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Class 5 Hindi syllabus

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Class 5 Hindi Syllabus CBSE for Better Preparation

Every academic year has a new syllabus, as per the CBSE board. The main reference of the CBSE syllabus stays NCERT textbooks over the years. So, when the syllabus of class 5 changes, the contents of the textbooks also change. So, knowing about the Class 5 Hindi syllabus beforehand is important.

Apart from looking out for a better tutor, several study materials, and references from your school teachers, better academic performance depends on your hold on the coursework. Here’s all you need to know about the syllabus in Class 5 Hindi.

Syllabus of Class 5 Hindi CBSE

The NCERT 5th Class syllabus in Hindi consists of 18 chapters in the literature section. Other than this, there are grammar, reading, and writing sections of the language. A detailed description of which chapter is based on what type of literature is provided below.

Literature Section of Class 5 Hindi 

This section of the CBSE Class 5 Hindi syllabus consists of stories, poems, poetries, drama, and folklore of Hindi literature. The 18 chapters will give you perspectives of several authors and their pieces of Hindi language.

All of these are included in the NCERT textbook of CBSE Class 5 Rimjhim. There are several class notes and NCERT solution manuals available online to look for. Once you know the subject and its contents in detail, regular practising and following the study materials by organizing your time efficiently will guide you to score better marks in your academics.

Here is the list of chapters in the Class 5 Hindi book Rimjhim.

  • Rakh ki Rassi (Lokakatha)

  • FaslokeTyohar (Lekh)

  • Khilonewala (Kavita)

  • NanhaFankar (Kahaanee)

  • Jahan Chah WahanRaah(Lekh)

  • Chitthi Ka Safar (Lekh)

  • Dakiye Ki Kahani Kawar Singh ki Jubani(Bhentavaarta)

  • Ve Bhi Kya Din They (Vigyan Katha)

  • Ek Maa Ki Bebasi Poem (Kavita)

  • Ek Din Ki Badshahat (Kahaanee)

  • Chawal Ki Rotiyan (Naatak)

  • Guru Aur Chela (Kavita)

  • Swami Ki Dadi (Kahaani)

  • Baagh Ki Dileri(Kavita)

  • Pani Re Pani(Lekh)

  • Chhoti Si HamariNadi(Kavita)

  • ChunautiHimalay Ki (Yatra Varnan)

Grammar Section of Hindi Class 5 CBSE

The NCERT-based CBSE Class 5 Hindi Syllabus consists of 18 topics. The grammar portion of a language is important as whenever you will apply the language for communicating, knowing grammar will help you out. Here is the list of a grammatical portion of Hindi included in the Class 5 CBSE syllabus.

  • Varn Vichar

  • Sangya Ke Vachan 

  • Ling aur Kaarak 

  • Sarvanam

  • Visheshan

  • Kriya

  • Kaal

  • Avikari Shabd

  • ShudhVartani

  • Bakya 

  • Shabd Nirmaan

  • Paryayvachi Shabd

  • Vilom Shabd

  • Shruti Sam Bhinnarthak Shabd

  • Anekkeliye ek shabd

  • Viram Chinh

  • Muhavare

  • ApathitGadyansh

Reading and Writing Portion of the Syllabus

Whenever the discussion is on a syllabus of Literature subjects like Hindi, English, Bengali, etc, we must learn the subject from its core. Apart from the chapters in the classic textbook of Hindi, Rimjhim, NCERT Class 5 syllabus coursework also teaches how to read another language and express your thoughts by making the language a medium.

Importance of NCERT Textbook Solution Manual in Class 5 Hindi Syllabus

  • The chapters of the literature are thoroughly explained in the book.

  • There are several illustrations inside the chapters so that learning becomes fun.

  • The textbook comes with exercises after every chapter, so preparations become much easier with the idea of which type of questions might be asked.

Class 5 Hindi SYllabus for Easy Study Plan

Try not to think of Hindi as an ignorable subject from this stage. Apart from the other important subjects you’re studying, know about the language in detail with the CBSE Class 5 Hindi Syllabus coursework.

As it seems, the subject is a literature subject, don’t wait until it’s your exam time and stay confident about finishing up the syllabus. Ideas about how to form your answer paper beforehand will surely give you extra confidence in the examination hall.

FAQs on Class 5 Hindi syllabus

1. How many chapters are there in CBSE Class 5 Hindi?

There are 18 chapters in the literature section of Hindi CBSE. Apart from these, there are 18 grammar topics along with 4 parts of reading and writing skills. All of the syllabi are made for one academic year course.

2. How to score better marks in Hindi literature in Class 5?

Once you have a strong idea of the syllabus and cover it within time, several notes are available in pdf forms online to revise. Go through the NCERT textbook chapters thoroughly for better preparation.

3. Is getting tuition for Class 5 Hindi important?

Knowing the literature is very important for those who don't have Hindi as their first language. Expert help at the language course will help you know the subject’s grammatical concepts and reading and writing portions on point.

4. What are the study materials to follow for Class 5 Hindi?

NCERT textbook and its solution material are the main references you should follow.  There are other study materials, like advanced-level class notes in pdf forms, available on the website of Vedantu.

5. How to get the solution manual of the Class 5 Hindi Textbook?

Vedantu’s tutors have created personalized solution manuals in PDF format for the NCERT textbook Rimjhim. It’s available online on our website for free. You can download and refer to it during studying Class 5 Hindi chapters.