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Nandita in Mumbai Class 4 Notes CBSE EVS Chapter 17 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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Download Class 4 EVS Chapter 17 Nandita in Mumbai Revision Notes and Worksheets PDFs

Class 4 EVS Chapter 17 Nandita in Mumbai is a story about a small girl whose mother is ill. The story progresses on the life of Nandita. She came to Mumbai for the treatment of her mother and found the new city very crowded which made her feel scared. However, as the story progresses, her thoughts about the city changes. You can learn about the themes in the story and read detailed explanations of every aspect of the chapter in the notes provided by Vedantu. The solved practice questions are provided further ahead in the article. 

Students can go through the revision notes for reading a brief summary for quick revision of the chapter and practise various questions for gaining strong understanding of the chapter. Read the entire article to learn important points about Class 4 EVS Chapter 17 and download the Nandita in Mumbai revision notes PDFs for free.

Download CBSE Class 4 EVS Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

Access Class 4 Environmental Studies Chapter 17: Nandita in Mumbai Notes

Class 4 EVS Chapter Nandita In Mumbai showcases the real-life problems of today’s world by focusing on the display of  people’s living conditions in Mumbai. Students will get exposed to certain values regarding the lives of people, the significance of this chapter is thoroughly explained by the subject matters in the prepared Class 4 EVS Chapter 17 revision notes. You are advised to go through the summary and essential questions that are provided below for a better understanding.

Summary of Nandita in Mumbai

  • There is a story about a girl named Nandita in this chapter. She makes a comparison between village and city life.

  • In the city, everything is so congested, and lower fights over the tiniest of matters.

  • Poor individuals have numerous challenges, including access to water, a safe place to live, and employment.

The Big City - Mumbai

  • She travelled to Mumbai for the treatment of her mother.

  • Her mother was admitted to the hospital on the day she arrived.

  • She grew accustomed to the city over time.

  • She recalled the day her mother and she exited the train at Mumbai station.

  • It was really crowded.

  • She swiftly grasped her mother's hand.

  • She was imagining how her mama would locate them among the crowd.

  • "Nandita, Nandita," someone said from behind her at that very moment. Mama was waiting for her when she turned around.

  • They got out of the station and were on their way to Mama's house in no time.

  • However, it was once again crowded everywhere.

  • There were numerous huts lining the small lane.

  • They walked down the street to Mama's house.

  • Mama, Mami, two daughters, and a son all share a single room.

  • She now shares their home with them. They all sit in the same room, cook, sleep, and wash. 

  • Nandita’s house has one room as well, but they have separate areas for cooking and bathing. There is also a courtyard outdoors.


  • Every morning at 4 a.m., Mami, Seema, and she go to the public tap to fetch water.

  • No, no, no! You wouldn't believe how many water fights there are.

  • They will not be able to fill water for the day if they are even a few minutes late.

  • In Nandita’s house, as well as the village, there is no running water.

  • There is water in the village pond.

  • It will take you twenty minutes to walk there.

  • During the summer, the pond's water can dry up.

  • They must then travel for over an hour to the river to obtain water.

  • However, there is no competition for water in the village.

  • There is a toilet at one end of the street where Mama lives.

  • That toilet is used by everyone on that block.

  • It's always filthy and stinks awful.

  • It used to make Nandita vomit at first.

  • On occasion, there is no water available.

  • They must bring water with them.

  • She's getting used to it all now.

  • People in the village use open spaces or fields as toilets.

Learning New Things

  • She takes the bus to the hospital every day to see her mother.

  • She was initially afraid to board such crowded buses.

  • She wasn't used to it at all.

  • She was terrified. However, this is no longer the case.

  • She knows how to queue, how much to pay for a ticket, and where to get down.

  • There is a tall building nearby where they are staying. There are seven houses where her mami works.

  • She cleans the house and washes the utensils.

  • She accompanied her one day. She initially mistook the structure for a single large house when she first saw it.

  • However, she discovered that there were numerous houses, one on top of the other.

  • She was unsure how she would get up and down so many stairs, but there was a lift to help her.

  • It resembled a large iron cage with a fan, light, and even a bell inside.

  • So many of us boarded the lift.

  • Someone clicked the button, and the lift immediately rose.

Babloo’s House

  • Mami escorted her to Babloo's residence first.

  • His apartment was on the 12th floor.

  • There are so many rooms - one to sit in, another to dine in, another to sleep in, and yet another to cook in.

  • There was also a toilet in the house.

  • Cleaning Babloo's house took a long time for mami, but she was a quick worker.

  • In the kitchen, there was a tap that dripped water.

  • Everything below seemed like little toys from above.

  • It was terrifying to gaze down from such a high vantage point.

A New Worry

  • Mama has stated that he will take Nandita on a sightseeing tour of Mumbai.

  • Chowpatti is a popular topic among the local kids.

  • They claim that huge movie stars also visit.

  • Maybe she'll be able to view them when she gets there.

  • Mama is anxious these days since she can't ask him to take her to Chowpatti.

  • Last week, some people arrived with a notice stating that everyone should vacate the premises.

  • According to reports, a large hotel will be built here.

  • Mama stated that this is the third time he has received similar notices in the last ten years.

  • Residents have been granted a new location to build their homes.

  • But it's a long way away - in a different part of the city.

  • There is no electricity or running water. He is not even sure if there's a bus that goes there.

  • Mama won't be able to get to his workplace because it's so far away.

  • How much money and time does he has to spend?

  • Will she be able to find other work there, Mami?

  • How would Nandita be able to visit her mother if Mama moves to a different location?

