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These notes act as a guiding tool for students trying to study economics in class 9. This subject can set the base for students who opt the same subject for their 11th and 12th. The subject gives students a clear understanding of the basics of Economics. The subjects bring into light the importance of resources and how scarce they are in today's world and especially in India.

The various chapters cover a lot of the essential basic elements of economics so students can understand what the subject is all about. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the role of cooperatives in food security?

In the southern and western part of the country, they play a significant role. How Cooperatives work is they set up shops in different regions and their goods at low affordable prices. This makes it easier for poor people from rural areas and also urban cities to purchase food at prices convenient for them. This makes accessibility to food a lot easier and allows for Food Security in the country. With this, they help in Promoting Food Security in the country. These cooperatives allow for a faster network of cheap food during economic crises. 

2. What are the factors that affect the quality of the population

Three factors affect the quality of the population, and these are as follows-

  • Education: By learning more only can the citizens grow and help the country grow simultaneously. Therefore the literacy rate of the country must grow. 

  • Heath -Creating cheap and accessible healthcare can help grow the life expectancy of the country. By implementing good health care facilities around the country, can the people of the country live better lives and the living standard of the country become better?

  • Unemployment - In India, based on the sectors, the unemployment rate varies. In the rural area, it is usually more seasonal, whereas in the urban region it is more of educated unemployment.