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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 5 - Pakodi

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 5 - Pakodi Free PDF Download

NCERT solutions for that of Class 1 Hindi Chapter 5 which is also known as Pakodi is a part of Vedantu’s online modules and guides which have been solved by subject matter experts, who are also teachers going by the latest CBSE or NCERT book guidelines. One will find all the solutions related to that of the textbook of exercise questions that have already been solved for the sake of children so that they are able to be revising the complete syllabus thereby getting more on an average.

Class 1 Hindi, especially Chapter 5 plays a crucial role in the laying down of a strong foundation for students of CBSE board learners. The chapter Pakodi can be downloaded free of cost if parents want to guide their children and provide ways for the building of a strong learning foundation of the questions present within that of the textbook. Apart from the same, the children will be learning about patterns of questions, weightage of marks or the ways in which to be able to compose an answer for a certain sample of questions.


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Chapter 5 - Pakodi


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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 5 Pakodi

About Hindi Class 1 Chapter 5

The students will be able to be studying Hindi for Class 1 and they will also excel in their examinations by continuously cross-referring and verifying their solutions against that of the solutions prescribed by NCERT through Vedantu since the chapter Pakodi is covered by the same. The students will be specifically able to be choosing whichever topic that they wish for revision and can also complete their preparation for that of the examination at a speed that will be suiting them the best. 

The NCERT solutions for that of standard 1 Hindi Chapter 5 are given out for free including answers that have been tested for being a hundred percent accurate to every question that the textbook provides. A good grip on the knowledge of textbooks is important and essential so that the student can be able to score the best possible marks in the category while passing the subject. 

NCERT Solutions For Class 1 Hindi Chapter 5 Pakodi

As mentioned earlier, there are multifarious benefits of making references to that of solutions suggested by the NCERT. Practising the questions along with the answers from the solutions of NCERT recommended for Class 1 Chapter 5 for Hindi known as Pakodi will be of great help for firing up the level of confidence in students. To be able to explain why these solutions for that of standard 1 Chapter 5 Hindi are so special for the exam preparation, they have been drafted by the in-house subject matter curators having many years of experience in regards to the same being part of the same industry. 

The answers will be explained in a manner that is step-by-step in a very concise manner and format. The answers are given in a stepwise way and are the main factor while trying to aim for better scores in an examination as they can be helping students to be learning the skill of writing answers from the perspective of examinations. 

Why Vedantu?

Teaching is something that has always been the same for decades on end. The practices of teaching in traditional ways with the educational system being offline are plagued with a lot of inefficiencies. The vision at that of Vedantu is to be reimagining and evolving how teaching along with that of learning is taking place for many decades. By making sure to combine quality teachers along with that of content which is engaging, enriching and technology which is far superior this platforms able to be creating learning experience which is superior for that of students to be able to aid the improvement of their outcome which is not like any other ways of learning that are mainly done offline.

Learning as well as that of teaching is all set to be transforming at a very rapid scale and one’s mission at Vedantu is to be accelerating the transformation practices. The name of the website itself bears proof of the kind of purpose we have set out to be achieved since “Veda” means knowledge and “tantu” means network.  The network of knowledge whereby any of the students can be able to tap into teachers directly while learning may be happening in a way that is personalized anywhere and anytime. This platform is known to be the leading tutoring company that is online and can enable the students to learn while going live with the help of the best-curated teachers of India. The top row of the online tutoring website is the way they handpick their teachers. 

Why should you Use Vedantu for NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi - Pakodi?

Key Features of NCERT Solutions: These solutions are designed to help students achieve proficiency in their studies. They are crafted by experienced educators who excel in teaching class 1 Hindi. Some of the features include:

  • Easy explanations for each exercise and questions, promoting a deeper understanding of the subject.

  • Clear and structured presentation for easy understanding of the chapter.

  • Accurate answers aligned with the curriculum, boosting students' confidence in their knowledge.

