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Students start learning Civics as a different subject from Class 6. The learnings start from basics, and as the student goes to higher classes, the subject becomes more advanced and challenging. Similarly, in class 9 students were introduced to some basic ideas and rules of democracy, but in Class 10 students learned how democracy works in real life and how it affects a country. The execution of democracy in a country is also explained in this stage. All these learnings become more manageable when the students have notes of Civics Class 10 by the side. These notes give a brief idea of what Class 10 Political Science is if being studied for exams. Politics Class 10 is easy only if it is adequately understood and thoroughly. It is easy because it doesn't involve any complicated theories and principles.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is Civics a challenging subject?

Civics is not considered hard because it's a subject which is full of theories that are not so much complicated. Every theory in this subject is straightforward and it is confusing. A student only has to understand the theories and learn it thoroughly so that he/she can remember them correctly. Civics subject includes a lot of dates in its theories so a student must come out with a way to remember it all because that's not easy. But overall, Civics is a scoring subject and if appropriately studied, a student can secure good marks in the final exams.

2. Is Class 10 Social Science notes important for exams?

Students who are facing trouble in understanding a subject and finding the subject challenging to learn, they must consider referring notes for their improvement. Notes can help them improve and will make their core knowledge stronger than before. Students can rely on these notes entirely as they are prepared by some expert teachers who have years of experience and are professionals. The notes are prepared in a stepwise manner covering all the points that are important in a particular subject. Students who are referring to these notes are guaranteed to secure good marks in the exams without any doubt.