NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 20


NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 20 - Whose Forests

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NCERT Solution for Class 5 EVS Chapter 20 is prepared by proficient and expert professionals of the subject. They perform excessive research and study to provide students with structured and organized solutions. The chapters of the NCERT textbook EVS Class 5 have an important role to play. Therefore, if the concepts of Environmental Studies get cleared at this stage, it would make the subject easier in future classes. Learning from NCERT Solutions gives the student a habit of studying in the appropriate and organized possible way of learning. Download NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 20 free PDF.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is Jhoom Farming?

Ans. Jhoom farming is followed in the North-Eastern states of India. This is a kind of natural self-fertilization of soil farming. This is very organic and does not harm the environment and crops in any manner.

Q2. What rights does the Right to Forest Act 2007 provide?

Ans. This act provides the people who stay in the forest for more than 25 years, a right on the lands of the forest, and cannot be removed from there. The upkeep and maintenance of the forest is their responsibility.