NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 8

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 8 - Free PDF Download

Understanding decimals when studying Class 6 Maths Chapter 8 Decimals Solutions is necessary as it is an integral part of the student’s syllabus. This chapter mostly focuses on the areas of exactly how decimals work. It begins by providing a student with a short introduction of exactly what are decimals and how they are formed. It then proceeds to elaborate about tenth and hundredth decimals and their significance in calculations. 

In this chapter, you also learn about the usage of decimals in different segments of calculation in mathematics. Understanding the subject matter is necessary for students to score well in this chapter. 

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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 8 Decimals part-1

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 8 - Decimals

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 8 - Free PDF

For students who are about to avail the help of the NCERT Solutions Class 6 Maths Chapter 8 from Vedantu will be able to score well on their examinations. This is because the solutions prepare students by offering precise, to the point questions and solutions. The solution follows an examination format for the student to get used to it. 

Decimal is a chapter that can be complicated for the student who is studying it for the first time. However, the illustrated examples provided should help in understanding the concept with ease. 

NCERT Solutions Class 6 Maths Chapter 8 Exercise

Learn about what decimals are and how they are necessary for calculation with the help of this segment of this chapter. A student also learns about the formation of a fraction into a decimal with this segment. 

This section of this chapter in NCERT Class 6 Maths Chapter 8 focuses on teaching students about the use of the tenth decimal. They learn about the formation of decimals and its usage for calculations. 

Just as tenth, the hundredth decimal is also a part of the student’s syllabus as they learn about how this decimal helps in calculation. There are different examples present to ease the student’s process of learning this segment. 

This part of  Chapter 8 Class 6 Maths focuses on comparing decimals that usually start with the tenth place. The student needs to understand that which decimal is greater and how through this segment. 

Decimals are quite applicable in normal day calculation, and inclusion of Class 6 Chapter 8 Decimals is to enable students to learn more about them. This basic knowledge will prove to be useful for students in later years. 

  • Exercise 8.5.1 – Money

Learn about the usage of decimals in the matter of money and how it helps in the process of calculation. Students learn about the real-life usage of decimals with this section of the chapter. 

  • Exercise 8.5.2 – Length

This segment of decimals will educate students about their requirement in various aspects of calculations. Maths itself helps in logical development and with real-life usage; students are able to grasp the subject-matter of NCERT Solution for Class 6 Maths chapter 8 a bit better. 

  • Exercise 8.5.3 – Weight

Using decimals for calculating weight distribution is another part of the NCERT Maths book Class 6 Chapter 8 Solutions. Inclusion of this part will help students to understand exactly how the calculation process takes place. 

Learning how to perform addition of decimals without breaking them can ease the calculation process. This part itself is quite important and is usually where most examination questions tend to come from. 

  • Exercise 8.7 – Subtraction of Decimals 

This part of the NCERT solutions for Class 6 Maths allows a student to understand why they need to know how to subtract. Proper illustrations are present for students to understand this calculation process.  

Benefits of NCERT Solutions Class 6 Maths Chapter 8

There are different benefits of referring to Chapter 8 Decimals solution on Vedantu, some of which have been listed below -

  • These solutions consist of precise to the point question and answers. 

  • The solutions are written in simple language. 

  • They follow a proper examination format. 

  • Illustrations and examples are present to simplify the student’s ability to understand the process of calculation. 

With the help of these benefits provided by Class 6th Maths Chapter 8 students are able to perform well in their examinations. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are NCERT Solutions of Class 6 Maths Chapter 8 about? 

The basis of decimals is to simplify the student’s process of calculation by breaking down numbers to tenth and hundredth. Decimals comprise of various illustrations and exercises that proceed from simple to advanced to help students achieve a better score. This chapter offers students with primary knowledge enabling them to create a foundation for their mathematical abilities. 

Reason for including these exercises is to help a student achieve good grades in this subject matter. It consists of segments including, tenth, hundredth, comparing decimals, and using decimals for the calculation of money, length, weight, addition and subtraction of decimals. Proper understanding of the subject will allow the student to score well in examinations. 

2. How to Complete NCERT Solution Class 6 Chapter 8 Faster? 

If a student wishes to complete the NCERT class 6 chapter 8 faster, then referring to the NCERT solutions for class 6 Maths chapter decimals in Vedantu is the smarter option. The solutions are well-formatted and written in simple language, making it easy for the student to understand. Students are also provided with a proper question and answers format making it easy for them to grasp the topic. 

The solution also follows an examination format; this makes it easy for the student to follow it and be prepared for their examinations. The entire solution covers every segment of the chapter. It includes sections that require emphasis and may appear in examinations such as the use of decimals for the calculation of money, length, and weight. 

For students who wish to score well in their examinations and are underprepared or need to finish the chapter faster can refer to this solution on Vedantu. 

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