CBSE Class 6 History Chapter 2 Notes - From Hunting-Gathering to Growing Food


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During prehistoric times, Hunters and gatherers had to be always on the move to save themselves and find food. By doing so, they were discovering new lands and were also discovering different resources. This chapter goes in-depth about how people go searching for food and farming practice was started and such. Students need to understand why people moved from place to place as it showed the discovery of land, and that's how people started occupying different areas. With people continually moving that also lead to roads and ways for people to follow one another.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why were the earliest people on the move?

These earliest people used to move around for several reasons. The reasons are as follows-

  • The method of extracting resources was very primitive, unlike modern times, so what that meant was resources would be depleted fast. So to save resources and to make sure they never run out, they would migrate from place to place.

  • Hunting was their main occupation and animals migrate a lot too. So to keep pace with animals, they would move around and try and follow the animals too.

  • Based on the season and weather condition of the place they would move.

  • A lot of hunters would settle on the banks of water bodies, and when summer would dry these water bodies, they would have to move. 

2. Is studying about Hunters and Gatherers relevant?

Yes, students must understand how early migrations began and why it began. This gives them a basis of understanding of where our forefathers would live and their reason for living so different from today's time. It helps students to understand how farming started. Students will also learn about how the people went from hunting and gathering to become settlers and why that has become the norm even now. All this History has shaped the future that is the present now and gives us our answers for our way of living now.