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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Chapter 4 - Non Fiction

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Kaliedoscope Non Fiction Chapter 4

Reading and understanding the works of great writers like D.H.Lawrence is not a simple task. With the depth and beauty in their writings, it needs an expert to explain things from various perspectives. The subject matter experts have designed the NCERT solutions Class 12 English kaleidoscope chapter 4 nonfiction with lucid explanations to make even complex topics appear simple. The answers provided for each exercise in English Class 12 NCERT solutions chapter 4 non-fiction are written as per the CBSE exam pattern so that the students can get practise on how to answer better in exams.


NCERT Solutions for Class 12


Class 12 English

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Part 2 Kaleidoscope

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Chapter 4 Non-Fiction - Why The Novel Matters


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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Kaliedoscope Non Fiction Chapter 4 - Why The Novel Matters

Chapter 4 – Kaleidoscope Non-Fiction - Why the Novel Matters

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Chapter


D.H Lawrence is deemed as one of the most influential writers of the 20th century. He was born on 11th September 1885 in Eastwood, U.K., and died on 2nd March 1930. He has written many poems and novels in his lifetime. Amongst his most famous works are novels like “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” and “Sons and Lovers”. His work is marked by great passion and is related to issues of class division and different kinds of relationships in the world. Some of his writings have also stirred major controversy in the literary world because of their content not being in-line with normal societal rules.

The essay presented in this chapter, “Why the novel matters” was published posthumously as part of an essay collection titled “Phenix” in 1936. This essay, in a nutshell, tries to establish how novels are essential for men and women, and the author believes that the profession of a novelist is above all other professions.

This piece also touches upon the idea of life being so unpredictable that readers would finally realize that life, just by itself, is the reason for living. That is why the writer advises men and women to live life with a zest and to the fullest.

Kaleidoscope - Why the Novel Matters

The NCERT Class 12 English Chapter 4 why the novel matters begin with the writer wondering why people think of themselves as having a body and a soul. Why is the mind given more importance to other parts of our bodies, like our hands? He says that his hand is alive and gliding on paper as he writes so in that sense the “me” right now is my hand and not just the mind which gives me thoughts.

For these reasons, Mr Lawrence feels that the living man is more important than his thoughts, ideas, emotions, liver, kidney, etc. Scientists or philosophers do not understand this fact except for a novelist. The novelist is the only one who, through his novels, shows that life and the characters in it are nothing but a man alive. Hence, a novelist is superior to a scientist or a philosopher.

The writer talks about Parson and how they are more concerned with the soul, heaven, and the afterlife. But for a novelist, heaven is right there in his palms and the tip of his nose as they are all alive beings. A novelist does not believe or bother about life after death. Lawrence then draws a comparison between different kinds of men and what they choose to call living. Some seek God in their lives, some go after money, and for some wine and women are the centre of their living. The novel tries to differentiate between the men who are actually alive in the real sense of the word and men who are dead even though bodily they are alive.

The essay ends with Mr. Lawrence providing a sort of guidance to men to find out if they are truly living. This essay will help people develop an instinct for life. The writer does not try to advocate and teach right and wrong but is of the view that rights and wrongs are subject to the circumstances. A novel depicts this wavering and varying nature of life which touches alive men. Hence, novels matter a lot in a man’s life.

Exercise - Understanding the Text

This exercise has 4 questions, and all are long answer types. These questions would tickle higher-order thinking in students, and they can refer to the summary to solve these questions.

Exercise - Talking About the Text

There are 2 questions in this exercise where students are encouraged to discuss amongst themselves. By examining the novel, students would gain better insights into it as well as develop English speaking skills.

Exercise - Appreciation

This exercise has 2 questions, and both are related to the language and tone used by the author in the essay. Students need to find out particular catchphrases in the essay, which is used by the author to present his views intensely.

Exercise - Language Work

This exercise has three parts which are described below:

  • Vocabulary - Here, students need to find out some non-English words and their meanings from the essay.

  • Grammar: Some Verb Classes - This exercise explains what is an intransitive verb and copulas. Later, there is a task to identify intransitive verbs from given statements.

  • Spelling and Pronunciation - Students need to find out words that have letters “ch” and “gh” with different ways of pronunciation in different words.

