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CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 English PDF Free Solutions (2013-2020)

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Previous Year Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 English

If the English language seems tough to you and it has got you worried, you can now rest your mind since Vedantu now brings CBSE Class 12 English previous year question papers with solutions. Our English language solutions are known to reduce all your worries about the subject. As a student, you will need to put in untiring efforts and a lot of dedication, if you are keen on scoring exceptionally well during your Class 12 exams. 

Once you understand which topics are important and know the focus areas, the rest can be managed by answering CBSE Class 12 English previous years solved question papers on a regular basis. This will give you the confidence to face any challenge thrown at you as you are clear about the pattern and topics asked frequently. Vedantu is a wonderful resource for all those students who aim to reach the top through smart work and efforts. You can easily download question papers of the related subject and practice until you achieve perfection.

The CBSE board examinations are one of the most important exams in a student's academic career. Solving previous year's questions, of course, can substantially improve academic preparation for upcoming exams. Vedantu strives to give relevant tools that will assist students in achieving their objectives. Vedantu has posted last year's question papers from 2020 to 2013, i.e. 7 years with solutions on this page. The question papers from the previous years are available in PDF format.

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers for Class 12 English

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CBSE Class 12 English Previous Year Question Paper

The following are some of the important tips for students attempting the upcoming board examinations. 

  1. Make a day plan that is both practical and strategic.

  2. Don't try to cram too many easy things into a single day, and don't overload yourself with tough topics.

  3. Solve some practise papers

  4. Try solving as many previous question papers as possible.

  5. Analyze the paper's trends and patterns, which can be done once a large number of previous year's question papers have been attempted.

  6. Choose a new topic for each of the five or six days. At the end of each week, evaluate yourself, identify your weak areas, and work to improve them in the next weeks.

The following are some of the important benefits of solving the previous year's questions.

  1. It can help in analyzing trends and patterns of questions in upcoming examinations.

  2. Helps in increasing the efficiency of solving questions.

  3. Provides useful analysis like the number, types and time distribution to be followed in boards.

  4. Helps in the analysis of important topics.

Importance of the English Language for the CBSE Class 12 Students

English might be a language subject but it is one that a student is required to excel in. After all, it is one of the most scoring subjects for Class 12 students. Students are supposed to read all the chapters thoroughly and know all the details by heart. When it comes to CBSE exams, the questions can come from anywhere, but their range stays within the syllabus. Hence it is a good way to get started with scoring well in the CBSE English question papers


The students, no matter what the subject is, are actually required to get ahead on their studies by being well equipped with the kind of study material that is absolutely necessary for them to acquire. Such study material also includes question papers from previous years. 


Why should one solve Previous Year’s Question Papers?

It is a known practice in almost all of the CBSE schools in India to prepare the students for their exams with the help of the previous year question papers. Many teachers make use of the previous year question papers to get the students acquainted with the pattern of the questions that may be asked in the exams. Hence, such question papers will do good in preparing the students for their exams well and as a result, help them with scoring well.


The many benefits also include one to ensure what topics were given the utmost importance in the question paper, so the student can also be prepared. They can do their preparation by either learning everything by heart or by taking the help of their teacher or tutor to teach them a few tricks to remember the details at the time of their exams.


CBSE Class 12 Unit Wise Marking Scheme - English Core (2022-23)





Reading Comprehension: ( Two Passages)

  • Unseen passage (factual, descriptive or literary/ discursive or persuasive)

  • Case Based Unseen (Factual) Passage


(8+6 Marks)


Creative Writing Skills :

Short Writing Tasks

  • Notice Writing

  • Classified Advertisements

Long Writing Tasks(One)

  • Letter to an Editor (giving suggestions or opinion on issues of public interest)

  • Article Writing

3+5 marks Total=08


Literature :

Literary-prose/poetry extracts ( seen- texts ) to assess

comprehension and appreciation, analysis, inference, extrapolation

Questions Based on Texts to

assess comprehension and appreciation, analysis, inference, extrapolation

Book- Flamingo (Prose)

  • The Last Lesson

  • Lost Spring

  • Deep Water

Book-Flamingo (Poetry)

  • My Mother at Sixty-Six

  • An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum

  • Keeping Quiet

Book-Vistas (Prose)

  • The Third Level

  • The Enemy

11 Marks for Flamingo + 7 Marks for Vistas = 18 Marks





Grand Total

40 + 10 = 50

CBSE Class 12 Unit Wise Marking Scheme - English Elective (2022-23)





