Across the Wall Revision Notes and Worksheets PDF

Chapter 17 of the Class 5 EVS syllabus tells us a real-life incident depicting sheer determination among young girls to break the chain. They wanted to play basketball and formed a team in their neighbourhood against all odds. Eventually, they managed to find a court and practise playing basketball. The team has grown with the participation of other girls. Refer to Across the Wall revision notes and understand the importance of this chapter.

The revision notes have been prepared by the subject experts of Vedantu in a simpler tone. It will help you grasp the context of this chapter without any difficulty. Resolve your doubts and use the Across the Wall summary for answering questions easily.

Class 5 EVS Revision Notes - Chapter-wise List

The class 5 EVS notes will help students prepare better for their examinations. They are prepared by experts and are in accordance with the latest CBSE syllabus and guidelines.

Access Class 5 Environmental Science Chapter 17: Across the Wall

Summary of Across the Wall

  • The members of Nagpada basketball team are Afsana, Zarin, Khushnoor and Afreen.

  • It was tough to convince their parents who thought basketball wasn’t a game for girls. At last, the parents agreed.

  • Their coach Mustafa Khan trained these girls to prove that they could also play basketball as boys.

  • This shows that if you have a dedication toward your goal and you work hard, you will achieve your goal.

Stars in Her Eyes

  • This story teaches us about the gender disparity present in our society.

  • Afsana Mansuri was 13 years old when she decided to play basketball.

  • At the time, a girl child was not allowed to pursue sports by their parents and society.

  • Society had made walls for a girl who used to wash utensils for a living.

  • Later, Afsana became a strong player in the Nagpada Basketball Association of Mumbai.

  • Her team had managed to reach the semi-finals in the district tournament with lots of guts and courage.

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The Team

  • It included Zarin, Khushnoor, Afsana, and Afreen.

  • Zarin always saw the boys playing on the ground near the house.

  • She loved when the winning team was praised after a game. She also wanted to go out and play.

  • She sought help from her father’s friend who was a coach.

  • The coach said that he can teach her how to play if she can bring more girls to make a team who want to play too.

  • That’s how their team was formed.

We Asked – Was it Easy to Make a Beginning?

  • It was not easy for the girls to start playing.

  • Afsana’s mother refused to allow her to play basketball at first, as she thought it was not a game for girls.

  • Afsana’s mother agreed after the coach and her friends talked to her.

  • Afreen’s grandmother was very angry at their playing sports.

  • Their grandmother scolds them because they need proper nutrition to get a lot of strength to play and they may not be able to afford all that.

  • But their father supported them in every step.

We Asked – Tell us About Your Team

  • At first, it was a bit strange because all the girls didn’t know each other very well.

  • People used to come to see them as they were curious about girls playing basketball.

  • Afsana was 11 years old when she first started to play.

  • They worked really hard and their coach also pushed them to their limits, so that they could reach their full potential in the game.

  • With hard work and a lot of dedication, their game has improved a lot.

  • They now even play against boys’ teams.

We Said – Tell us More About Your Team

  • They have a united team.

  • Even if they quarrel, they forget about it quickly.

  • When they went to Sholapur to play, their team also had girls from other states.

  • The other girls did not treat them nicely, they treated them as juniors.

  • One girl started to quarrel with Zarin in between games, and as a result, they lost that match.

  • But their own team is very cooperative and friendly.

  • To play as a team it is important to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses

We Said – You Have Done so Much. What Next?

  • They have been playing really well, now they want to play for the glory of the country.

  • They want to win a gold medal for the country and show that the Indian girl's team can also play.

We Asked – Did you Face Some Other Difficulties?

  • The beginning was the most difficult.

  • They had to convince their parents.

  • Even when they were allowed to play, they were not allowed to stay out late as boys.

  • They have to go home as soon as they finish playing.

  • Afsana has to help her mother with her cleaning work after school in two or three houses, finish her studies then go out to play.

Coach Sir

  • Coach Noor Khan used to teach children how to play in the Bachchu Khan Playground.

  • This playground belonged to a person named Mustafa Khan, children were very fond of him so they started calling him Bachhu Khan.

  • Bacchu Khan trained Noor and other children to play in that ground.

  • Earlier, the ground was just a muddy land.

  • That is the only playground where children can learn and play.

  • Some of them even went to play at the international level and even won the Arjuna Award.

  • Noor Khan teaches both girls and boys from different backgrounds and forms a team.

  • Their girl's team plays for the Maharashtra State Team.

Difficult Words with Their Meanings and Usage

1. Convince - persuade someone to do something.

Usage - SHe convinced her parent to allow her to play.

2. Quarrel - a heated argument or disagreement, typically about a trivial issue and between people who are usually on good terms.

Usage - The two girls started to quarrel for no reason.

3. Dedication - the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.

Usage - People admire his dedication to his game.

