NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Kaliedoscope Drama Chapter 1 - Chandalika

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Kaliedoscope Drama Chapter 1

Students of Class 12th have to juggle between a lot of activities. They have the burden of exams and assignments, and there are extra-curricular activities to take care of. In this scenario, it is imperative that they get help with readymade solutions from experts. NCERT Solutions Class 12 English Kaleidoscope Chapter 1 Drama prepared by the subject matter experts at Vedantu have taken care of all that is needed to learn this English chapter simply and accurately. The solutions are prepared after a lot of research work and putting many hours into formulating them. That is why students would find English Class 12 NCERT Solutions Chapter 1 Drama Chandalika by our team up to their understanding level.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Kaliedoscope Chapter 1 - Chandalika - Drama PDF will be updated soon!

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Kaliedoscope Drama Chapter 1 - Chandalika

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Drama Chapter 1 – Free PDF Download

A PDF solution comes in very handy when you have to revise a chapter quickly. Class 12 English NCERT Solutions Kaleidoscope Ch 1 PDF is now ready to be downloaded from the official website of Vedantu. You can download them and save on your device so that you do not need an internet connection when you want to go through the solutions.

Chapter 1 – Kaleidoscope Drama - Chandalika

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Chapter


Rabindranath Tagore was the first Indian to gain a Nobel prize in 1939. He wrote in many genres like poems, dramas, songs, novels and short stories. He had the talent and inclination to write since he was a young boy. His works display the delicate and complex emotions of human psychology, and the music (which is an inherent part of his writing) accentuates the aura of his plays. His plays are centred around the awakening of the human soul to the superior power in the universe. It depicts the enlightenment of human beings to their higher self in a beautiful and melodious way.

This play “Chandalika” is about an untouchable girl. The drama brings out the hypocrisy of a society which treats one human different from another based on their caste. The play also talks about spiritual conflict and how self-consciousness, when not controlled, can over-reach its limit. As much as self-consciousness is necessary for self-development, it can also intoxicate a human and can give way to vanity and pride. When the thin line between self-esteem and pride is crossed, such a person often trespasses on the rights of others.

Kaleidoscope - Chandalika

The play is a tale of the complexity of human minds and their various needs and wants. Prakriti is an untouchable girl who was termed as “Chandalika”. She has been brought up with the belief that she is not equal to other humans of upper caste, and no one outside of her clan would accept water or anything from her hands. One day a Buddhist monk, Ananda, comes to her and asks for some water. She tells him that she is an untouchable girl, but he does not accept the norms of society and tells her both of them are equal human beings.

This small act of offering water to a monk sparks new emotions and realizations in Prakriti. She feels like she has been given new birth by the monk’s respect shown towards her. Prakriti is so overwhelmed by this newfound feeling that she now wants to have Ananda for herself. She asks her mother to work some magic so that the monk is drawn to her, even though monks have taken a vow to be celibate. Prakriti’s mother initially did not agree and told her not to force such things on anyone. However, once the mother sees Prakriti’s obsession and melancholic state, she decides to do the magic.

The dark forces of the nether world make Anandna come to Prakriti, but he is not his usual self. Prakriti is unable to see this state of Ananda, where he has lost his glow and peaceful demeanour and looks agitated and tortured. She pleads with her mother to release Ananda from the spell and not cause further humiliation.

Ananda pardons Prakriti for this act as he understands that she has not to be treated well in life, and that made her do things that were beyond normal. Prakriti realizes that loving someone does not mean holding on to them without their wish.

Exercise - Thinking About the Play

There are six questions in this exercise. They are all long answer types, and one can answer them by going through the summary given. 

Exercise - Appreciation

There are four questions in this exercise that are long answer types. The questions are not direct but based on the theme of the play. Students need to discuss the human conflict which arises from societal norms. There is a question where students need to find out excerpts from the play having an interplay of opposites. Such questions invoke the creative thinking process in students.

Key Features of NCERT Solutions for Class English Chapter 1

NCERT books are a must for students who are pursuing CBSE board exams. The solutions of NCERT Class 12 English Chapter 1 Chandalika designed by the experienced teachers of Vedantu explains the abstract concepts of this chapter in a lucid manner. The key benefits students will get if the avail of this service is:

  • Class 12 English NCERT Solutions Kaleidoscope Ch 1 is available in an easily accessible PDF format that makes it very easy for revisions.

  • The answers are most accurate and based on the CBSE curriculum; hence you can be sure to obtain good scores in your board exams.

  • The complicated aspects of this chapter are explained by the experts clearly and simply so that students can understand them easily.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Why did Prakriti get Obsessed with Ananda, and What did she Decide to do About it?

Ans: Prakriti was an untouchable girl or “Chandalika” who has always lived on the fringes of society and shunned by upper caste people. Those who were outside her caste would not even let her touch their things or have water from her hands. When Ananda, a Buddist monk, comes to her and asks for water, she tries to tell him that she is not fit to offer him water. However, the monk tells her she is equal to him like any other human being and takes water from her hands. Prakriti feels elated by this gesture, and her self-esteem gets a boost. Intoxicated by this new feeling, she wants to own Ananda and in that endeavour makes her mother work black magic so that Ananda comes to her.

Q2. What are the Main Concepts that this Play Tried to Bring Forth?

Ans: The play revolves around three main concepts, which are:

  • It highlights how the caste system in our society can manifest itself psychologically and give inferiority complex to those who are born in the so-called lower caste.

  • The play conveys that self-realization is the basic need of all human beings. Everyone wants to be acknowledged as equals and given the same status as others. If one gets the required respect and love, they flourish.

  • There is a thin line between self-realization and vanity. If one gets intoxicated by self-esteem, it could lead to vanity and false pride. That could be detrimental for the growth of the person who acts as their vanity dictates them.

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