Reading Comprehension:

  • Unseen passage (literary or discursive)

  • Unseen Poem

  • Case Based Unseen (Factual) Passage

10 marks



Creative Writing Skills:

  • Discursive/interpretative writing

  • Essay (on an Argumentative/Discursive/Reflective/ Descriptive topic )

  • Article Writing( on a contemporary/topical issue)

10 marks



Applied Grammar: Transformation of Sentences( Voice/Speech/ Clauses/ Change of sentence types)

4 marks



MCQs (from Kaleidoscope) -from short stories/poetry

/non-fiction/ drama

Book- Kaleidoscope-Short Stories


  • Eveline- JAMES JOYCE

Book- Kaleidoscope-Poetry

  • A Lecture Upon the Shadow- JOHN DONNE

  • Poems by Milton- JOHN MILTON

  • Poems by Blake- WILLIAM BLAKE

  • Kubla Khan - S.T.COLERIDGE

Book- Kaleidoscope- Non fiction

  • Freedom- G.B.SHAW

  • The Mark on the Wall - VIRGINIA WOOLF

Book- Kaleidoscope-Drama


11 marks



Fiction :

A Tiger for Malgudi ( R K Narayan)


The Financial Expert ( R K Narayan)

Part I & II

05 marks


40 marks


  • Presentation – book review /a play /a short story/a novel/novella (tale, table, parable) to be followed by a question- answer session.

  • Poetry reading to be followed by interpretative tasks based on close reading and literary analysis of the text.

  • Critical review of a film or a play.

  • Conducting a theatre workshop tobe followed by a discussion.

10 marks

Grand Total

40 + 10

50 marks

In the conclusion of the article, we tried to provide comprehensive discussions of the previous year's class 12 English question paper. To aid in their preparation for the board exams, candidates can browse the revision notes online or download the revision notes PDFs for free from Vedantu. 

Vedantu's free study resources are also available to candidates who plan to take the board exams in 2022. NCERT solutions, short notes, topic-by-topic important questions, and other study resources are also available on our official website free of cost to help students excel academically.

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FAQs on CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 English PDF Free Solutions (2013-2020)

1. How are previous year question papers for CBSE Class 12 English helpful for preparation?

When it comes to the previous year question papers, a student can rely on them for some of the much-needed insights which can help them in understanding their main exam question paper pattern in a good way. A student can take the help of the previous year English question paper and pay attention to the littlest of the details. This can help them in having the proper knowledge of the main exam question paper and as a result, get good marks.

2. Does the previous year question papers provide good practice of completing the Class 12 English syllabus?

If a student thinks that they are well prepared, or at least prepared enough to give their exams, then it is vital that they first test themselves. The one way and probably the best way to do it is by checking out the previous English Class 12 question papers and try solving them to your best capabilities. This can help you in understanding your own weaknesses and strengths. This will also be a good practice to gain confidence before the actual exam of class 12 English.

3. How can the previous year question papers for CBSE English Class 12 help a student get prepared mentally?

A student who starts solving the previous year question papers earlier is likely to boost their confidence in order to give the exam without any stress and concerns. After giving the exam, they can determine what their various strengths and weaknesses are. This makes sure that they can be prepared to work even harder on their weak points while also maintaining their strong points. Both these things in combination with one another can get their anxiety levels down and can help them in scoring well in their CBSE English exam. 

4. Can a student take any ideas from the previous year question papers for Class 12 English?

The previous year question papers for CBSE Class 12 English are helpful in many ways and not just for the sake of practice. As a student solves these papers, they can determine a lot of things, some of which are listed below:

  • They can check which topics are more on priority than the others.

  • They can go through the marking scheme of some of the specific questions.

  • They may help the student determine the pattern of the paper as well as the questions.

  • They are good for practising some time management for the students. 

5. How can a CBSE Class 12 student download a previous year question paper for the English subject?

To download the CBSE Class 12 previous year question paper for the English subject online, one needs to find the perfect platform that can provide them with the same. Vedantu is one such platform to get the required study material. A student has the comfort of their home or anywhere else, to download the previous year question papers on any of their gadgets. These play a great role in their exam preparations, and ultimately help them in succeeding in their CBSE English Class 12 exam. 

You can avail all the well-researched and good quality chapters, sample papers, syllabus on various topics from the website of Vedantu and its mobile application available on the play store.