CBSE Syllabus for Class 5 EVS 2020-21 Examination

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The Class 5 EVS syllabus consists of chapters which would help students connect with nature and the environment. The chapters in the syllabus are interesting, engaging, as well as informative. Students learn about various important topics such as animals, human senses, fruits, seeds, water, and other natural elements. In Class 5 CBSE EVS syllabus, students also read about man-made things such as forts. Important social matters like gender ratio, gender discrimination, pollution, etc. have also been discussed.

Through the Vedantu App, students can access the entire 5th class EVS syllabus. Alongside, they also get explanations, solutions, reference materials, sample papers, etc., to prepare each chapter.

CBSE Class 5 EVS Syllabus part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the different structures mentioned in Chapter 10 of Class 5 CBSE EVS syllabus?

The different Indian constructions mentioned in Chapter 10 are Moti Mahal, Fateh Darwaza, Jaisalmer Fort, Golconda Fort, Agra Fort, etc.

2. What is Chapter 6 in EVS Class 5 syllabus about?

Chapter 6 or ‘Every Drop Counts’ is a chapter about the importance of water in our lives. It talks about water conversation and economical usage of water.

3. How many chapters should I read for the Class 5 EVS syllabus?

Each and every chapter included in the CBSE syllabus for Class 5 EVS is equally informative and equally important for your exams. It is important to focus on minute details and solve questions repeatedly to prepare each chapter well.