NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Kaliedoscope Non Fiction Chapter 6 - On Science Fiction

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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Kaliedoscope Non Fiction Chapter 6

The team of English teachers at Vedantu knows the CBSE syllabus inside out. Hence English Class 12 NCERT Solutions Chapter 6 Non-Fiction is tailor-made for students who aim to score high in English. The poems, stories and dramas, which are part of the Class 12 Kaleidoscope series, are very lengthy and complex to go through. Hence, students need proper guidance during exam times which is what our solutions aim to provide. Issac Asimov’s Science Stories are one of the most popular stories in the Non-Fiction genre. The way he simplified the complex concepts of science for laymen has been one of the main reasons behind its success. We, at Vedantu, have tried to provide solutions to NCERT Class 12 English Chapter 6 On Science Fiction following the same principles.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Kaliedoscope Chapter 6 - On Science Fiction - Non Fiction - PDF Will be uploaded soon.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How has the author compared the mythological stories of the past with science fiction?

The writer has beautifully drawn parallels between the pre-scientific era and science fiction by comparing the priests and shamans of old times with scientists of today. The way people believe that priests knew the secrets of the universe and were more powerful than other humans, similarly they view scientists like the ones who know the universe and can manipulate it to become more powerful. The crystal balls are compared with television sets since both of them are used to view events that are happening miles away. The author compares the magical shells with telephones because both of them will allow you to hear human whispers from a distance.

All the myths and legends of the past and the science fiction fulfil one common need in humans i.e. the satisfaction of reading about wonders.

2. In what context, does Asimov mention John W. Campbell and where did the writer find him wrong in his views?

Asimov believes that every kind of story can be written as science fiction. Just the societies will change along with methods and objects being used in the stories. He agrees with Mr Campbell when he says that the domain of science fiction is huge. A science-fiction encompasses all conceivable societies, the past, the future, real, fantasy, etc. Mr Campbell is of the view that a mystery novel will not do justice to the readers if written as science fiction. However, Asimov disagrees with that. He feels that even a classical mystery novel like that of Sherlock Holmes can be twisted to give the main detective extraordinary capabilities which will make the plot more interesting.

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