CBSE Class 9 Economics Chapter 4 Notes - Food Security in India

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In Food Security in India introduction, you will get to know that food security does not only mean that your food needs to be secured from contamination. In India, a food security system takes care of the availability, accessibility, and affordability of the food so that people from different financial status have no problem in buying food in India. Food Security in India depends on government vigilance and the public distribution system. When the security of food is threatened, the PDS comes to rescue and sort things out.

You will be studying what food security is. Also, food security officials have to deal with the availability of the food to be given to every person living in India. The administration also takes reasonable care to find out about the extra barriers that the locals are trying to put on the food distribution.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Why is it Essential to have Hygienic Food?

Ans. In case you are eating food that is not safe to eat, you are getting yourself in the risk of allowing harmful bacteria inside your body. In addition to this, these bacteria can make you sick, and in the worst case, you need to be hospitalized. Every year thousands of people suffer stomach pain due to eating bad food that is not suitable. You need to make sure that you are eating fresh food. Moreover, food poisoning can cause people to suffer from dehydration and other diseases like gastroenteritis.

If you are not getting hygienic food, you won’t be getting the required calories that your body needs to function correctly. As a result, you will feel fatigued and loss of breath in a short time, which will cause a loss of stamina.

Q2. What is the Difference Between Best Before the Date and Use Before Date?

Ans. If you think about it, seeing your food getting wasted is one of the most painful things in the world. The food which you prepared all by yourself when becomes noticeable is when you feel the importance of keeping food clean and cooking it freshly. Your best before dates and use before dates are two completely different things. If you have food that comes with a use before date, you need to use it before that particular date, or it won’t be edible.

On the other hand, best before dates are usually your guidelines, which tells you that the food product will remain in the best condition possible by this particular date. You can eat that food even after the date has gone, but you might not be getting all the nutritional values written on the packaging of the food product. A high-risk food such as meat comes with use before date, and bread comes with the best before date on the packaging.