NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 18

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 18 - No Place For Us

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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Environmental Studies – Free PDF Download

If students get solutions to their class 5th Evs chapter 18 solutions made by expert scholars in a PDF format, it clears doubts as the concepts are clear and easy for them. The NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Evs Chapter 18 No place for us is now available on the official website for download.

Chapter 18 – No Place for Us?

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Environmental Studies Chapter 18 - Introduction 

The chapters in this book contain real-life incidents, everyday challenges, and also contemporary issues. This allows students to freely debate, discuss, and develop a sensitive understanding of these lessons. The syllabus consists of six themes- 1)Family and friends, which consists of four subthemes-1.1) Relationships 1.2) Work and Play 1.3)Animals 1.4)Plants. Others are- 2)Food; 3)Water;4)Shelter;5)Travel and 6)Things We Make and Do. 

This chapter ‘No place for us?’ comes under Family and Friends and contains experiences of families who migrate in search of work. Children need to know the difference between ‘transfer’ and ‘Displacement’ so that they become sensitive to the problems faced by the urban and poor.

No Place for Us? 

Jatreya lived in Khedi village, and there were three people in his family, his father, mother, and Jatreya. But for Jatrya, the entire village was like a huge family. There was peace in Khedi village. Children in that village learned dancing, playing flute and dhol, creating vessels and various other items from bamboo and clay and identifying birds and imitating their sounds. One day they heard that a big dam was to be built on the river.  The land and forest were connected to fond memories of several generations of people. Their forefathers had been living on that land for a long period. They were made to leave the place by government officials and the police without their will.

Jatreya shifted to a new village called Sindhuri. Jatrya’s parents had been so sad about leaving Khedi that they had died before he moved here. In Sinduri there were only eight-ten families he could call his own, those from his old village. This was not the new village Jatreya dreamt about. There was electricity but only sometimes in a day and there was no water. The teachers did not care much about the children from Khedi village, and people treated them like unwanted guests. After a few years, he sold his land and animals and moved to a big city Mumbai. Things were not easy for him here, too, as his expenses were high and could not save much. His relatives advised him not to repair his one-room shack since he was not sure if he could live there permanently. He was scared and worried thinking about his future.

Exercise – Think and Tell

This part of the no place for our class 5 worksheet has 5 questions which are general so that the students can think about the situations faced by jatreya in the chapter and can relate to real-life incidents.  

Exercise - Tell

This part of the class 5th Evs chapter 18 exercise has 7 questions. The questions are short and picked from the chapter and are related to every day of our life like good values, skills we learn, and observation of nature.

Exercise – Discuss and Tell

This exercise of class 5th Evs Chapter 18 has 5 questions.

The questions are to be done in a group where a situation can be discussed among the students about jatreya challenges when he shifted from his village Khedi to the new village Sindura. The people from Sindura village treated them as unwanted guests, and there was no proper electricity and water facility. The questions are based on how would the students react if they come across the same situations Jatreya faced in the chapter. 

Exercise - Imagine

This exercise in class 5th Evs Chapter 18 has 2 questions, and these are based on village life since most of us are shifted to cities and not aware of the village life. Students can think creatively based on the lesson like how jatreya imagined his new village and the difficulties people faced when the dam was built in the Khedi village from the chapter.

Exercise – Write

This class 5th Evs Chapter 18 exercise has 4 questions. All the questions are based on the situations jatreya faced when people from sindura village treated them as unwanted guests. Students are asked about the same if they are faced in real life. How would they cope if they are treated like unwanted guests or if Guests arrive at their house, would they similarly treat them?

Exercise – Think

This class 5th Evs Chapter 18 exercise has 2 questions that are not explained in the chapter ‘No place for us’ so that the students can creatively think and Imagine out of the box.

Exercise – Find out and Write

This no place for our class 5 worksheet has 3 questions for students to explore the outside world and write based on real-life incidents. This activity helps the students to interact with people from urban life and the problems they face after moving to the city. Students can also learn new skills from them.

Exercise – Debate

This is the last exercise in class 5th Evs Chapter 18 and the question is “The city people do not create garbage. Cities are dirty because of the slums.” How do you feel about this? Discuss and debate. This question also covers the environmental issues faced in society and helps students to improve their knowledge about this topic.

Key Features of NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 18

EVS activities for class 5 NCERT prepared by the team experts of Vedantu as they follow a strictly CBSE curriculum and offer in-depth knowledge and the number of problems to solve. Focus on every single concept, and it is easy to understand. Some of the benefits include:

  • Clear all the doubts about complex topics.

  • Covers all the basic fundamental topics in easy language.

  • They provide sufficient material to practice.

  • Helps to score better marks.

Jatreya lived in Khedi village, and there were

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Imagine How it Feels to Leave One’s Place and Go Far Away to Live in a New – Place.

Ans. It must be very difficult to leave one’s place and go far away to live in a new place. Everything will be new in the new place. The people, the market, the roads; everything will look like a stranger in the new place.

Q2: Many People in Jatrya’s Village Did Not Agree to Move Away from Their Land and Forest. Why? They Had to Leave Even though they Did Not Want to. Why?

Ans. The land and forest were linked with adoring memories of multiple generations of people. Their forefathers had been living on that land for a long period. They were forced to leave the area by government officials and the police without their will. Apart from this, they made claims and promises that the new place would offer them better facilities in regards to water and electricity. 

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