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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 11 - Sunita In Space

Last updated date: 30th Nov 2023
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NCERT Solutions of Class 5 EVS for Chapter 11 - Complete FREE Resource of Sunita in Space

NCERT Solutions for EVS Class 5 Chapter 11 is a good companion for students to understand each concept clearly and can work out the practice papers available on Vedantu. These solutions available on Vedantu’s website teach all the concepts with several examples and provide a detailed explanation. The solutions provide solved questions of the exercise. Students can learn how the questions will be asked in the exam and how to answer them to score well. These are useful for students to assess themselves.

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 11 Sunita In Space

NCERT Solutions for Environmental Science book Class 5 Chapter 11 - Free PDF Download

NCERT Solutions for EVS book Class 5 Chapter 11 provides all the materials for all the classes in a PDF format on Vedantu’s official website. The professional subject experts prepare the PDFs which are available on the official website of Vedantu for free to clarify any doubt students might have.

What Does Our Earth Look Like? 

Chapter 11 Sunita in Space EVS Class 5 explains the experiences of Sunita in a style of conversation. They considered two students, Shamir and Uzaira, and gave some dialogues to both of them. The conversation between these two students will explain the whole chapter regarding the Earth and its shape. These solutions create a platform to introduce Sunita Williams as she's coming to the school to meet the children. So, all the children are excited to see her and think about her experiences. These two students can express the views of all students.

Talking with Sunita

As they eagerly waited for the day to come, Sunita had come to their school. They are excited to talk with Sunita. As students thought several things about the globe, they asked all their questions and eagerly awaited for the answers given by Sunita. Sunita Williams said that it was the actually for her friend Kalpana Chawla who had a dream to come and meet the children. So she came to school and met the children to fulfil her friend's dream. She also explained how life would be at the space, eating styles, how the water can flow, etc.

The Classroom Became A Spaceship 

NCERT Solutions for Chapter 11 EVS Class 5 includes Sunita Williams’ task or activity for children to make their classroom as a spaceship and see the differences between the lifestyle on Earth and lifestyle in space. The children are very much excited to prepare a spacecraft using cardboards and whatever they had. Meanwhile, they understood the space better and the seas, mountains, etc. available on planets in detail.

Wasn't It Amazing

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 11 explains the feelings of children while knowing the facts related to space in the words of Sunita. The children were very excited to know that people can't see properly in space. If everything will go down to up, eating is also difficult; everything there is moving or flying. All these words were very interesting and exciting. Sunita Williams also shows magical experiments for students to create more curiosity in their minds. They are Magic 1 is a tiny paper race a coin and In magic 2, a mouse lifts an elephant. Then, she asked students to explain Where are the lines?

Look At the Sky

In the last part of the chapter, students are advised to take a task or an activity to look at the sky. Sunita asked them to explain what they have observed in the sky. Along with their explanation, the solutions should also mention how solitaire games set tasks. Asking a few questions alone cannot give the understanding of a student’s capability hence tasks such as looking at the table and telling, twinkling stars etc are given. Students are asked to answer certain questions by giving some information and check their ability to understand what they can identify from the information.

Key Takeaways of NCERT Solutions of Class 5 EVS Chapter 11 Free PDF

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 devious Chapter 11 available on Vedantu’s website is beneficial for students who are planning to prepare for their examinations. Some of the reasons for choosing these solutions are as follows:

  • Sunita Williams' Space Journey: The chapter likely delves into the experiences and adventures of Sunita Williams during her time in space, offering insights into life beyond our planet.

  • Science Exploration: It probably covers fundamental scientific concepts related to space, introducing young learners to the wonders of the universe.

  • Inspiration for Students: The content may aim to inspire students by showcasing real-life examples of individuals who have achieved remarkable feats in the field of space exploration.

  • Curiosity and Wonder: The chapter likely encourages students to be curious about the world around them, fostering a sense of wonder and a love for learning.

  • Practical Understanding: It may incorporate practical examples or activities to help students apply theoretical knowledge, making the learning experience more engaging.

For the most accurate and detailed information, it's recommended to refer to the specific Vedantu resources or contact Vedantu directly.


The NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 11, titled "Sunita In Space," provide valuable insights into Sunita Williams' space journey. The chapter explores her experiences and the wonders of outer space, making learning about science and the universe exciting for young students. One crucial section highlights Sunita's remarkable achievements and the significance of space exploration. By studying this chapter, Class 5 students not only gain knowledge about space but also cultivate curiosity and a sense of wonder about the vast cosmos. The engaging content encourages a love for learning and inspires students to dream big.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 11 - Sunita In Space

Q1. Explain the magic of the mouse and the elephant?

Ans: Sunita Williams explained a task to students, and it shows the magic that the mouse can be able to lift the elephant. Practically it is not true, but it may happen through magic. Take a smaller stone and the big stone and then take the same size of paper rolls and tie the small stone to one end of the string and place a mouse made of paper on that stone. Similarly, take a big stone and paper roll tied to the other end of the string and make the elephant made up of paper to sit on the big stone. Then, stretch the string and hold in the middle and twist it. You may observe that the mouse lifts the elephant.

Q2. Does the study of space necessary for students?

Ans: Of course. The study of space, solar system, etc. is very important for students. They can know what is going on in space and also they can understand the climatic condition and water available in space. Students can know the resources, planets, comets, satellites and many things that are understood only by the study of space. If they understand that surviving human life is not possible in space, they should understand the value of Earth and try to protect it.

Q3. What does Chapter 11 of Class 5 EVS deal with?

Ans: 'Walls Tell Stories' of Class 5 is an interesting chapter in the text. Sunita and her adventures in space are the topics of discussion among the children in the narrative. The lesson revolves around how things seem on Earth from space. Complicated concepts like gravity are elaborated here in clear and concise terms without bringing in the complexity of the matter, thus making it easier for the students.

Q4. How are the concepts of space explained in Chapter 11 of Class 5 EVS?

Ans: Space and related things are very complicated concepts for Class 5 students to understand. All these concepts are broken down into simple and easy fragments such that students can grasp them easily. Some of the concepts that are incorporated into the narrative of the lesson include -

  • Space and spaceships

  • Constituents of space

  • Concept of gravity

  • Lines on the globe

  • Stars at night.

Q5. What is the reason for the Earth being amazing as explained in Chapter 11 of EVS for Class 5 students?

Ans: In Chapter 11, the concept of gravity is explained without bringing in the term so that it is easier for the students to understand. Instead, the word 'amazing' is used to describe all the things which are possible due to gravity:

  • Throwing a ball that falls back down

  • Things not floating around

  • Water filled in a bucket and glass

These things are explained by saying 'Earth pulls things towards itself'.

Q6. Where are the lines on the Earth as seen in the globe?

Ans: On maps and globes, we see different lines separating the countries and cities of the world. Chapter 11 explains that these lines exist only on paper because on seeing from space, there are no lines that separate them. All these lines are created by human beings to show division and nothing more. The Earth has a curved shape and this is what makes it beautiful and amazing. To get in-depth knowledge on this chapter, students should refer to the NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 11. They may download the PDF of these NCERT Solutions from the Vedantu website and mobile app for free. 

Q7. How do NCERT Solutions for Chapter 11 EVS Class 5 benefit the students?

Ans: NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS provided by Vedantu helps students practice and understand all the concepts related to space clearly, without going into the complex parts. These solutions are a reserve of information given in clear fragments for students of Class 5 to easily grasp. Since these solutions are prepared by subject experts at Vedantu to keep up with the exam pattern, students can score good marks. Also, it would be a good assessment of their knowledge level.