CBSE Class 6 History Chapter 1 Notes - What, Where, How and When?


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Class 6 History notes are on all matters related to history and the subject matter mainly concerns itself with students who wish to pursue a humanities course in the future. However, since it is only middle school, Class 6 History Chapter 1 notes pdf is more of an introduction into the history that precedes us humans; it provides students with a window into history as a subject itself. The cultural and historical relevance of places is what history is all about, and giving students a chance to be introduced to it in their early years is something that can enhance their critical thinking abilities and can mould their cognitive biases to be more open towards understanding histories behind archaic architecture and civilization. That being said, this article will talk about the history behind India’s land and how previous civilizations used to exist within its setting. To understand their way of living, you have to ask yourself three questions:

  1. How they crafted their clothes and what types of materials did they use?

  2. What were the various distinguishing roles within communities that lived together then?

  3. When did they start moving from just scavenging for their basic needs towards attaining traits of civilizations, such as making up games, caring for the designs of their clothes, etc.?

CBSE Class 6 History Chapter 1 Notes - What, Where, How and When part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What book to use when studying for Chapter 1 of Class 6?

‘Our Pasts - I’ is a book that is used to give a holistic interpretation of the various pasts of groups in the past. It is a book written by experts in the field of history and contains information regarding the classification of people in a group, for example, herders/farmers, the lives of merchants and manufacturers (crafters). Studying about such roles gives an insight into the heritage of people in the modern world, in other words, the foundation because of which the modern world was birthed.

2. What is the importance of dates in the book?

Dates are one of the easiest ways of marking important land-mark events in history that are supposed to be remembered by future generations. E.g. the birth of Jesus Christ, all dates before it are counted backwards and are marked as ‘BC’. For the sake of clarification, all the dates in the book are marked as 2000 to indicate Indian civilization’s starting point - 2000 meaning 2000 years after the birth of Jesus Christ. In this way, the what where how and when class history summary notes make it easier for students to remember the events of the past.