NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 11


NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 11 - Sunita In Space

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NCERT Solutions for EVS Class 5 Chapter 11 is a good companion for students to understand each concept clearly and can work out the practice papers available on Vedantu. These solutions available on Vedantu’s website teach all the concepts with several examples and provide a detailed explanation. The solutions provide solved questions of the exercise. Students can learn how the questions will be asked in the exam and how to answer them to score well. These are useful for students to assess themselves.

The Solutions for class 5 EVS will soon be uploaded on this page

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Explain the magic of the mouse and the elephant?

Sunita Williams explained a task to students, and it shows the magic that the mouse can be able to lift the elephant. Practically it is not true, but it may happen through magic. Take a smaller stone and the big stone and then take the same size of paper rolls and tie the small stone to one end of the string and place a mouse made of paper on that stone. Similarly, take a big stone and paper roll tied to the other end of the string and make the elephant made up of paper to sit on the big stone. Then, stretch the string and hold in the middle and twist it. You may observe that the mouse lifts the elephant.

2. Does the study of space necessary for students?

Of course. The study of space, solar system, etc. is very important for students. They can know what is going on in space and also they can understand the climatic condition and water available in space. Students can know the resources, planets, comets, satellites and many things that are understood only by the study of space. If they understand that surviving human life is not possible in space, they should understand the value of Earth and try to protect it.