Fill in the Blanks:

1. We met ___ and the other girls of the Nagpada Basketball Association.

Ans: Afsana

2. Daddy tells us that ___ was the coach when he used to play. 

Ans: Bacchu Khan

3. The real name of Bacchu Khan is ___.

Ans: Mustafa Khan

Choose the Correct Option:

1. The girls of Nagpada play ___

  1. Football

  2. Cricket

  3. Basketball

  4. Volleyball

Ans: (c) Basketball

2. What was the name of their coach?

  1. Bacchu Khan

  2. Noor Khan

  3. Mustafa Khan

  4. None of the above

And: Noor Khan

Solved Examples

1. Has anyone ever stopped you from playing some games? Which games?

Ans: Yes, I was stopped to play football.

2. Who stopped you and why?

Ans: Sometimes some elders stopped us from playing football. They feared that the ball might hit them.

3. Did anyone help you and encourage you to play?

Ans: Yes, my father has always encouraged me to play.

4. Have you ever taken part in some game or competition from your school or area? How did you feel?

Ans: Yes, I participated in a school game. Because I was representing my school, I felt a sense of responsibility.

Practice Questions

1. Do girls and boys play different types of games in your school or neighbourhood? If yes, then which games do the boys play and which do the girls play?

Ans: Both girls and boys enjoy almost all games, but some are preferred by boys and others by girls. Boys, for example, prefer cricket, hockey, and football, whereas girls prefer badminton, basketball, and table tennis.

2. Do you think that there is any difference between the games and the way they are played by boys and girls?

Ans: Yes, there are some differences in the games that boys and girls play. Boys prefer games that require more physical activity and are more difficult. Girls, on the other hand, prefer games that require less physical activity.

Important Points to Remember

  • Every kid should be allowed to play.

  • Playing games is healthy for the body as well as the mind.

  • More and more girls should be encouraged to play.

  • There should not be any discrimination when it comes to sports.

  • Every child should pursue their dreams and work hard for them.

Importance of CBSE Class 5 EVS Chapter 17 Across the Wall

This is a chapter that explains how everything is possible when you have the strong determination and the courage to go against all odds. The girls in this story break the stereotypes and make a basketball team. They manage to persuade their parents to play the game they love the most.

They become an inspiration to all the other girls willing to play basketball. Upon asking questions, they express how it was difficult to play basketball being a girl. They explained how they became a team and encouraged each other to continue playing this game.

Across the Wall is the perfect chapter that teaches students how they can achieve what they like with bravery and courage. They will learn how to be strong-willed and follow their dreams. They will also learn how helping and cooperating with others will help them go a long way.

Benefits of Vedantu’s Across the Wall Class 5 EVS worksheet and Revision Notes

  • The revision notes offer a simpler explanation of this vast chapter in a concise way. These notes will help you understand the inner meaning of this chapter. Get the importance of this chapter and realise why it has been added to your syllabus. Find out accurate Class 5 EVS Chapter 17 question answers to escalate your comprehension skills.

  • Find out what the world in a wall looks like. Understand how the girls break the walls and make a world of their own. Resolve doubts about this chapter using the notes and recall what you have studied before an exam easily.

  • Utilise the Across the Wall Class 5 EVS worksheets to evaluate your preparation. Learn from the answers given in the solution of this worksheet and make your answering skills better.

Download Across the Wall Worksheets and Revision Notes PDF

View and download the free PDF version of these notes and worksheets. Complete your study material to comprehend the chapter’s context and importance. Complete studying this chapter efficiently and learn how to frame the world in a wall questions and answers on your own.


For an enhanced comprehension of this subject, NCERT - Class 5 Chapter 17 - Across the Wall, thoughtfully prepared by experienced educators at Vedantu, is your invaluable companion. These notes break down the complexities of Across the Wall into easily digestible sections, helping you grasp new concepts and navigate through questions effortlessly quickly in the last minute as well. By immersing yourself in these notes, you not only prepare for your studies more efficiently but also develop a profound understanding of the subject matter.

FAQs on Across the Wall Class 5 Notes CBSE EVS Chapter 17 (Free PDF Download)

1. Why did the girls face difficulty in playing basketball?

The girls faced difficulty in playing basketball because their parents did not allow them to play the game. In fact, they thought that it is a boy’s game and girls should not play it.

2. What did the girls realise after playing in Solapur?

After playing in Solapur, the girls realised that something is special about their team. They learnt how to coordinate with each other and make the team better. They also understood the importance of teamwork and the importance of every player in this team.

3. What did they do after learning their strengths and weaknesses?

After learning their strengths and weaknesses, the girls wanted to improve their strengths and convert their weaknesses into strengths to make the team stronger.

4. How can Vedantu's Across the Wall worksheet help me in preparing for exams?

Vedantu's Across the Wall worksheet is a comprehensive resource that includes practice questions, exercises, and solutions aligned with CBSE guidelines. It aids in reinforcing the understanding of key concepts, making exam preparation more effective and focused.

5. What is the significance of studying 'Across The Wall' in Class 5 EVS?

Across The Wall' in Class 5 EVS explores the importance of walls, both physical and metaphorical, and delves into the interconnectedness of communities. Studying this chapter enhances awareness of diverse aspects of life, fostering a broader understanding of the world beyond barriers.