Key features of NCERT Solutions for Class English Chapter 4

Students who want to get good scores or pursue English in their higher studies must avail of NCERT solutions Class 12 English kaleidoscope chapter 4 nonfiction prepared by the expert team of Vedantu. These solutions are beneficial in many ways; some of the important ones are:

  • Students get solutions as a PDF that they can download and save on their devices. These PDFs can then be accessed at any time for a quick revision.

  • The answers are given in a simple language which is based on the understanding level of class 12th students.

  • The answers are accurate since many hours of effort have gone into formulating them after a lot of research.

Other Non-Fiction Chapters Solutions

The following is a list of chapter-wise solution links for the CBSE Class 12 English Kaleidoscope Non-Fiction syllabus. Our advice to students is that they go through each of these links carefully to reap the full benefits of the expert solutions provided by Vedantu.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Chapter 4 - Non Fiction

1. How has the author established the superiority of novelists over other professions?

The writer says that a novelist knows the importance of a whole man living and how that is the only thing that matters despite the man’s thoughts, ideas, liver, kidney, etc. A philosopher or scientist does not recognize this beauty of life. While a person talks about heaven and the afterlife, a novelist understands that heaven is right there in his palms. A philosopher talks of infinity and pure spirit but to a novelist infinity lies in the body of a man. If your body catches fire, the fire will burn you, and the concept of Nirvana will remain just a conjecture. A novelist knows that it is the body that knows all the intensity that a man experiences in his lifetime.

2. How does a novel, according to the author, guide men and women to be?

The author says that the characters in a novel do nothing but live. They can not keep on being good or bad as decided by the norms and patterns. The moment the characters try to follow a pattern, they are no longer alive, and the novel falls dead. In the same manner, human beings also got to keep living and not follow set patterns. A man can choose how he wants to live, by following God, money, wine, or women. But if they read a good novel, these men would realize whether they are truly alive or merely living but dead otherwise. If a man is dead to things around him, then he is not living in the true sense of the word.

3. What is Chapter 4 of Class 12 English Kaleidoscope about?

The name of the chapter is Why the Novel Matters. The author through the chapter tells us why he believes that for him hands are the body part that matters the most. Hands can flicker and the sense of touch allows them to grasp different realities, and learn new things. The hands can write a story and are a means through which one can express himself or herself. For a novelist, heaven exists in his/her hands. A novel is a book of light and is extremely important. 

4. Who is the author of Chapter 4-Why the Novel Matters of Class 12 English Kaleidoscope?

The name of the author of the chapter Why the Novel Matters is D.H. Lawrence. He is considered one of the most influential writers of the last century. He has written several poems and novels throughout his life. His works demonstrate the intense passion and love he has for writing and depict different kinds of relationships that exist in the world. The content of his writings was not always in conformity with the normal societal rules, hence, has been a source of several controversies. 

5. How can I prepare Chapter 4-Why the Novel Matters of Class 12 English Kaleidoscope for the exam?

The chapter provides deep insights into why the author deems his hand to be, if not more, equally important to his soul and mind. The chapter provides us with a different and unique perspective. To prepare for your exam, you must start by reading the chapter thoroughly, making notes of the various comparisons he makes as well as the new vocabulary you come across. Your notes should be concise yet comprehensive. Read your notes regularly, write answers, take tests, get them evaluated and work on your mistakes.

6. What is the author trying to convey through his essay Why The Novels Matter of Class 12 English?

The author is trying to convey the essentiality of novels for both men and women. The author talks about how novels can transform an individual and provides a deep and unique perspective of seeing things.  He talks about the unpredictability of life and encourages men and women to live their life to the fullest. The author shares his views on why he thinks that a novelist is superior to other professions. The essay inspires us to question whether we truly are alive and living or alive yet dead.

7. Why is novelist considered superior according to Chapter 4 of Class 12 English?

For the author, his hands are more or less equal and important to his mind and soul. He believes that a living man is much more than his thoughts, ideas, emotion, or kidney. For a novelist, his or her hands are no less than a paradise. A novelist doesn’t spend his time thinking about life after death. A novelist shows how the story and characters in his novel are alive and in this way, he inspires people to live life with zeal and enthusiasm. For all these reasons and many others, a novelist is deemed superior to others. For more information, you can visit Vedantu app and website and download the solution PDF free of cost.