  • Visual aids like diagrams simplify hard concepts.

  • Additional tips and insights to enhance students' performance.

  • Chapter summaries for quick revision.

  • Online accessibility and downloadable resources for flexible study and revision.


The NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 5 - 'Pakodi' concludes by embracing the joy of learning through a delightful tale. These solutions introduce young learners to the story of 'Pakodi,' fostering an understanding of simple narratives in Hindi. Through engaging exercises and relatable content, this chapter sparks enthusiasm for Hindi language acquisition, aiding in vocabulary expansion and language comprehension. 'Pakodi' not only captivates with its charming narrative but also initiates a journey of appreciating stories in Hindi literature, laying the foundation for a deeper connection with language and fostering a love for storytelling among young readers.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 5 - Pakodi

Q1. Why is Vedantu the most authentic learning website for Class 1 Chapter 5 solution?

Ans: The chapters are recommended by the in-house experts of the subject matter who are professionals in the field and have been part of the industry for the longest period. Rest assured the solutions are accurate and they are provided in the pdf format and are also absolutely free for the students to be downloading. The students of standard 1 also can be studying the material offline after it has been downloaded.

Q2. How is Vedantu different from other learning websites for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 5?

Ans: Vedantu makes sure that it is not just popular but can offer various angles upon the study of the same subject. They help with the board exam preparation and include solutions for NCERT. These have the solutions for the NCERT materials for that of Class 1. There are other platforms that offer competitive learning skills as well for the board exams of the CBSE but none are as thorough as Vedantu that explains what it is teaching. The solutions are also chapter-wise which makes it score more for being student-friendly in many subjects apart from Hindi like Social Sciences and Mathematics and Science.

Q3. What can students expect when opting for Vedantu as their online study guide?

Ans: When students choose Vedantu as their trusted study partner, they can relax knowing that all their learning needs are well taken care of. With Vedantu, they are just one click away from accessing NCERT Solutions, extra study material, free master-classes, and conceptual videos. Vedantu opens Pandora’s box of learning, which will aid all students through different levels of their academic learning. With Vedantu, students can expect nothing but perfection.

Q4. Is Class 1 Hindi easily understandable through Vedantu?

Ans: Vedantu's master professionals take extra care when it comes to preparing study material for young students. Students of Class 1 need to be taught interactively and simply. They cannot be taught complicated answers in strenuous language. Our experienced teachers thus take immense care in formulating solutions for young kids. The Hindi chapters of Class 1 are explained in simple language so that Class 1 students can take complete benefit from them. A plus point is that the solutions are also available on the Vedantu Mobile app.

Q5. How do the exercises in the textbook improve the vocabulary of the students?

Ans: NCERT's Hindi textbook has carefully thought out chapters to introduce young kids to simple and interesting lessons. The vocabulary therein is fun and easy as per the requirements of Class 1 students. In addition to this, the activities that follow up the chapter introduce the kids to some additional vocabulary that enhances their know-how of the Hindi language. Hence, proper learning of these chapters can greatly help kids in evolving their language skills. 

Q6. How has the poet described “Pakodi”?

Ans: In the poem "Pakodi", the poet has taken a fun approach to describe "Pakodi". Hence, students will enjoy the poem to the fullest. The poet amusingly describes how the "Pakodi" runs directly into the hot oil and gets fried in it. He also describes it as being bashful when served on the plate and nervous inside the stomach. Nevertheless, kids love "Pakodi", and they will enjoy the poem as much as they enjoy having hot "Pakodis."

Q7. How can one make children enjoy the poem in Chapter 5?

Ans: The poem "Pakodi" is a charming tale of "pakodi" being fried and finally ending up in the child's stomach. The kids are bound to enjoy this poem due to its delightful way of narration, rhythmic tone, and witty use of words. One cannot help but be amused by the funny journey of the "pakodi." If children are taught this poem in a melodious way along with actions, they are going to love it even more.