CBSE Class 10 Economics Chapter 2 Notes - Sectors of the Indian Economy

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In a country, people are engaged in many kinds of work. There are many ways to earn money. These ways can be organised into various sectors. In this Chapter 2 Economics Class 10 Notes by Vedantu, you will learn about various sectors that a country’s economy has. Further, the Sectors of Indian Economy Class 10 Notes PDF will specifically talk about the sectors of the Indian economy - how it is made, how good these sectors are going and what the merits and demerits of these sectors are. The Class 10 Economics Chapter 2 Notes PDF can be easily downloaded free of cost for you to prepare on the go.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Is it True that the Tertiary Sector does not Help Much in the Development of the Indian Economy?

Ans. Although the creation of jobs in the Tertiary sector does not happen at a quick pace, the sector is an intrinsic part of the development of Indian economy. For example, it is the banking sector that gives loans to small farmers so that they can improve their livelihood. Secondly, the IT sector of India provides jobs to thousands of youth. It is not stagnant - it is growing at an amazing pace. Thirdly, the Primary and the Secondary sectors get great support of the Tertiary sector.

Q2. What is the Third Sector that is Emerging other than the Private and the Public Sectors?

Ans. Apart from the public and private sector, one more sector is emerging as an effective way of helping people - the public-private-partnership. Although this model is in its infancy and it has not matured into a full-fledged sector, this model has tremendous potential.