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Class 10 Geography Chapter 4 is Agriculture. Agriculture engages two-third of India’s population and is the primary activity which produces raw material for a wide range of industries. In the Agriculture notes, you will study the different types of farming methods, major crops grown in India, different cropping patterns and contribution of agriculture to the nation’s economy, employment and output. Chapter 4 Geography class 10 notes will give an insight into the agricultural sector of the country. Class 10 agriculture is a very important chapter as it gives you an idea about this important economic activity. Notes of Agriculture class 10 will also help you prepare for your board examinations.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is Slash and Burn Agriculture?

Ans. Slash and burn is a primitive kind of agricultural technique where the land is cleared for growing crops by cutting down the forest. After the soil loses productivity the land is abandoned and the crop remains burnt. People move to a fresh patch of land and repeat the process. To know more about different types of agricultural techniques download the agriculture class 10 notes.

2. What is the Importance of Agriculture Class 10?

Ans. Agriculture employs nearly 60% of India’s population. It is the activity which provides basic food to everybody. It also provides the raw material for several industries. All these reasons make agriculture extremely important. Chapter 4 Geography Class 10 notes will enlighten about agriculture.