Class 4 EVS Chapter 17 Solved Examples

1. What were the differences between the houses where Mama lived and the houses in the high-rise buildings?

Houses in area where Mama lived

Houses in a high-rise building


Ans: Following are the differences between the houses where Mama live and the houses in the high-rise buildings –

Houses in area where Mama lived

Houses in a high-rise building

Common toilets     

Separate toilet

No kitchen  

Separate kitchen

No Water tap     

Water tap in kitchen and bathroom

No glass window

Glass window


2. When Nandita first came to Mumbai, what were the things that she was afraid to do?

Ans: Going to crowded places, boarding the bus, looking down from higher floors, and boarding a lift were the things that Nandita was afraid to do when she first came to Mumbai.

Practice Questions

Q1. Fill in the blanks:

1. Nandita went to Mumbai for her ________ treatment.

Ans: Mother’s

2. In the village, they get water from _______ and _______.

Ans: Ponds and rivers

3. Nandita was afraid when the _____ went up quickly.

Ans: Lift

4. Babloo’s house was on the ________ floor and has many big ______ windows.

Ans: Twelfth, glass

5. Mumbai is a ____________ city.

Ans: Metropolitan

6. The railway station in Mumbai was so __________.

Ans: Crowded

Q2. Give reasons:

1. It took mami a lot of time to clean Babloo’s house

Reason: Babloo’s house was so big.

2. Nandita went and closed the tap at Babloo’s house.

Reason: Nandita did not like the wastage of so much of water.

3. Nandita’s mama was asked to vacate the house where he was living.

Reason: A big hotel was to be built there.


Importance of CBSE Class 4 EVS Chapter 17 Nandita in Mumbai

Class 4 EVS chapter 17 Nandita in Mumbai points out many valuables lessons, you can know the importance of this chapter by going through the following points:

  • Hardship of People: This chapter shows us the hardship of Nandita and the various difficulties that she faced while staying in the city. She compares her village with Mumbai and realises a huge difference in people’s lifestyle. 

  • Learning to Adapt: Nandita in Mumbai Class 4 EVS explains how Nandita manages to adjust with all the new changes that have occurred in her life. For example, she learned to fetch water when the tap runs.

  • Different Lifestyles: Nadnita finds the big apartments amazing and learns that different rooms have different purposes. The exposure to a new place can make one realise the huge difference in the culture and lifestyle of various people living on the same land.

Benefits of Class 4 EVS Nandita in Mumbai PDF Worksheets and Revision Notes by Vedantu

  • The chapter is explained well in the revision notes. You will get the context of this chapter easily by referring to the notes. Find out the answers to all the questions in the exercise by using the notes. Find out how she felt while learning new things.

  • Refer to the notes before an exam to recall what you have studied faster. There is no need to make notes when you have them in PDF format.

  • Proceed to solve the worksheet provided with the notes to test your preparation level.

  • The accurate answers to all the questions that are given in NCERT Class 4 EVS book are provided in the notes.

  • Students can make use of the revision notes for practising answer writing as the explanations are illustrated in question-answer format.

  • These notes are the best tool for completing homework assignments and preparing for the exam because it contains authentic information in an easy-to-understand language.

Preparation Tips for Class 4 EVS Chapter 17 Nandita in Mumbai

Students can refer to these preparation tips provided below to gain a better understanding of this crucial chapter and for learning effectively:

  • Get information about the current condition of lives of people lying in Mumbai so that you can relate to this chapter more closely.

  • Read the entire chapter thoroughly and try to understand the situations that Nandita faces during her endeavours.

  • Once you have understood the messages the chapter is trying to convey, solve the questions at the back of the chapter.

  • Match your answer framing with the illustrations provided in the revision notes and try improving your writing skills.

  • Practise all the questions along with extra questions to fully comprehend the type of questions that can be asked.

  • Solve worksheets of this chapter to perform exceptionally well in your exams.

Download Nandita in Mumbai Revision Notes PDF

Get the free PDF versions of the CBSE Class 4 EVS Chapter 17  revision notes and worksheets here to make your study sessions more productive. The experts have designed the notes in an engaging yet easy going format for students to understand all the context of the sections of the chapter Nandita in Mumbai such as importance of water, living conditions of people, variations in lifestyles etc. You will learn to frame your answers perfectly and excel in your EVS exam.

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FAQs on Nandita in Mumbai Class 4 Notes CBSE EVS Chapter 17 (Free PDF Download)

1. Why did Nandita’s aunty go to another house?

Her aunty works in seven houses as domestic help. She went to another house to clean. This is her daily job.

2. What is Nandita talking about in the ‘a new worry’ part in Class 4 EVS Chapter 17?

Her uncle was worried due to the notice issued for the evacuation of the place where he is living. A big hotel will be built in that place. His family will lose its living place if it happens.

3. What is Chowpatti?

Chowpatti is a place in the city where film stars visit often. Nandita wanted to visit the place once with his uncle. She wanted to see a film star with her own eyes.

4. Why did Nandita come to Mumbai?

Nandita had to bring her mother to Mumbai for her treatment as her illness couldn’t be treated in their village.

5. Where is Nandita’s Mami working?

Nandita’s Mami works in seven houses, her work is to clean the house and wash utensils. Nandita finds out about Mami's work on the day she decides to go to one of the houses where Mami works.

6. Where can I download Nandita in Mumbai Class 4 EVS Worksheets?

You can download the Class 4 EVS Worksheets on Vedantu’s website. The links to all the  NCERT Class 4 EVS study materials are provided including NCERT solutions, revision notes and worksheets in PDF format.