NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 4

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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 4 - Patte Hi Patte

Hindi is the most common language used in India. So, it is undoubtedly important for a Class 1 student to learn Hindi systematically. NCERT Solutions for Class 1 are available on both offline and online portals. Students are advised to read NCERT books and go through their chapters where they will get the basic knowledge about the subject, and in case if they face any difficulty or want to get their concepts clear and attain more knowledge about the subject, they can opt for Vedantu as their partner for studies.

Students can visit the Vedantu website to read free of cost NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi that is in PDF format, they can download it and start learning immediately or save it for later. The NCERT Hindi book for Class 1 has been prepared by the well-experienced teachers who understand student’s psychological ability to understand concepts easily and complete the syllabus on time without losing self-confidence. Through the help of NCERT Solutions of Class 1 Hindi, students will score high in exams and it will also make it easier to revise the syllabus. 

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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 4 Patte Hi Patte

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi- Previously explained NCERT Solutions

NCERT (CBSE) Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 4 is available on Vedantu online learning platform with other previously explained chapter-wise solutions. Study-material on Vedantu is free of cost, so students do not need to worry about money and they fully concentrate on their studies. The NCERT (CBSE) solutions of subject Hindi Class 1 chapters are explained in such a manner that if students write these solutions in the exam, they will surely score high in exams. These are the NCERT Class 1 Hindi Chapters Name from the book Rimjhim. 

Chapter No.

Chapter Name

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Aam Ki Kahani

Chapter 3

Aam Ki Tokri

Chapter 4

Patte Hi Patte

Chapter 5


Chapter 6

Chhuk Chhuk Gaadi

Chapter 7


Chapter 8

Chuho Miyaun So Rahi Hai

Chapter 9

Bandar Aur Gilhari

Chapter 10


Chapter 11


Chapter 12

Gaind Balla

Chapter 13

Bandar Gaya Khet Mein Bhag

Chapter 14

Ek Budhiya

Chapter 15

Mein Bhi

Chapter 16

Lalu Aur Pilu

Chapter 17

Chakai Ke Chakdum

Chapter 18

Chhoti Ka Kamaal

Chapter 19

Char Chane

Chapter 20


Chapter 21

Haleem Chala Chand Par

Chapter 22

Hathi Challam Challam

Chapter 23

Saat Punch Ka Chuha

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Rimjhim Chapter 4 Patte hi Patte

NCERT Class 1 Hindi Chapter 4 namely Patte hi Patte explains the different types of leaves. The main motive of this chapter is to introduce the students to different types of leaves. Before starting the chapter, parents are advised to give basic knowledge about different types of leaves to their children by introducing them to the leaves, giving the leaves and making them feel it, or taking them to the garden. This will develop basic knowledge about leaves in children’s minds and it will help them to understand this chapter named Patte hi Patte from NCERT Hindi Class 1 in a very simple way.

The chapter Patte hi Patte is about a little girl and her friends, where the teacher says she will count till 5 and in the meantime, all the students have to be seated in a group of round formation. She wanted to introduce students to some important things. Then the girl came running and sat down with her friends. The teacher brought different types of leaves that day as she wanted to teach about different types of leaves to students. The teacher then spread the leaves in front of the students, then the girl and her friends noticed the leaves. 

Some of the leaves were long and short in shape, some were round in shape, some were brown or some were in red and yellow colour. They all touched and investigated the leaves, some leaves were soft and some were crunchy. Students can learn about this chapter in detail on Vedantu with explanations, related questions with solved questions, and exercise for a better understanding of the concepts.

Vedantu- Leading Online Platform for Learning

Vedantu provides online tuition for all the subjects for all the classes. Vedantu comes up with NCERT solutions for Class 1 Hindi with chapter explanation, masterclasses and sample questions, and other study material, whereas NCERT Solutions are free of cost in the PDF format, quick links for the PDF are available at Vedantu’s website for ease of the students.

Vedantu delivers a revised structure of NCERT (CBSE) to keep the students updated about the new curriculum. Vedantu’s live and interactive classes will help students to perform well during examinations and it will also boost their confidence.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Are NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Rimjhim Chapter 4 Patte hi Patte is enough to prepare for the examination?

Ans: Yes, NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Rimjhim Chapter 4 Patte hi Patte is enough to prepare for the examination to perform well and score high in the examination. Vedantu offers NCERT Solutions PDF for Class 1 Hindi Rimjhim Chapter 4 Patte hi Patte for free of cost on Vedantu website with extra questions to practice and live and interactive classes from well-educated teachers from all over the world. It helps students to better understand the concept and motivate them to perform best in the examination. 

Q2. Which is the best platform among all both online and offline for downloading NCERT chapter solutions, sample papers, and chapter-wise explanation with NCERT previous year questions in a PDF format for the Class 1 Hindi examination?

Ans: Vedantu is best of all which is an all in one platform for learning. It provides some of its resources and study-materials to build trust with their students and help students who can not afford elite learning. Vedantu is a great platform among both online and offline platforms which provides free downloading of NCERT chapter solutions, sample papers, and chapter-wise explanation with NCERT previous year questions for Class 1 Hindi and all other subjects for the better performance of students.  

Q3. Do students of Class 1 actually need an online study guide like Vedantu to study Hindi?

Ans: Some may think that students of Class 1 don’t need any online help in their studies. This notion, however, is false. Vedantu( doesn’t just provide solutions to NCERT questions. It provides a wholesome learning experience. Students can clear their doubts, read explanations of the chapters in simple language, and also learn with expert teachers and through fascinating videos. This makes the learning process easier and more fun for young children. 

Q4. Does Vedantu also explain the chapter along with providing NCERT Solutions?

Ans: Yes, Vedantu( explains the summary of the chapter, its key points, and important information wherever required. Apart from its NCERT Solutions, Vedantu tries to provide as much extra learning aid as it can for its students. In a time where online studies have become the need of the hour, it is essential that our learning process also evolves at a fast pace. Students should take full benefit of such useful material that is provided absolutely free. Also, the solutions are available on the Vedantu Mobile app, making the learning more luring.

Q5. What did “didi” teach the kids in “Patte hee Patte”? What did you think about her way of teaching?

Ans: In NCERT’S Hindi textbook Chapter 4 for Class 1, "Didi" taught the children about different leaves. She made them touch different leaves and observe their textures, colours, and size. This was a delightful way of teaching kids through hands-on observation. She also began teaching with a fun-filled game that attracted focus and attention from the kids. Reading about "Didi's" way of teaching, readers will also be curious about different leaves and would love to explore them in their own lives.

Q6. Why do you think Chapter 4 “Patte hi Patte'', is important for Class 1?

Ans: Chapter 4 introduces children to a fun way of learning about nature. Readers curiously read about the different types of leaves. Their Hindi vocabulary also evolves as they read the names of different colours and textures. The chapter is full of new words and attractive pictures of an array of leaves. Thus, the chapter is important from the perspective of both exams as well as improving the grasp of the Hindi language.

Q7. Does Chapter 4 arouse curiosity in young minds?

Ans: Chapter 4 takes children on an exciting ride in their journey of learning new things. Through Hindi literature, students learn about nature. Their scientific curiosity is aroused as the children observe different leaves firsthand in the chapter. The author beautifully describes the colours, textures, and sizes of different leaves. The kids in the chapter have fun while learning.  Readers also go through the same experience reading about them. 

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